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Baby Boy Names: Getnames is really a proper heaven of kids names that not only connote popular, modern and unique baby boys names starting with “A” but also determins their meanings with regions and origins. Because choosing a baby boy name decides strong traditions, good luck and bright future for baby child. Let’s have your required list of trendy and ideal baby names.

Baby Girl Names: Just scrutinize this list of baby girls names beginning with “A” alphabet in English for having a good name in one quick glance instead of wandering online. We at Getnames has compiled a new list of several beautiful, cute baby girls names, females baby names themes and more insight into names origin.

List Of Baby Names: Searching a fresh list of baby names for boys and girls at one spot is the best standard that goes to Getnames for providing the facility of all type of genders names, We whole team at Getnames welcome new finders of baby child names with regal meanings.

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  • Abaigeal

    Gives joy.
  • Aballach

    Father of Modron.
  • Aban

    Old Arabic name.
  • Abana

    Made of stone, a building.
  • Abana

    Made of stone, a building.
  • Abantiades

    Descendant of Abas.
  • Abarim

    Passages, passengers.
  • Abarim

    Passages, passengers.
  • Abarrane

    Father of many.
  • Abarron

    Father of a multitude.
  • Abasi

  • Abayomi

    bringer of happiness.
  • Abba

  • Abbaas

    Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
  • Abban

  • Abbas

    Stern; lion.
  • Abbey

    Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament…
  • Abbie

    Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament…
  • Abboid

    Abbey father.
  • Abbot


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Male Baby Names: Are you looking for a popular, handsome and latest child name for male baby infant that reaches your requirement and dip with full love of civilized society environment as well ancestry heritage. Just have a round of male baby names starting with “A” English letter and meanings to complete your goal in first struggle at Getnames.

Female Baby Names: If you want to procure a special, modern and cute female baby name that fulfill the inheritance of your lovely ancestors and include all features of fashionable living style. We as parents suggest you to see the list of female baby names for girls beginning with “A” before doing final decision of naming a baby kid. Have a nice day.

How To Name A Baby: First You should not abash yourself so go timeless with ease, Second It’s related to initial steps, sound, uniqueness, significance and so for name that age well Read more…

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