Abdul Hakim Urdu Meaning- عبد الحکیم نام کا مطلب

What’s Meaning Of Arabic Name Abdul Hakim In Urdu, Hindi, English As Well In Islam For Boys

Abdul Hakim English Meaning: The name Abdul Hakim is a Muslim baby name that means servant of the All-wise.

عبد الحکیم

اردو نام

Abdul Hakim

انگریزی نام





صاحب حکمت والے کا خادم



لکی نمبر

منگل, جمعرات

موافق دن


موافق پتھر

تانبا, لوہا

موافق دھاتیں

Meaning Of Abdul Hakim In Urdu & Hindi:
Meaning of Abdul Hakim in Hindi & roman Urdu is Hikmat wale ka Bunda while the Muslim boy Abdul Hakeem means servant of the All-wise in English. If you want to know meaning of Abdul Hakim in Bengali, Tamil, Malay, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Visit here for that meaning.

All Details about Abdul Hakim Name:
Abdul Hakim name meaning: servant of the All-wise
Abdul Hakeem name origin: Arabic
Abdul Hakeem name Gender: Male
Abdul Hakim name Pronunciation: Ab-dul Ha-kim

Popularity of Islamic Name Abdul Hakim: If you are looking for the meaning of cute Muslim names Abdul Hakeem with details of Lucky number, days, Stone and Lucky metals names in dictionary! Right, Getnames.net brings all such facilities to have unique and modern names in Arabic for newborn Muslim baby girls and boys. Best of Luck for searching of Abdul Hakeem name with regal meaning.

Is Abdul Hakim an Arabic name To Select it For Naming a Boy?
Yes, Abdul Hakim is an Islamic boys name that originates from Arabic. Some boys names are directly mentioned in Holy Quran but most of Muslim names are derived from Arabic or Persian roots. Abdul Hakeem is a most beautiful and attractive name not only in spelling and writing but also in meaning. Of course you can select Islamically this Arabic Abdul Hakim as a Muslim name to present your cute baby boy among other family members like a hero.

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