African Baby Boy Names

African Baby Names

African Boy Names » A New List Of African Baby Name For Boys A-Z With Meaning, Origin

African Boy Names: Are you have keen eager of seeing a list of modern, unique and most popular African baby names for boys? No matter, what’s color and society you are belonged to, Naming a newborn baby is the job of all, parents, neighbor, relative, friends and above it beauty of Forefather traditions. So get stuck in the oldest and long history of African land by selecting a beautiful African boy name.

African Male Names: African are not only strong physically but also have great status in the African land. If you want your baby boy to be hard while facing any challenge in life. Then you must give a chance of African male name in your cute family for new comer little heart to enrich his goals in bright future.

African Baby Names A To Z: We at Getnames has compiled a list of African kids names starting with “A” to “Z” to make it visible at one place for every respectable visitor to get African baby names for boys.

GenderAfrican Boy NamesAfrican Names With MeaningOrigin
BoyABELBreath, vapor; transitiveness.African
BoyABIDEMII am Father reborn.African
BoyABIMBOLABorn to be rich.African
BoyABIOYEBorn during coronation.African
BoyADEOLACrown of high estate.African
BoyADETOKUNBOHe will wear the crown of the sea.African
BoyADEYEMIA crown suits me.African
BoyADISAI am grave, or, I speak gravely.African
BoyADONGOSecond-born of twins.African
BoyAKUABorn on Wednesday.African
BoyAKWASIBorn on Sunday.African
BoyALABAOne person; an individual.African
BoyALPHAThe first letter of the Greek alphabet.African
BoyAMADISeemed destined to die at birth.African
BoyAMARAAgreeable, pleasing.African
BoyANANFourth born child.African
BoyANYIMFrom the Niger river.African
BoyAPIOThe one who comes quickly (the first-born of twins).African
BoyAPIYOThe one who comes quickly (the first-born of twins).African
BoyAPUNDAOne who is beside himself.African
BoyARAPMOISon of Moi (the clan).African
BoyARKAMUNAn Ethiopian king; Ergamenes.African
BoyARKENKHERELA late Ethiopian king.African
BoyASPURTAA king of Ethiopia.African
BoyASROMIAMUNAn obscure Ethiopian king.African
BoyATAKHERAMENAn obscure Ethiopian king.African
BoyATSUFirst-born of twin brothers.African
BoyAWOTWIBorn eighth.African
BoyAYOJoy; or, valued.African
BoyAYODELEJoy of the house.African
BoyAYOKUNLEJoy fills our home.African
BoyAYOTUNDEJoy has returned.African
BoyAZUBUIKEHe has much strength.African
BoyBAAKOFirst born.African
BoyBABAJIDEFather has come back.African
BoyBABATUNDEFather has returned.African
BoyBAMIDELEBring me home.African
BoyBAPOTODisturbance, noise.African
BoyBBWADDENELike a large dog.African
BoyBHEKIZITHAWatches for the enemy.African
BoyBUJUNESorrow, troubles.African
BoyBUTANNAZIBAWho walks before the night.African
BoyCETSHWAYOThe slandered one.African
BoyCHAKIDEA mongoose or weasel.African
BoyCHIBUEZEGod is the king.African
BoyCHIBUZOGod leads.African
BoyCHIDIGod lives.African
BoyCHIDIEBEREGod is gentle.African
BoyCHIDUBEMMay God lead me.African
BoyCHIENGGod of day; God of the sun.African
BoyCHIGARULike a large dog.African
BoyCHIKAGod is the greatest.African
BoyCHILONGOLAA guide) first-born son.African