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Africa, the largest continent on planet with diverse tribes from Sahara desert to Mt. Kilimanjaro provides an huge wealth of heritage inspiring baby names for both genders girls and boys included Christian, Muslim Arabic, French and Jewish names. African people are rich in beauty, old traditions, culture and origin. African baby names are beautiful and unique in their meanings along tribes origins from Nigeria to Ethiopia. African believe that a baby name can have influence in life of children and family that’s why they choose baby names according to occasion, culture and traditions. You may find a modern and ancestral African names for baby.

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M/F African Baby Names African Baby Names With Meanings Origin
M Abai Of the Nile River Amharic
F Abam second child after twins Twi
M Abasi stern one Swahili
F Abayomi brings happiness Yoruba
M Abdalla servant of God Swahili
M Abdu worshipper of God Swahili
M Abede he has flourished Amharic
F Abia friend; small as a bird Hausa
M Abiade born of royal parents Yoruba
F Abidemi born when father’s away Yoruba
M Abidugun born before the war Yoruba
F Abimbola born to be wealthy Yoruba
M Abimbola born to be wealthy Yoruba
M Abiodun born during the festival Yoruba
F Adanna father’s daughter Nigerian
F Adanne mother’s daughter African
F Adaoma good lady Ibo
M Addae morning sun Akan
M Addi the new Amharic
M Ade royal Yoruba
M Adeagbo brings royal honor Yoruba
M Adegoke the crown has been exalted Yoruba
M Adejola the crown feeds on honors Yoruba
M Adelabu the crown overcame trouble Yoruba
M Adelaja the crown settles a quarrel Yoruba
F Adeleke the crown brings happiness Yoruba
M Ademola the crown is added to my wealth Yoruba
F Adeola the crown brings honor Yoruba
F Adeyemi the crown benefits me Yoruba
M Adeyemi the crown suits me well Yoruba
F Adhama glory Swahili
M Adhama glory Swahili
F Adia a gift from God Swahili
M Adigun righteous Yoruba
M Adika first child of second husband Ewe
M Adunbi born to be pleasant Yoruba
M Adusa thirteenth-born child Akan
F Afafa first child of second husband Yoruba
M Afework speaks pleasant things Ethiopian
M Afiba by the sea Yoruba
F Afiya health Swahili
M Afram from Afram river region Ghanan
F Aiyetoro peace on earth Yoruba
M Ajagbe he carries off the prize Yoruba
M Ajamu he fights for what he wants Yoruba
M Ajani takes possession after struggle Yoruba
M Ajayi born face down Yoruba
M Aje wizard Yoruba
M Akinkawon bravery pacified them Yoruba
M Akinlabi we have a boy Yoruba
M Akinlana valor Yoruba
M Akinlawon bravery sustains them Yoruba
M Akins brave boy Yoruba
M Akinsanya the valor avenges Yoruba
M Akwetee younger of twins Ga
F Alaba second child after twins Yoruba
F Alake she is to be fussed over Yoruba
M Alanyo born while parent were apart Luo
M Ali exalted Swahili
M Alin perfection Quechua
F Amadia lightning-spirit Ibo
M Aman peace Amharic
F Amana to believe Swahili
M Amani trust; safety Swahili
F Amaziah a place to rest Hausa
M Ambakisye God has been merciful Ndali
M Anasa joy Swahili
F Andaiye my daughter comes home Swahili
F Anella content; satisfied Zulu
M Anella content; satisfied Zulu
M Angorit last-born child Ateso
F Anillang stable altar; decisive Mapuche
M Apara child that comes and goes Yoruba
F Ara mistress of the sky African
M Aramde the walker Amharic
M Aren eagle Nigerian
F Aretta charming; enchanting Nigerian
F Arusi born during a wedding Swahili
F Ashura born during month of Ashur Swahili
M Assefa enlarge Ethiopian
M Asukile the Lord has washed me Nyakyusa
M Ata twin Fante
F Atiena guardian of the night Swahili
M Atieno guardian of the night Swahili
F Ayelen joy Mapuche
M Ayinde we praised him and he came Yoruba
F Ayinhual beloved; darling Mapuche
F Ayiqueo soft-spoken; pleasant Mapuche
F Ayme significant Mapuche
M Ayo joy Swahili
M Azikiwe vigorous Ibo
M Azima magically charmed into motion Swahili
F Aziza precious one Swahili
M Azizi precious Swahili
M Azmera harvest Ethiopian
F Azubah born on Monday Hausa
M Bahemuka resembles father Runyoro
F Bahiti fortune Egyptian
M Baingana people are equal Runyoro
F Bakari noble promise Swahili
M Bakari promise Kiswahili
M Balikuraira time to mature mentally Runyoro
F Baraka blessing; fortune Swahili
M Baraka blessing; fortune Swahili
F Barika success Swahili
M Bashiri can foretell the future Shona
M Bategeka people who plan well Runyoro
M Batte clan totem is an elephant Luganda
M Benaim son of the right hand Ethiopian
F Bennu eagle Egyptian
M Beno one of a band Mwera
M Berhan light; illumination Amharic
M Berhanua light; illumination Amharic
M Berihun let him be our guide Amharic
M Bobo born on Tuesday Fante
M Bodua an animal’s tail Akan
F Bolade honor has come at last Yoruba
M Bolade honor will come Yoruba
F Bolanile she is the wealth of house Yoruba
M Bomani warrior Ngoni
M Bwana Mkubwa great master Swahili
M Bwire born at night Bakedi
M Byarugaba God’s own Rukiga
M Byaruhanga God’s own Rutooro
M Byembandwa God’s own Runyoro
F Calfuray blue violet flower Mapuche
M Chenzira born on the roadside Shona
M Cherika the moon Amharic
M Chi personal guardian angel Nigerian
M Chijoke God gives talent Ibo
F Chika Chi is supreme Ibo
M Chikosi neck Ngoni
F Chinyere Chi is the giver Ibo
M Chioke gift of God Ibo
F Chione daughter of the Nile Egyptian
M Chitundu bird’s nest Mwera
M Chiumbo small creation Mwera
F Chuku-Meneka thank God Ibo
F Cuyen moon Mapuche
M Dada child with curly hair Yoruba
M Dahnay to be safe; wellness Amharic
M Dakarai happiness Shona
F Dalila gentle Swahili
F Dalmar versatile African
F Dayo joy arrives Yoruba
M Dayo joy arrives Yoruba
M Deg generous kindness Amharic
F Deka pleasing Somali
M Dembe peace Luganda
M Desta joy Amharic
F Duma cheetah; swift Swahili
M Duma cheetah; swift Swahili
M Dumaka help me with hands Ibo
M Dumisa praise & honor Zulu
F Duniya earth Hausa
M Dunsimi don’t die before me Yoruba
F Ejubane swift one Zulu
M Ejubane swift one Zulu
M Ekundayo sorrow becomes happiness Yoruba
F Elea floating; clarity Swahili
M Elea floating; clarity Swahili
F Elewa understands Swahili
F Enyonyam she is good for me Ewe
M Eremias God will uplift Ethiopian
F Eshe life Swahili
M Essien sixth-born son Ga
F Evae a tribal name Ewe
M Ewansiha secrets are not for sale Benin
M Farijika will comfort Swahili
M Fasilidas historic king of Ethiopia Ethiopian
F Fatia weans an infant African
F Fayola walks with honor Yoruba
F Fazana womankind Zulu
F Femi love me Yoruba
F Foluke place in God’s hands Yoruba
M Foluke place in God’s hands Yoruba
M Fram of the Ofram tree Ghanan
M Funsani request Ngoni
M Fynn Offin river Ghanan
F Gabela confident; determined Zulu
M Gebereal God is my strength Ethiopian
M Gebre an offering Amharic
F Gela happiness Lenape
M Geta lord Amharic
F Gethera harvest Kikuyu
M Gezan the one in charge Amharic
M Gonza love Rutooro
M Goredenna black cloud Shona
M Gowon rainmaker Tiv
M Gyasi wonderful child Akan
M Habib beloved Swahili
F Hafsa young lioness Muslim
M Hamadi praised Swahili
M Hamidi commendable Swahili
M Hamisi born on Thursday Swahili
M Hanif believer Kiswahili
M Haoniyao born during a quarrel Swahili
M Hasani handsome Swahili
F Iara lady Tupi
M Iben harmony Ibo
F Icess supreme goddess Egyptian
M Idi born during the Idd festival Swahili
M Idin unity Ibo
F Idina unity Ibo
M Ikeno joy Kikuyu
F Ilchahueque unmarried woman Mapuche
M Ilom my enemies are many Yoruba
F Ima great beauty Quechua
F Imani belief; trust Swahili
M Imaran strong one Swahili
F Ipi harvester Mapuche
M Ipyana grace Nyakyusa
F Iracema from where the honey comes Tupi
M Iroagbulam let enmity destroy me Ibo
M Irumba first-born after twins Rutooro
M Isabirye he who gives birth to twins Lusoga
M Itembe trust; confidence Zulu
F Iverem good fortune; blessing Tiv
F Iyabo mother is reincarnated in me Yoruba
M Iyapo many trials Yoruba
F Iyara swift one Yoruba
F Iyarina never forgets Quechua
M Jafari creek Swahili
F Jahaira dignified Swahili
M Jahi dignified Swahili
M Jaja honored Ibo
F Jalia God’s gracious favor Swahili
F Jama friendly Swahili
F Japera offer thanks Zimbabwe
F Jarunta courage Hausa
F Jata celestial star Kikuyu
M Jata celestial star Kikuyu
F Jehlani strong; mighty Swahili
M Jela born when father’s in prison Swahili
F Jivuna to glow with pride Swahili
M Jojo born on Monday Fante
F Juba born on Monday Ashanti
M Juba respect Yoruba
M Jubane is swift Zulu
M Juma born on Friday Swahili
M Kadonkechi bitter soup Mudama
M Kafa Ethiopian province Ethiopian
M Kaikara God in Bayoro tradition Runyoro
F Kakena the happy one Kikuyu
M Kakuru first of twins Runyank.
M Kakyomya ancient God Runyoro
F Kamara moonlight Swahili
F Kamaria like the moon Swahili
M Kamau quiet warrior Kikuyu
F Kamba tortoise African
M Kami people of eastern Tanzania Tanzanian
F Kamilah perfect African
F Kanya beautiful ebony Hausa
F Kapuki first-born daughter Swahili
M Kariisa herdsman Runyank.
M Karutunda little person Runyank.
M Karwana born during wartime Rutooro
F Kasinda our last baby Umbundu
M Kayin long-hoped for child Yoruba
M Kayode he brought joy Yoruba
M Kayonga great Ankole clan warrior Runyank.
M Keambiroiro mountain of blackness Kikuyu
M Keanjaho mountain of beans Kikuyu
M Keanyandaarwu mountain of hides Kikuyu
F Kenura to have joy Kikuyu
M Kereenyaga mountain of mystery Kenyan
F Kesi born during difficult times Swahili
F Kesia favorite African
M Kesse chubby baby Fante
M Khalfani destined to rule Swahili
F Kibibi little lady Swahili
M Kibuuka brave Bugandan warrior Luganda
F Kichea sun appears after the storm Swahili
M Kidusa the many sacred Amharic
M Kifeda only boy among sisters Luo
F Kifimbo very thin child Swahili
F Kika what is greater than God? Ibo
F Kilinda guard; protector Swahili
F Kilinya mountain of God Kamba
F Kinjia the path; the way Swahili
F Kinshasa capital city of D.R.Congo African
M Kintu first man Ugandan
M Kiva unity Swahili
M Kizza born after twins Ugandan
M Kobe turtle Swahili
M Kodwo born on Monday Twi
F Koffi born on Friday Swahili
M Kofi born on Friday Twi
M Kosana a leader Zulu
M Kovan owl Zulu
M Kpodo elder of twins Ewe
M Krobo river in Ghana Ghanan
F Kuasa strength; power Shona
M Kuda its God’s intention Shona
F Kumisa woman’s word for courage Zulu
M Kunaka handsome one Shona
M Kunle home is filled with honors Yoruba
F Kunto third-born child Twi
M Kusemererwa happiness Runyoro
F Kushinda success; victory Swahili
M Kwame born on Saturday Akan
F Kwanzaa feast of the first fruits Swahili
M Kwanzaa feast of first fruits Swahili
F Kwashi born on Thursday Swahili
M Kwasi born on Sunday Akan
M Kwayera dawn Ngoni
M Laniyan thoughtful one Yoruba
F Laumalie full of spirit Tongan
M Lauzel can prophesize Zulu
F Lauzela dream; vision Zulu
F Laveni lavender fragrance Tongan
F Lavenita lavender fragrance Tongan
F Lisha to nourish; to cherish Swahili
F Llanquipan fallen branch; solitary lioness Mapuche
F Loanda an African city African
M Lobengula historical Matabele king Zimbabwean
F Londa to protect; keep safe Zulu
F Louam sleep well Ethiopian
M Madaadi name of an age group Kikuyu
M Madhane savior Amharic
M Madu people Ibo
M Madzimoyo water of life Ngoni
F Magani remedy; medicine Hausa
M Magomu younger one of twins Luganda
F Makeda beautiful Ethiopian
M Makker wise man Amharic
F Malaika an angel Swahili
F Malika an angel Swahili
F Malindi city in Kenya African
F Malkia queen Swahili
F Marjani beautiful coral Swahili
F Marrakesh city in Morocco African
M Masamba leaves Yao
F Masani gap between the teeth Luganda
F Masara magic Shona
M Mashama you are surprised Shona
M Mawagali numerous Abaluhya
M Mawalawde God will provide Ewe
M Mawuli there is a God Ewe
M Mayanga sailor of lakes Luganda
M Mazi sir Ibo
M Mbabazi mercy Rukiga
M Mengesha kingdom Ethiopian
M Mensah third son Ewe
F Meria rebellious African
M Merille people of Ethiopia Ethiopian
F Mesi water Egyptian
M Mhina delightful Swahili
M Mobo freedom Yoruba
M Modupe thank you Yoruba
F Moema sweet Tupi
M Moja satisfaction Shona
M Mongo famous Yoruba
F Monifa I have my luck Yoruba
M Mpasa mat Ngoni
M Mpenda fond lover Mwera
M Mposi blacksmith Nyakyusa
M Mpoza tax collector Luganda
F Mshauri good advisor Swahili
F Mshindi champion Swahili
M Mugamba talkative Runyank.
M Mugisa luck Rutooro
M Mugisha luck Rukiga
M Muhairwe God-given child Runyank.
M Muhammed praised Swahili
M Muhangi God’s own Runyank.
M Mulumba has more than his share Luganda
F Munay loving power Quechua
F Munaya rainmaker Shona
M Mune the rules Kikuyu
M Munyiga presses others Mukiga
F Murata friend Kikuyu
M Musisi pregnant during an earthquake Luganda
M Musoke born with under a rainbow Rukonjo
M Mutebi clan totem is a perch Luganda
M Mutongole clan totem is a heart Luganda
M Muwanga the creator Luganda
M Muweba clan totem is sorghum Luganda
F Nadifa born between two seasons Somali
F Nadira rare one Hausa
F Nafula born during rainy season Abaluhya
F Nafuna born feet first Luganda
F Najuma abounding in joy Swahili
F Naki first female child Adangbe
F Nasiche born during locust season Mugosa
M Nassor victorious Swahili
M Natron lake in the Rift Valley Tanzanian
M Natukundo God loves us Runyank.
F Naunet goddess of the underworld Egyptian
F Nayo we have joy Yoruba
F Neemesha blessings Swahili
F Nefertari most beautiful Egyptian
M Negash next in line for the throne Amharic
M Negasi he will be crowned Amharic
M Negus king or emperor Ethiopian
F Nehanda strong Zezuru
F Njere cleverness Shona
M Njere cleverness Shona
M Njowga shoes Mwera
M Nkalati a very hard tree Luganda
F Nkeka tenderness Ibo
F Nkosazana princess Xhosa
F Nobantu popular Xhosa
F Nombeko respect Xhosa
F Nomble beauty Xhosa
F Nomusa merciful Ndebele
F Nonyameko patience Xhosa
M Nosakhere God’s way is the only way Benin
M Nwabudike sons are the father’s power Ibo
M Nyakoojo fifth-born son Rutooro
M Nyamekye God’s gift Akan
F Nyana baby bird Shona
F Nyanza the sea Shona
M Nyatui tiger fighter Abaluhya
M Oban king Yoruba
M Obaseki the king’s influence goes far Benin
M Obataiye king of the world Yoruba
M Obawole the king enters the house Yoruba
M Obayana the king warms at the fireplace Yoruba
M Obi kindness Yoruba
M Odion the elder one of twins Benin
M Odom oak tree Ghanan
M Odongo born after twins Luo
M Ogbay don’t take from me Ethiopian
M Ogbonna looks exactly like his father Ibo
M Ogonna father-in-law Ibo
M Ojore warrior Ateso
M Okafor born on Afor market day Ibo
M Okanlawon son born after several girls Yoruba
M Okechuku God’s gift Ibo
M Okeke born on the market day Ibo
M Okello born after twins Ateso
M Okwayi referring to the Almighty Ateso
M Ola wealth; riches Ibo
M Oladele wealth arrives at home Yoruba
M Olafemi wealth; honor favors me Yoruba
M Olamina I am wealthy Yoruba
M Olaniyan honors surround me Yoruba
M Olugbala savior of the people Yoruba
M Olugbodi child born with extra finger Yoruba
M Olujimi God gave me this Yoruba
M Olukayode my lord brings happiness Yoruba
M Olumide my fortune has come Yoruba
M Olumiji my lord awakens Yoruba
M Oluwa a praise name for the Creator Yoruba
M Oluyemi fulfillment from God Yoruba
M Omari God is highest Kiswahili
F Omnira liberation Yoruba
F Omodele my child follows me back home Yoruba
M Omodele my child follows me back home Yoruba
M Onipede the consoler will come Yoruba
M Onuwachi God’s world Ibo
M Ony leader of the people Ibo
F Onya warning vision Swahili
M Onyait born on the grassland Ateso
M Onyango born in the morning Lusamia
F Orma respect Wolof
M Oromo an ethnic group; herdsmen Ethiopian
M Orun sun Yoruba
M Orunjan midday sun Ibo
M Osa ocean Yoruba
M Osagboro there is only one God Benin
F Oshun goddess of the Oshun River Yoruba
M Oson summer Yoruba
M Osumare rainbow Yoruba
M Otem born during traveling Luo
F Otesha cultivate the earth Swahili
M Othiamba born in the afternoon Luo
M Ozoama the good road in life Yoruba
F Paka kitten Swahili
F Pamojan togetherness Swahili
F Panya mouse; a tiny baby Swahili
F Pasua born by Cesarean Swahili
F Pazima lightning and thunder Zulu
F Poni second daughter African
M Prah from the Prah river region Ghanan
F Qadesh an Egyptian goddess Egyptian
M Qawe brave Zulu
M Qaweyn brave Zulu
F Qaza a seeker Zulu
F Quetroman restrained soul Mapuche
F Quintuqueo searches for wisdom Mapuche
F Quisa sister of twins Egyptian
F Radhiya agreeable one Swahili
M Rahad a river in Ethiopia Ethiopian
F Rai life Hausa
F Rasida rightly guided Swahili
M Raviro gift from God Shona
F Rayen flower Mapuche
F Raziya agreeable Swahili
F Rehema compassion Swahili
M Rehema second-born child Kiswahili
F Rukiya she rises up Swahili
M Ruko river of life Shona
F Rukova river; river of life Shona
M Rukundo victory Shona
M Runako handsome Shona
M Rundo love Shona
M Safiri born while on a journey Swahili
F Sakima wise; chief Lenape
M Salehe good Swahili
M Salim peace Swahili
F Sama heaven sky Hausa
M Sekayi laughter Shona
F Sekelaga rejoice Nyakyusa
M Selam peace Amharic
M Selassie trinity Amharic
M Semanda clan totem is a cow Luganda
M Semere farmer Ethiopian
M Shani marvelous Swahili
F Shanira warmed by the sun Shona
F Shany marvelous; wonderful Swahili
F Sharia justice Hausa
F Shauri counsel; advise Swahili
F Shauriana counsel; advise Swahili
M Simba strength of a lion Shona
M Sisay omen of good things Amharic
M Sisi born on Sunday Fante
F Siti respected woman Swahili
M Siwatu born during conflict Swahili
M Siwazuri not nice; contentious Swahili
M Taamiti bravery Lunyole
F Tabara prosperity Kikuyu
F Tabea talented Swahili
F Tabia talented Swahili
M Tabia one of good character Swahili
F Tadiwa we have been favored Shona
M Tamu sweet and delightful Swahili
F Tana source of the Blue Nile River African
F Tanisha born on Monday Hausa
M Tano from Tano river region Ghanan
F Tany we are comforted Shona
M Tany we are comforted Shona
M Tefere seed Ethiopian
M Teka he has replaced Amharic
M Tekle my plant Ethiopian
F Teleza slippery Ngoni
F Tendai to give thanks Shona
M Tendai to give thanks Shona
F Themba trusted Zulu
M Thenga bring him Yao
F Therania bright shine Kikuyu
M Tian respect Kikuyu
F Tiana respect Kikuyu
F Tianira respect Kikuyu
M Tombe village in Uganda Kakwa
F Tonde listen to us Shona
M Tonde God please listen to our cry Shona
M Tongo we will stay the same Shona
M Tor king Tiv
F Tripaileo passionate woman Mapuche
M Tumusiime we thank God Rukiga
F Tusa prairie dog Zuni
M Tusuubira we have hope Rukiga
M Tuwile death is inevitable Mwera
M Twesigye let’s trust in God Rukiga
M Twia born after twins Fante
F Udoka makes peace with others Ibo
M Udoka makes peace with others Ibo
M Ujama fellowship; brotherhood Swahili
F Ujamaa fellowship; brotherhood Swahili
F Ujana noble; excellent African
F Ulu second-born child Ibo
M Useni tell me Yao
F Usia wisdom Swahili
M Usian wisdom Swahili
F Utaba song; melody Zulu
M Vinza people of Tanzania Tanzanian
M Vuai savior Swahili
F Wanyika of the bush Swahili
M Wanzala born during a famine Lugisu
F Waseme let them talk Swahili
M Wasswa name given to twins Luganda
M Watende there shall be no revenge Nyakyusa
M Wayanay swallow bird Quechua
M Yacob substitute Ethiopian
M Yafeu bold Ibo
M Yahcay knowledge; wisdom Quechua
M Yahya God’s gift Swahili
M Yanapay helpful one Quechua
M Yao born on Thursday Ewe
M Yonas dove Ethiopian
M Yoofi born on Friday Akan
M Yooku born on Wednesday Fante
M Yorkoo born on Thursday Fante
M Yusuf He shall add to my powers Kenyan
M Zafan melody Amharic
M Zamy strives to attain Zulu
F Zano well-thought plans Shona
M Zaramo people of Tanzania Tanzanian
F Zawadi gift; present Swahili
M Zawadi gift; present Swahili
F Zawati gift; present Swahili
F Zinyeza consciousness Zulu
M Zinyeza consciousness Zulu
F Zira path; the way Shona
M Zira path; the way Shona
M Ziwa lake Swahili
F Zoputa protector Yoruba