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Arabic Boy Names Starting With J And English Meaning

Arabic Boy Names: Get Names has latest list of Arabic baby names which are most famous among Muslim community around the world. Let’s help each other to find some unique and cute Arabic names for boys, you can inform your relative, friends and neighbors to choose their baby names in Arabic with perfect meanings in Urdu and English too. Arabic names starting with J letter in English.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With J Arabic Names English meaning
Ja’far River; riverlet; brook; canal
Jaabir Comforter; one who consoles the aggrieved; name of a sahaabi (RA).
Jaabir Consoler, Comforter
Jaafar Rivulet
Jaan Life, Soul.
Jabbaar Mighty; one who has the ascendancy; king; one who commiserates the berieved
Jabir Consoler, Comforter, restorer.
Jabr Compulsion name of a companion.
Jad Curly, Frizzled.
Jafar Rivulet, stream.
Jaffer Flowing water.
Jahangir A moghul emperor had this name.
Jahanzeb Beautiful
Jahdami An authority for hadith had this name.
Jahdari An authority of Quran had this name.
Jahiz Ogle-eyed.
Jahm Sullen.
Jalaal Glory of the Faith
Jalaal Grandeur; greatness; eminence; glory; majesty.
Jalal Glory, grandeur.
Jaleel Great; glorious; illustrious; dignified; an attribute of Allah.
Jalees Companion, friend, person with whom one sits.
Jalil Great, revered.
Jamaal Beauty
Jamaal Beauty; elegance; comeliness; of good looks and character.
Jamaal Udeen Beauty of the Faith
Jamal Beauty.
Jameel Beautiful
Jameel Handsome; physically and morally attractive; name of a sahaabi(RA).
Jamesha Beautiful leader.
Jamil Beautiful, lovely.
Jaraah Surgeon; name of tabaree.
Jareer Corpulent.
Jari Powerful, brave.
Jariyah Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa.
Jarood Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jarrar Brave.
Jasim Healthy.
Jasim. Powerful, strong.
Jasmir Strong.
Jauhar Diamond; gem; jewel; pearl; the essence of anything.
Jauhar Gem, jewel.
Javeed Forever.
Javier Month of January.
Jaw-waad Most beneficient; most bountiful; most generous.
Jawaad Liberal: beneficient; bountiful; generous.
Jawad Openhanded, Generous
Jawad Liberal, generous.
Jawdan Goodness.
Jawhar Jewel, gem.
Jazib Beautiful, Handsome.
Jazlaan Happiness.
Jeelan It is a city in Iran.
Jibran Reward.
Jibril Archangel of Allah (Gabriel).
Jihad To Strive for
Jihad Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war.
Jiyaad Good; excellent; new; pure; speedy and swift.
Jiyad Very good.
Juayl Quarrdsome.
Jubair Counsels or brings together.
Juhaym Sullen.
Juma’ Friday.
Jumanah Pearl; name of a companion.
Jummal A thick rope; a rope with which a boat is tied to the shore.
Jummal Unit of army.
Junaid A small army; name of a great saint who lived in Baghdaad.
Junaid Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army.
Junayd Fighter, warrior.
Jundub Grasshopper (name of a companion).
Juthamah Nightmare (name of companion).

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