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Arabic Boy Names

Arabic Boy Names Starting With J And English Meaning

Arabic Boy Names: Get Names has latest list of Arabic baby names which are most famous among Muslim community around the world. Let’s help each other to find some unique and cute Arabic names for boys, you can inform your relative, friends and neighbors to choose their baby names in Arabic with perfect meanings in Urdu and English too. Arabic names starting with J letter in English.

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With JArabic Names English meaning
Ja’farRiver; riverlet; brook; canal
JaabirComforter; one who consoles the aggrieved; name of a sahaabi (RA).
JaabirConsoler, Comforter
JaanLife, Soul.
JabbaarMighty; one who has the ascendancy; king; one who commiserates the berieved
JabirConsoler, Comforter, restorer.
JabrCompulsion name of a companion.
JadCurly, Frizzled.
JafarRivulet, stream.
JafferFlowing water.
JahangirA moghul emperor had this name.
JahdamiAn authority for hadith had this name.
JahdariAn authority of Quran had this name.
JalaalGlory of the Faith
JalaalGrandeur; greatness; eminence; glory; majesty.
JalalGlory, grandeur.
JaleelGreat; glorious; illustrious; dignified; an attribute of Allah.
JaleesCompanion, friend, person with whom one sits.
JalilGreat, revered.
JamaalBeauty; elegance; comeliness; of good looks and character.
Jamaal UdeenBeauty of the Faith
JameelHandsome; physically and morally attractive; name of a sahaabi(RA).
JameshaBeautiful leader.
JamilBeautiful, lovely.
JaraahSurgeon; name of tabaree.
JariPowerful, brave.
JariyahName of a Ashb-as-Suffa.
JaroodName of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jasim.Powerful, strong.
JauharDiamond; gem; jewel; pearl; the essence of anything.
JauharGem, jewel.
JavierMonth of January.
Jaw-waadMost beneficient; most bountiful; most generous.
JawaadLiberal: beneficient; bountiful; generous.
JawadOpenhanded, Generous
JawadLiberal, generous.
JawharJewel, gem.
JazibBeautiful, Handsome.
JeelanIt is a city in Iran.
JibrilArchangel of Allah (Gabriel).
JihadTo Strive for
JihadStruggle, Islamically sanctioned war.
JiyaadGood; excellent; new; pure; speedy and swift.
JiyadVery good.
JubairCounsels or brings together.
JumanahPearl; name of a companion.
JummalA thick rope; a rope with which a boat is tied to the shore.
JummalUnit of army.
JunaidA small army; name of a great saint who lived in Baghdaad.
JunaidFighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army.
JunaydFighter, warrior.
JundubGrasshopper (name of a companion).
JuthamahNightmare (name of companion).