Arabic Boy Names W

Arabic Boy Names


Baby NameEnglish meaning
Waa’ilComing back (for shelter)
Waa’ilOne Who Returns For Shelter.
WaahidOne; without partner; unique; an epithet applied to Allah Ta’ala
WaahidSingle, Exclusively, Unequalled
WaajidOne whose wants are satisfied; one who endervours; an inventor; wealthy; a lover or beloved.
Waasi`Capacious; ample; one who possesses abundant (of anything)
Wadee’Calm, Peaceful
WadiCalm, peaceful.
WadoodFriend; companions; beloved
WafaFaithfulness, fidelity.
WafiFaithful, loyal.
WahabGift; name of a Sahaabi (Radhiallaahu Anhu)
Wahban(related to Wahb).
WaheedUnique; unparalleled
WaheedUnique, One of its kind.
WahhaabOne who give charity, etc. abundantly
WahhaajShining; illuminated
WahhajGlowing, incandescent.
WahibLiberal donor.
WahidSingular, exclusive, unequalled.
WaizPreacher, Sermoniser.
WajaahatComeliness; dignity; elevated position
WajahatCommanding, Personality, Dignity.
WajdaanThought, imagination.
WajeehOf good and comely appearance
WajeehCommanding Personality.
WajidOne who finds.
WajihNoble, eminent.
WakalatAdvocacy, Agency.
WakeelCounsellor; attorney; agent; adroit; Allah’s attribute
WakeelAgent, Representative.
WaleePrince; lord; friend; guardian; a beloved of Allah Ta’ala; Allah’s attribute
WaleedBoy; Child; Name of a Sahaabi (Radhiallaahu Anhu)
WaleedNewborn child
WaleedNewborn Child.
WalidNewborn child.
WaliyudeenSupporter of the Faith
WaliyullahSupporter of God
WaqaarDignity; modesty; constancy; mildness
WaqarRespect, dignity.
WasayUnlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
WaseemBeautiful; handsome
WaseemGraceful, Good looking
WasifMan of Qualities.
WasilInseparable friend.
WasimGood looking.
WatheqFirm, reliable, confident.
WazeerAn advisor or counsel to the king; one who renders a helping hand in some task
WildanBoy in heaven.
WisamBadge, Logo, like coat of Arms.