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Are you looking for 100 Most Popular Assamese Baby Names With Meanings » Assamese Boys and Girls Names In India. Assam is a state in northeastern India known it’s cultural tradition and ancient history. We at Getnames have listed the most popular, unique and latest Assamese baby names for boys and girls with English meaning and origin. Pick up your favorite and beautiful name for cute Assamese male or female newborn children for giving first surprise.

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M/F Assamese Baby Names Assamese Names Meanings Origin
F Aasin Lucky in life Assamese
F Balvinder Victorious Assamese
M Birinchi who overrules the fortune Assamese
M Chakradhwaj A mark of wheel Assamese
M Harideb A name of the Lord Vinshu Assamese
M Himabhas The Moon Assamese
F Himanta A cold and ice Assamese
F Jahniya One with an ancient wisdom Assamese
M Jahnu A name of ancient wise sage Assamese
M Jeebyam The master of the Universe Assamese
M Moidul A socialist who advocate communism Assamese
M Nabadip A new winner Assamese
M Nabanil A new, clear blue sky Assamese
M Neerab A man of calm demeanor Assamese
M Nibir One who is fearless Assamese
M Nilmitra Bule Assamese
M Nisan Sign, Symbol Assamese
M Niyor Dew drops Assamese
M Poumit Collection of love Assamese
M Pradyut One who is like a light Assamese
M Pramathesh He who was the first God on the World Assamese
M Pranab Feeling of love Assamese
M Priyom Beloved Assamese
M Promode One who gives meaning of things Assamese
M Pronoi Love Assamese
M Puhor Light Assamese
M Rihon A creative person Assamese
M Ripun One who is skillful in everything Assamese
M Rockyblue Extreme beauty Assamese
M Rubrat Light Assamese
M Rupnath A boy with a beautiful face Assamese
M Rutushar Sprinkles of the season Assamese
M Rutuvarna The colorful season Assamese
F Salmi Beautiful Assamese
M Sanjib Long live Assamese
F Santati Granter of wishes Assamese
M Sarbananda Extreme Joy Assamese
F Satha One who is faithful Assamese
M Sattvik One who is polite and honest Assamese
M Shomnath Lord Shiva Assamese
M Shwar A sweet voice Assamese
M Sontosh Satisfaction and gratification Assamese
M Sudem Breeze, smooth as a breeze Assamese
M Sushanta A man who prefers to be quiet Assamese
M Suvansu A sweet fragrance Assamese
M Swapnadeep The king of dreams Assamese
M Swrang A musical instrument Assamese
F Tamarai Beautiful or great Assamese
M Tanan A happy and cheerfulsoul Assamese
M Tanka Victorious Assamese
M Tanmoijyoti A happy soul Assamese
M Tanmoy One who is completely absorbed in God Assamese
F Tapani The river Godavari Assamese
M Thooya A pure soul Assamese
M Trishanu Thirsty Assamese
F Udbala A strong woman Assamese
M Udipti On fire Assamese
M Ujjal Bright, clean and lovely Assamese
M Umesh God of Uma Assamese
F Umika One of the names of Goddess Parvati Assamese
M Upangshu Winner in all fields Assamese
M Upendra One of the many names of Lord Vishnu Assamese
M Upendranath Lord Visnhu Assamese
F Ushmi Energy Assamese
F Usri Name of a river Assamese
M Utpal Lotus, Beginning Assamese
F Utsaah Encourage or excitement Assamese
M Vaibhav One who is fortunate and itelligent Assamese
F Vamil A beautiful woman Assamese
M Vargabh Name of a Rishi Assamese
F Varij Lotus flower Assamese
F Varnu Colored Assamese
F Varya Treasure or Precious Assamese
F Vedha Truth, pious Assamese
F Viha Heaven or angel Assamese
F Vijul A silk cotton tree Assamese
F Wubitu Beautiful Assamese
M Xhiva Kind, auspicious Assamese
F Xoti Small Assamese
F Yaalisai Melodious Assamese
F Yadavi A name of Goddess Durga Assamese
F Yagavi Bright Assamese
F Yakootah Emerald Assamese
F Yamha Dove Assamese
M Yangkyi An adorable girl Assamese
F Yanti Thoughts Assamese
F Yashashree God’s name for success Assamese
F Yashica Brave and intelligent girl Assamese
F Yashodhara Glory Assamese
F Yasti Slim Assamese
F Yoshita Lady Assamese
M Yugantar Distance Assamese
F Yumn Success, good fortune Assamese
F Garrad Yuti Assamese
F Yuvaraani Princess Assamese
F Zatinga Rive Assamese
F Zeena A hospitable lady Assamese
F Zeyo Rounded Assamese
F Zubeen Something that touches the sky Assamese
F Zue Pretty, beautiful Assamese

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