Sahaba Names

313 Badr Sahaba Names

313 Badr Sahaba Names In Urdu\Arabic & English Meaning The battle of Badr fought on 17 Ramazan 624 CE according to Islamic calendar. It is most important in Islamic history and first military victory of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH (پیغمبرِاسلام حضرت محمدؐ) to strengthen political position for Muslim of Medina and establish Islam firmly as a true religion for whole …

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Male Sahabi Names A To Z

Muslim Sahaba Names Meaning, Male Sahabi Name Starting From A To Z Muslim Sahaba names starting form “A” to “Z” to choose one of best Islamic baby boys names with their meanings. Names of Ashab-e-Rasool are written in Arabic, Urdu and English to understand beloved Prophet’s companions unique names easily. Sahaba were called like stars by Rasool-e-Akaram and even Holy Prophet …

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118 Popular Sahabi Names

Sahaba names list

Top Sahabi Names: 118 Most Famous Sahaba Names With Meanings List of male Sahaba names, All Sahaba names that are called most popular companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because of their strong willing and winners of battles, We at Getnames have compiled a list of top rank Male Sahaba names who served themselves in different battles of Islam such as …

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