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China that has been becoming a modern role of great revolution in every field of needs for mankind. If you stare from it’s ancient heritage and traditions of more than thousands of years to now, can easily understand it’s prosperous with five stages that make China as strong as great wall of China. Chinese people are also very popular in their righteousness, serenity and well formed culture.

Chinese baby names connote gorgeous character with regal meanings. In China, newborn baby generally get two names that’s considered gift and great values given by parents to their infants with hope of kindness and bright future. If you are in search of Chinese baby girls & boys names for tending to skew towards grace and beauty, We at Get Names has collated the best list of most popular and beautiful Chinese baby names for girls and boys with English meanings to contain in your bundle of joy and happiness.

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M/F Chinese Baby Names Chinese Baby Names With Meanings Origin
F Ah Cy lovely Chinese
F Ah Kum good as gold Chinese
F Ah Lam peace Chinese
F Ai loving Chinese
M Aiguo patriotic Chinese
M An peace Chinese
F An peaceful Chinese
M Angúo patriotic Chinese
M Bai white Chinese
F Bao treasure Chinese
M Bao treasure Chinese
F Baozhai precious hairpin Chinese
M Bingwen bright and cultivated Chinese
F Biyu jasper; semi-precious stone Chinese
F Bo precious Chinese
M Bo waves Chinese
M Bohai elder brother sea Chinese
M Bojing win admiration Chinese
M Bolin elder brother rain Chinese
M Boqin win respect Chinese
F Changchang flourishing Chinese
M Changming forever bright Chinese
M Changpu forever simple Chinese
F Changying flourishing and lustrous Chinese
M Chao surpassing Chinese
M Chaoxiang expecting fortune Chinese
M Cheng accomplished Chinese
M Chenglei become great Chinese
F Chenguang morning light Chinese
F China fine porcelain Chinese
M Chongan second brother peace Chinese
M Chongkun second brother mountain Chinese
M Chonglin second brother unicorn Chinese
F Chu Hua chrysanthemum Chinese
M Chuanli transmitting propriety Chinese
F Chunhua spring flower Chinese
F Chuntao spring peach Chinese
F Cuifen emerald fragrance Chinese
M Da attainment Chinese
M Dai draw back; pull Chinese
F Daiyu black jade Chinese
F Dandan cinnabar (red) Chinese
M Delun virtuous order Chinese
M Délì virtuous Chinese
M Deming virtue bright Chinese
M Déshì a man of virtue Chinese
M Déwei highly virtuous Chinese
M Dingbang protect the country Chinese
M Dingxiang stability and fortune Chinese
M Dong east; winter Chinese
M Donghai eastern sea Chinese
F Dongmei winter plum Chinese
M Duyi wholeness Chinese
F Ehuang beautiful season; August Chinese
M Enlai favor coming Chinese
M Fa setting off Chinese
M Fai growth Chinese
F Fang fragrant Chinese
M Fang honest and upright Chinese
F Fenfang fragrant Chinese
M Feng sharp blade; wind Chinese
M Fengge phoenix pavilion Chinese
M Fu wealthy Chinese
M Fuhua fortune flourishing Chinese
M Gan dare; adventure Chinese
M Gang strength Chinese
M Geming revolution Chinese
M Gen root Chinese
M Genghis just; righteous Chinese
M Guang light Chinese
M Guangli making propriety bright Chinese
M Gui honored; noble Chinese
M Guiren valuing benevolence Chinese
M Guoliang may the country be kind Chinese
M Guotin polite yet firm; strong leader Chinese
M Guowei state preserving Chinese
M Guozhi the state is ordered Chinese
M Hai sea Chinese
M He Yellow river Chinese
M Heng eternal Chinese
M Ho for the good Chinese
F Hong red (wedding color) Chinese
M Hong wild swan Chinese
M Honghui great splendor Chinese
M Hongqi red flag Chinese
M Hop agreeable Chinese
M Howin loyal swallow Chinese
M Hu tiger Chinese
F Hua flower Chinese
F Hualing flourishing fu-ling (herb) Chinese
F Huan happiness Chinese
M Huan happiness Chinese
M Huang Fu rich future Chinese
M Hui splendor Chinese
F Huian kind peace Chinese
F Huidai eyebrow blackener Chinese
F Huifang kind and fragrant Chinese
F Huifen wise and fragrant Chinese
F Huilang wise jade tinkling Chinese
F Huiliang kind and good Chinese
F Huiqing kind and affectionate Chinese
F Huizhong wise and loyal Chinese
M Hulin Marrim city clan Chinese
M Hung flood Chinese
M Huojin fire metal Chinese
M Jaw-Long like a dragon Chinese
F Jia beautiful Chinese
M Jian healthy Chinese
M Jiang Yangtze river Chinese
M Jianguo building the country Chinese
M Jianjun building the army Chinese
M Jianyu building the universe Chinese
F Jiao dainty; lovely Chinese
F Jiayi household fitting Chinese
F Jiaying household flourishing Chinese
F Jie cleanliness Chinese
M Jin gold Chinese
F Jing luxuriance Chinese
M Jing stillness Chinese
M Jingguo administering the state Chinese
F Jinghua situation splendid Chinese
M Jinhai golden sea Chinese
M Jinjing gold mirror Chinese
F Juan graciousness Chinese
F Jun truthful Chinese
M Junjie handsome and outstanding Chinese
M Kang well-being Chinese
M Kong glorious; sky Chinese
M Kueng universe Chinese
F Lan orchid Chinese
F Lanying indigo’s luster Chinese
F Lee plum Chinese
F Li upright Chinese
M strength Chinese
M Liang bright Chinese
F Lien lotus Chinese
F Lihua beautiful and flourishing Chinese
F Lijuan beautiful and graceful Chinese
F Liling beautiful jade tinkle Chinese
F Lin beautiful jade Chinese
M Ling understanding Chinese
F Linh beautiful jade Chinese
F Liqiu beautiful autumn Chinese
F Liu unisex flowing Chinese
M Liwei profit and greatness Chinese
M Lok happiness Chinese
M Longwei dragon greatness Chinese
F Luli dewy jasmine Chinese
F Mani mantra for understanding Chinese
F Mei plum Chinese
F Meifeng beautiful wind Chinese
F Meihui beautiful wisdom Chinese
F Meilin plum jade Chinese
F Meirong beautiful countenance Chinese
F Meixiu beautiful grace Chinese
F Meiying beautiful flower Chinese
M Ming-húa brilliant; elite Chinese
M Mingli bright propriety Chinese
F Mingxia bright glowing dawn clouds Chinese
F Mingyu bright jade Chinese
M Minsheng voice of the people Chinese
M Minzhe sensitive and wise Chinese
F Ning tranquility Chinese
F Ninghong tranquil red Chinese
F Nuo graceful Chinese
F Nuwa mother goddess Chinese
M On peace Chinese
M Park the cypress tree Chinese
F Peizhi admiring iris Chinese
M Peng roc (the bird of legend) Chinese
M Ping stable Chinese
F Ping duckweed; peaceful Chinese
M Qi enlightenment Chinese
M Qianfan thousand sails Chinese
M Qiang strong Chinese
F Qiao skilful Chinese
F Qiaolian always skilful Chinese
F Qing dark blue Chinese
F Qingling celebration of understanding Chinese
M Qingshan celebrating goodness Chinese
F Qingzhao understanding Chinese
M Qiqiang enlightenment Chinese
F Qiu autumn Chinese
M Qiu autumn Chinese
M Quan spring (of water) Chinese
M Quon bright Chinese
F Renxiang benevolent fragrance Chinese
F Rong martial Chinese
F Rou gentle; mild Chinese
M Ru scholar Chinese
F Ruolan like an orchid Chinese
F Ruomei like a plum Chinese
M Renshu benevolent forbearance Chinese
M Shaiming life; sunshine Chinese
M Shan mountain Chinese
M Shanyuan mountain source Chinese
M Shen cautious; deep Chinese
M Shi horizontal bar on a carriage Chinese
M Shìlín intellectual Chinese
M Shing victory Chinese
M Shirong scholarly honor Chinese
M Shoi-Ming life of sunshine Chinese
F Shu fair Chinese
F Shuang frank; open-hearted Chinese
F Shun smooth Chinese
M Shunyuan follow to the source Chinese
M Siyu thinking of the world Chinese
F Song pine tree Chinese
M Sueh-Yén continuity; harmonious Chinese
F Suyin unadorned sound Chinese
M Sying star Chinese
M Taiwan island dweller Chinese
F Tao peach Chinese
M Tengfei soaring high Chinese
F Ting graceful Chinese
M Tingzhe may the court be wise Chinese
F Tu jade Chinese
M Tung all; universal Chinese
F Ushi ox; a sign in the zodiac Chinese
M Wang hope; wish Chinese
F Weici preserving love Chinese
M Weimin greatness to the people Chinese
M Weisheng greatness is born Chinese
M Weiyuan preserving depth Chinese
F Wen refinement Chinese
M Wencheng refinement accomplished Chinese
F Wenqian refined madder (the herb) Chinese
M Wenyan refined and virtuous Chinese
M Wing glory Chinese
M Wuzhou five continents Chinese
F Xiang fragrant Chinese
M Xiang circling in the air (like a bird) Chinese
M Xiaobo little wrestler Chinese
F Xiaodan little dawn Chinese
F Xiaofan little ordinary Chinese
F Xiaohui little wisdom Chinese
M Xiaojian little healthy Chinese
F Xiaojing morning luxuriance Chinese
F Xiaolian little lotus Chinese
F Xiaoling morning tinkle Chinese
F Xiaosheng little birth Chinese
M Xiaosheng little birth Chinese
F Xiaotong morning redness Chinese
F Xiaowen morning cloud coloring Chinese
F Xiaozhi little iris Chinese
M Xiasheng little newborn Chinese
M Xin new Chinese
M Xing arising Chinese
F Xiu grace Chinese
M Xiu cultivated Chinese
F Xiulan graceful orchid Chinese
F Xiurong elegant countenance Chinese
F Xue snow Chinese
M Xue studious Chinese
M Xueqin snow-white celery Chinese
M Xueyou studious and friendly Chinese
F Yan pretty swallow (bird) Chinese
M Yang model; pattern Chinese
F Yanlin swallow forest Chinese
M Yanlin Beijing forest Chinese
F Yanyu Beijing jade Chinese
M Yaochuan honoring the river Chinese
M Yaozu honoring the ancestors Chinese
M Ye bright Chinese
F Yenay she who loves Chinese
M Yi firm and resolute Chinese
F Ying clever; eagle Chinese
M Yingjie brave and heroic Chinese
F Yingtai flower terrace Chinese
M Yong brave Chinese
M Yongnian eternal years Chinese
M Yongrui forever lucky Chinese
M You friend Chinese
F Yu jade; rain Chinese
F Yuan shining peace Chinese
M Yuanjun master of the Yuan river Chinese
F Yue moon Chinese
F Yuming jade brightness Chinese
F Yunru charming seeming Chinese
M Yunxu cloudy emptiness Chinese
M Yusheng jade birth Chinese
M Zedong east of the marsh Chinese
M Zengguang increasing brightness Chinese
M Zenguang increasing brightness Chinese
F Zhaohui clear wisdom Chinese
F Zhen chaste Chinese
M Zhengsheng may the government rise Chinese
M Zhensheng may the government rise Chinese
F Zhenzhen precious Chinese
F Zhilan iris orchid Chinese
M Zhiqiang will is strong Chinese
M Zhìyuan ambition Chinese
M Zhong loyal; steadfast Chinese
F Zhu bamboo Chinese
F Zi beautiful Chinese
M Zian self peace Chinese
M Zihao son heroic Chinese
M Zixin self confidence Chinese
M Zongmeng Mencius as a model Chinese
F Zongying flowers as a model Chinese