Chinese Girl Names & Meanings 2019

Modern Chinese Girl Names With Meanings in 2019

Chinese girl names And Meaning, Naming a baby girl in Chinese is itself an art due to combination of Chinese girl names with characters. Modern Chinese girl names so for 2019 are below listed one of your favorite baby female name with two names as in China newborn baby girl is given two names by parents to present her virtue, heritage and pride.

Let’s have some unique Chinese girl names, Generally in Chinese cultures baby girl is named with two beautiful names as Li Ming, Fei Hong, Mei Hua, Nian Zhen, Qing Shan, Hui Yin, Li Hua, Mei Xing, Wang Shu, Yu Yan and more you can find here. Names are fascinating aspect out of  many others like Ancient civilization, modern cities, beautiful places, unique movies and wonderful tours. We at Getnames have almost 165 unique Chinese girl names with meaning.

Chinese kids’s names are mostly contained with two parts, First is surname that taken on behalf of grace, beauty and happiness when you pronounce Chinese names and second part of names is based on family roots with pleasing sound and separate meanings. Chinese baby girls starting with mei and phonetic alphabets of English so Choose your cute one.


  • Ai (love, affection)
  • An (peaceful)
  • Ah Lam (Like an orchid)


  • Bao (treasure)
  • Baozhai (precious hairpin)
  • Bo (precious)


  • Chen (dawn)
  • Changchang (Flourishing)
  • Caihong (a rainbow in the sky)
  • Chenguang (morning light)
  • Changying (flourishing, lustrous)
  • Chunhua (spring flower)
  • Chun (Spring)
  • Chenguang (morning light)
  • Chu Hua (Chrysanthemum)


  • Daiyu (black jade)
  • Da-xia (a long summer)
  • Dandan (Cinnabar)
  • Dongmei (winter plum)


  • Ehuang (Beauty-august)


  • Fan (dangerous, lethal)
  • Fang (Fragrant)
  • Fenfang (The fragrance of flowers)
  • Fangsu (Fragrant flower)
  • Fen (fragrant)
  • Feng Mian (A view of the sky through the trees)
  • Fei Hong (a swan goose soaring high in the sky)


  • He (lotus)
  • Hong (Red)
  • Huian (Obliging and quiet)
  • Hua (flower)
  • Hui Yin (excellent fame)
  • Huan (happiness)
  • Huifang (kind, fragrant)
  • Huifen (wise, fragrant)


  • Jingfei (still fragrance)
  • Jiayi (Auspicious one)
  • Jing (Small bird Chinese)
  • Jinghua (situation splendid)
  • Ju (chrysanthemum)
  • Jun (truthful, obedient)


  • Lan (orchid)
  • Lanfen (orchid fragrance)
  • Lanying (indigo illustriousness)
  • Lee (plum)
  • Lei (thunder)
  • Li (upright)
  • LiHua (pear blossom)
  • LiMei (beautiful plum flower)
  • LiMing (one who is pretty and bright)
  • Lian (the graceful willow)
  • Lifen (beautiful fragrance)
  • Lihua (beautiful and flourishing)
  • Lin (beautiful jade)
  • Ling (compassion” and “understanding)
  • Liqin (beautiful zither)
  • Lixue (pretty and pure)
  • Luan (an upspring)


  • Mei (beautiful flower)
  • Mei Hua (Beautiful flower)
  • Meifeng (beautiful wind)
  • Mei Xing (Beautiful star)
  • Mo Chou (free of sadness)
  • Meihui (beautiful wisdom)
  • Meili (beautiful)
  • Mei Lien (Beautiful lotus)
  • Meirong (beautiful countenance)
  • Meixiang (plum fragrance)
  • Mei Zhen (Beautiful pearl)
  • Meixiu (beautiful grace)
  • Meiying (beautiful flower)
  • Ming (enlightened)
  • Mingmei (bright and beautiful girl)
  • Mingxia (bright glow through the clouds at dawn)
  • Mingyu (bright jade)
  • Mingzhu (bright pearl)


  • Ning (tranquility)
  • Ninghong (tranquil red)
  • Nian Zhen (a belief in truthfulness)
  • Nuwa (mother goddess)
  • Nuying (girl flower)


  • O-Huang (Beauty-august)


  • Pangfua (clouds in the shape of flower)
  • Peijing (admiring luxuriance)
  • Peizhi (admiring iris)


  • Qi (fine jade)
  • Qing Shan (a beautiful scene of blue-coloured mountains)
  • Qiang (rose)
  • Qiao (skillful)
  • Qing (dark blue)
  • Qingyuan (a clear spring or deep water)
  • Qingling (celebration of understanding)
  • Qingzhao (clear understanding)
  • Qinyang (sunshine of my heart)
  • Qiuyue (autumn moon)


  • Renxiang (benevolent fragrance)
  • Rou (gentle and mild)
  • Rong (Honor, glory)
  • Ruiling (auspicious jade tinkling)
  • Ruolan (like an orchid)


  • Song (Pine tree)
  • Shan (elegant bearing)
  • Shu (fair)
  • Shuang (frank” and “open-hearted)
  • Shuchun (fair purity)
  • Shui (one who is like a water)
  • Suyin (plain, unadorned sound)
  • Suyin (Simple sounding)


  • Ting (graceful)
  • Tung Mei (winter plums)


  • Wenling (Mild jade tinkling)
  • Weici (preserving love)
  • Wang Shu (god name who drives the carriage for the moon)


  • Xia (rosy clouds)
  • Xiang (fragrant)
  • Xiaodan (little dawn)
  • Xiaoli (morning jasmine)
  • Xiaolian (little lotus)
  • Xiaozhi (little iris)
  • Xifeng (western phoenix)
  • Xingjuan (arising grace)
  • Xiu (grace)
  • Xiulan (graceful orchid)
  • Xiuying (graceful flower)
  • Xue (snow)
  • Xueman (snowy grace)


  • Ya (smart)
  • Yenay (she who loves)
  • Ying (clever)
  • Yingtai (flower terrace)
  • Yu (jade” or “rain)
  • Yu Yan (who have beautiful smiles)
  • Yuan (shining peace)
  • Yuming (jade brightness)
  • Ying Yue (reflection of the moon)
  • Yun (cloud)


  • Zhen (innocent)
  • Zhaohui (clear wisdom)
  • Zhi Ruo (angelica pollia)
  • Zhenzhen (precious)
  • Zhilan (iris orchid)
  • Zhu (bamboo)