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Female Sahaba Names » Names Of Female Sahabiyat With Meaning In Urdu, English

Female Sahaba Names: Sahabi means a male or female person who saw the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ, in his\her life, believed in the Prophet as the last messenger, Followed his(Prophet Muhammad) sayings and acting (Sunnah) and died as a Muslim. (the definition of Sahabi is quoted from Arabic dictionary)

We all team of Getnames are thankful to Allah to help us in accomplishing a list of all female Sahabiyyah names with meanings for baby Islamic girls. Let’s see Names of Sahabiyat in Quran with Urdu, Hindi, English meanings. Most of female companions names are derived from native Arabic, Quran Majeed, Abrani or Persian languages.

List Of Sahabiyat Names: Female Sahaba names list is available online to keep the beautiful babies names of Islamic girls with regal meanings and Arabic origin. Scroll up to down to find favorite names of Allah and most popular female Sahabiyat names for your final decision. All Sahabiyyah names included prophet’s daughters names can make your search easy regarding Arabic Islamic names for Muslim female child.

6. Ajmaa

Female Sahabiyyah name Ajmaa عجماء also spelled and pronounced as: Ajma, Ajmaa

Meaning of Ajmaa: One who has a foreign accent is not fluent in Arabic, A non-Arab, One of the daytime prayers, since they are performed silently

There is 1 companion named Ajmaa:

al-Ajmaa’ al-Ansariyyah العجماء الأنصارية

7. Aknaa

Female Sahabiyyah name Aknaa عكناء also spelled and pronounced as: Aknaa, Akna

Meaning of Aknaa: A woman who has a bulging belly

There is 1 companion named Aknaa:

Aknaa’ bint Abi Sufrah عكناء بنت أبي صفرة

8. Amah

Female Sahabiyyah name Amah أمة also spelled and pronounced as: Amat, Amah

Meaning of Amah: Servant, Slave

There are 4 companions named Amah:

Amah bint Abi al-Hakam al-Ghifariyyah أمة بنت أبي الحكم الغفارية
Amah bint Khalid bin Sa`eed أمة بنت خالد بن سعيد
Amah bint Khaleefah أمة بن خليفة
Amah daughter of al-Farsiyyah أمة ابنة الفارسية

9. Amatullah

Female Sahabiyyah name Amatullah أمة الله also spelled and pronounced as: Amat Allah, Amatullah

Meaning of Amatullah: Servant of God

There are 2 companions named Amatullah:

Amatullah al-Thaqafiyyah أمة الله الثقفية
Amatullah bint Razeenah أمة الله بنت رزينة

10. Amrah

Female Sahabiyyah name Amrah عَمرة also spelled and pronounced as: Amra, Amrah

Meaning of Amrah: Any headdress such as a turban or hat, A spacer bead placed between beads of pearl on a necklace

There are 20 companions named Amrah:

Amrah bint Abi Ayyub عمرة بنت أبي أيوب
Amrah bint al-Jawn عمرة بنت الجون
Amrah bint al-Harith عمرة بنت الحارث
Amrah bint Hazm عمرة بنت حزم
Amrah bint al-Rabee`عمرة بنت الربيع
Amrah bint Rawaahah عمرة بنت رواحة
Amrah bint Sa`d عمرة بنت سعد
Amrah bint al-Sa`di عمرة بنت السعدي
Amrah bint Uwaim عمرة بنت عويم
Amrah bint Qais عمرة بنت قيس
Amrah bint Murshidah عمرة بنت مرشدة
Amrah bint Mas`ud al-Dhafariyyah عمرة بنت سمعود الظفرية
Amrah bint Mas`ud bin al-Harith عمرة بنت مسعود بن الحارث
Amrah bint Mas`ud bin Qais عمرة بنت مسعود بن قيس
Amrah bint Mu`awiyah عمرة بنت معاوية
Amrah bint Hazzal عمرة بنت هزّال
Amrah bint Yazeed al-Kalabiyyah عمرة بنت يزيد الكلابية
Amrah bint Yazeed bin al-Sakan عمرة بنت يزيد بن السكن
Amrah bint Yasaar عمرة بنت يسار
Amrah bint Ya`aar عمرة بنت يعار

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