Fresh Baby Names With A

Fresh Baby Names With A

  • Ahia

    God is my brother.
  • Ahiah

    God is my brother.
  • Ahiam

    Mother’s brother; brother of a nation.
  • Ahian

    Brother of wine.
  • Ahiezer

    Brother of assistance.
  • Ahiga

    He fights.
  • Ahihud

    Brother of vanity; or of darkness; or of joy; or of praise; witty brother.
  • Ahijah

    Brother of the Lord.
  • Ahikam

    A brother who raises up or avenges+D140.
  • Ahilud

    A brother born; or begotten.
  • Ahimaaz

    A brother of the council.
  • Ahiman

    Brother of the right hand.
  • Ahimelech

    The king is my brother.
  • Ahimeleka

    Biblical priest.
  • Ahimoth

    Brother of death.
  • Ahinadab

    A willing brother; brother of a vow.
  • Ahinoam

    Beauty of the brother; brother of motion.
  • Ahio

    His brother; his brethren.
  • Ahira

    Brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd.
  • Ahiram

    Brother of craft or of protection.

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