Fresh Baby Names With A

Fresh Baby Names With A

  • Algy

    With whiskers, bearded. In Norman times, when most men were clean-shaven, this nickname was given…
  • Alhan

  • Alhena

    A ring. A star in the constellation Gemini.
  • Alhertina

  • Alhertine

  • Alhhard

  • Alhmanic

  • Alhraed

    Divine counselor.
  • Alhric

    Sacred ruler.
  • Alhrick

    Sacred ruler.
  • Alhrik

    Sacred ruler.
  • Alhsom

    Sacred fame.
  • Alhwin

    Noble friend.
  • Ali

    Excellent. Noble. Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
  • Ali

    Lion of God; Greatest. A- the Supreme Being in the Muslim faith.
  • Ali Ridhaa

    Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
  • Alia

    High. Exalted. Lofty. Sublimity.
  • Alian

  • Alice

  • Alicea

    Noble humor.

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