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120 Top And Modern Hindu Baby Names A To Z » Unique Hindu Girls, Boys Names With Hindi Meanings

Modern Hindu Baby Boys, Girls Names Meanings: India is a rich land of ancient cultures and traditions, numerous religions and languages finally a beautiful place of  1.2 billion peoples with modern living styles. Every one needs a name for unique info to survive among others. Getnames is a new door of baby names to support guardian in finding the best and up to date kids names online. Indeed, modern Hindu baby names listing are at our top & first priority Yeah.

120 Top & Unique Hindu Names For Girls And Boys: Are you wishing and looking for an huge bundle of adorable Hindu names that are most poplar and unique in fertile land of India? No worried, We at Getnames has compiled a new list of rare Hindu names for females and males children as well. Have a nice day for searching Hindu boys, girls names. This list of Hindu baby names is starting from A to Z with Hindi meanings. Pick up your favorite Hindu child name.

Gender Names Meanings Origin
Boy Aadi Important Hindu
Boy Aakaar Shape Hindu
Boy Aakash Sky Hindu
Boy Aarush First ray of Sun Hindu
Boy Aashman Son of the sun Hindu
Girl Aashna Beloved ; Cherished Hindu
Boy Abhik Beloved Hindu
Boy Abhishek Shower Of Milk / Water Over An Idol Hindu
Boy Adheesh King, god Hindu
Girl Adhika More, Extra Hindu
Girl Adrika Celestial Hindu
Boy Ajay Unconquerable, Invincible Hindu
Boy Akaash Sky Hindu
Boy Akshay Indestructible, Immortal Hindu
Boy Amitaabh One with boundless splendour Hindu
Boy Amresh Lord shiva Hindu
Boy Anilkumar Son Of Wind ( Hanuman ) Hindu
Girl Anishka One Who Has Only Friends And No Enemies. Hindu
Girl Ankita One With Auspicious Marks, Empress Hindu
Girl Anshika Minute Particle Hindu
Girl Anushka Lightning Hindu
Boy Arjun Peacock Hindu
Boy Ashok One Without Sorrow Hindu
Girl Asmita Pride Hindu
Girl Avnita The Earth Hindu
Boy Balveer Powerful ( Balbeer ) Hindu
Boy Bharat India, Universal Monarch Hindu
Girl Bhoomika The Earth Hindu
Girl Chanda Moon Hindu
Boy Daljeet The conqueror of forces Hindu
Boy Deepak Lamp, Kindle Hindu
Girl Deepika Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Hindu
Girl Devika Mother Of Lord Krishna Hindu
Girl Disha Direction Hindu
Girl Ditya One of the name of Goddess Durga Hindu
Girl Divya Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary Hindu
Girl Elina Pure, Intelligent Greek Hindu
Girl Farha Happiness Hindu
Boy Gopal Lord Krishna, Cow Herd Hindu
Boy Gulshan Garden Of Flowers Hindu
Boy Haresh Lord Shiva Hindu
Boy Harish Lord Shiva, King Of Monkeys ( Sugreev ) Hindu
Girl Hena Flower Hindu
Girl Isha One Who Protects Hindu
Girl Ishita Mastery, Wealth Hindu
Boy Jay Victory Hindu
Girl Joshita Pleased Hindu
Girl Kajal, Kajol Eye-Liner, Kohl Hindu
Girl Kamana Desire Hindu
Girl Kamini A Beautiful Women Hindu
Boy Kapil White, Innoccent, Lord Shiva Hindu
Girl Kareena Flower Hindu
Girl Maanika Agemstone – Ruby Hindu
Boy Mahesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Boy Mandeep Lamp Of Mind Hindu
Boy Maneet One Who Wins Heart Hindu
Girl Manisha Goddess Of Mind Hindu
Boy Manjeet Winner Of Mind Hindu
Girl Meena A Precious Stone Hindu
Boy Mohin Attractive Hindu
Girl Mohisha Intellect Hindu
Boy Mohit Enchanted By Beauty Hindu
Boy Mukesh Lord Of The Dumb, A Cloth Made Of Golden And Silver Threads Hindu
Boy Naakesh Moon Hindu
Girl Naina Eyes Hindu
Boy Navneet Fresh Butter, Lord Krishna Hindu
Girl Neeru Light Hindu
Girl Neha Yearning Hindu
Girl Nehal Rainy Hindu
Girl Neysa Pure Hindu
Boy Nihal Happy, Contented Hindu
Girl Nisha Night, Vision Hindu
Girl Omisha Goddess Of Birth And Death Hindu
Boy Parag Pollen Grains, Sandal Wood Hindu
Boy Paramjeet Highest Success Hindu
Girl Pooja, Puja Worship Hindu
Girl Priti Satisfaction Hindu
Girl Radhika Prosperous Hindu
Boy Raghav Born In Raghu Clan ( Rama) Hindu
Boy Rahul Son Of Gautam Buddha Hindu
Boy Rajesh God Of Kings, Emperor Hindu
Boy Rakesh Lord Of The Night ( Moon ) Hindu
Boy Ramesh God Of Rama (I.E. Lord Vishnu) Hindu
Boy Ranbir The brave warrior Hindu
Boy Ranjit Victor Hindu
Boy Ranjiv Victorious Hindu
Girl Riya A Singer Hindu
Boy Rohan Climbing Or Ascending Something, Developing, Increasing Hindu
Boy Rohit Red, Sun, Red Flower Hindu
Boy Ruhan Spiritual Hindu
Girl Rupa Beautiful Hindu
Girl Rupali Beautiful Hindu
Boy Sachan Friendly Hindu
Girl Sadhika Achiever Hindu
Boy Sajal Moist Hindu
Boy Samant Universal Whole Hindu
Girl Samika Peaceful Hindu
Boy Sanal Vigorous Hindu
Boy Sandeep Lighted Lamp, To Lighten Up Hindu
Boy Sanjit Victorious ,Vital Hindu
Girl Sanoja Eternal Hindu
Girl Santosh Joy, Satisfaction, Happiness Hindu
Girl Sapna Dream Hindu
Girl Sara Princess Hindu
Girl Saroja Lotus Hindu
Girl Sasmita Smiling Hindu
Girl Seema Border, Boundary Hindu
Boy Shail Mountain Hindu
Girl Shanasa Praise, Wish Hindu
Boy Shankar Lord Shiva, Auspicious Hindu
Girl Shushma Beautiful Woman Hindu
Boy Sidak Wish Hindu
Boy Sonit Person With Good Intentions Hindu
Girl Suchita Beautiful Hindu
Girl Udita Sunrise Hindu
Boy Uttam Best Hindu
Boy Vairat Gem Hindu
Girl Vanya Gracious gift of god Hindu
Girl Zoya Loving and caring Hindu