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Islamic Boy Names Starting With H & English Meaning » Latest, Unique And Popular Baby Names In Arabic

Unique Arabic Names for Boys: Finding a list of beautiful and unique Arabic boy names that comes out from Arabic roots, is quite strenuous task that’s why group of Getnames always do this job with devotion for your bundles of joys.

Popular Islamic Boys Names: Muslim baby names connote deep Arabic rooted of gorgeous Islamic traditions, equality of all ranks. Are you expecting or just love comprehensive list of modern and popular Islamic baby names for boys that reflect their ethnicity with Islamic aspect. Let’s have a search for top 1000 Islamic names with meanings for cute boys.

Muslim Boys Names In Arabic: Islamic baby names are not only have an unique status in gulf regions that can be seen in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia where parents choose pure Arabic names that are originated from Arabic root as well their ancestor tribes. Ideally, popular Arabic names are appreciated and kept in many regions particularly Pakistan, India are on top list of Muslim baby naming. We at Getnames illuminate most famous Arabic boy names for your cute infant.

Islamic Boys Names:

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A Latest List Of Unique, Modern And Most Popular Islamic Boy Names Starting With H & English Meanings
NoBoys’NamesMeanings Of Muslim Boys Names From “H” Alphabet In Arabic
1HaadeeThe guide
4HaaziqIntelligent, Skillfull
5HabeebullahBeloved of Allah
7HabisA narrator of Hadith
8HadeeDirector, guide
11HafidThe wise one
12HafizProtector, guardian
13HafsLion, Young of Lion
18HajibDoorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering
19HajjajOrbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate
21HaleefAlly, confederate
23HallajCotton ginner
25HamdPraise, lauding
26HamdanThe one who lauds, extols
27HamdhySympathy, blessing
28HamdiOf praise, commendable
30HamiProtector, Patron, Supporter, defender
31HamidPraising, Allah, commendable
32HammadPraising (Allah)
33HammamA great man, a chief, a hero
34HamoodOne who praises Allah
37HanashA hadith was narrated by a man with the same name
38HaneefUpright, true
39HaniDelighted, content
40HanifTrue believer
43HarisVigilant guardian
44HarisahGuardian, protector
45HarithPloughman, cultivator
46HaroonA Prophet’s name
47HasanHandsome, good
48HaseebRespected, esteemed
49HaseenBeautiful, Smart
51HashidOne who rallies people, crowded, gathered
52HashimGenerous (Great grandfather of the Prophet)
53HashirOne who assembles
54HashmatDignity, Glory
55HasibThe reckoner
56HasnainCombination of Hassan and Hussain (see Hassan and Hussain for meanings)
57HassanReally beautiful or one who beautifies
58HatibA wood collector
60HawshabA son of Iama Muslim had this name
62HayderMeans “lion” in Arabic. This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima – daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
63HaythamYoung hawk
65HazimDiscreet, prudent
66HaziqIntelligent, skillful
67HesamA sharp sword
68HibahGrant, donation
72HimayatProtection, Support
75HoomanGood soul, good natured
78HubaabBubble of Water
79HudA Prophet’s name
80HujayyahThe father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called
81HujjatArgument, reasoning, proof
84HumamCourageous, generous
85HumaylA companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
86HumayunBlessed, sacred, royal, imperial
87HumdPraise of Allah
88HumzaThe name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets
89HurairahNarrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
90HuraythA small cultivator
91HurmatChastity, sacred
92HurrahLiberal, free
94HusniGood, handsome
95HussainHandsome, beautiful
96HusseinHandsome, Beautiful
97HuthayfaOld Arabic name
98HuzaifahCurtailed, shortened
99HuzayfahCurtailing, shortening, curtailed, short
100HuzaylBin Shurah bil had this name

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