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Unique Arabic Names for Boys: Finding a list of beautiful and unique Arabic boy names that comes out from Arabic roots, is quite strenuous task that’s why group of Getnames always do this job with devotion for your bundles of joys.

Popular Islamic Boys Names: Muslim baby names connote deep Arabic rooted of gorgeous Islamic traditions, equality of all ranks. Are you expecting or just love comprehensive list of modern and popular Islamic baby names for boys that reflect their ethnicity with Islamic aspect. Let’s have a search for top 1000 Islamic names with meanings for cute boys.

Muslim Boys Names In Arabic: Islamic baby names are not only have an unique status in gulf regions that can be seen in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia where parents choose pure Arabic names that are originated from Arabic root as well their ancestor tribes. Ideally, popular Arabic names are appreciated and kept in many regions particularly Pakistan, India are on top list of Muslim baby naming. We at Getnames illuminate most famous Arabic boy names for your cute infant.

Islamic Boys Names:

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A Latest List Of Unique, Modern And Most Popular Islamic Boy Names Starting With Y & English Meanings
No Boys’Names Meanings Of Muslim Boys Names From “Y” Alphabet In Arabic
1 Yafi A narrator of hadith
2 Yaghnam A narrator of hadith
3 Yahya A Prophet’s Name
4 Yaman Blessed
5 Yameen Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army)
6 Yaqeen Belief
7 Yaqoot Precious stone
8 Yaqub A Prophet’s Name
9 Yar Friend
10 Yaseen Sura in Quran
11 Yasin Sura in Quran
12 Yasir Wealthy
13 Yathrib Former name of the city of Madinnah
14 Yawar Helping
15 Yawer Helper
16 Yuhannis The name of a freed salve of Zubair
17 Yunus A Prophet’s Name
18 Yusr Ease, Convenience
19 Yusuf A Prophet’s Name

Muslim boys names starting from Y and their meanings, Are you looking for comprehensive list of unique Islamic boy names from quran? Muslim baby boy names from quran and hadith are most visited and appreciated Arabic names for male babies. Muslim boy names in Hindi, Quranic male names for boys that are derived from Arabic roots and origin, Muslim boy names in Urdu. Quranic boy names from Y letter in English, Pick your top favorite Bengali boy names.
Boys names in Islam and quran or 55 baby names from Quran, Scroll your modern Muslim boys names with meaning. We have Persian Muslim boy names and most popular Islamic boy names in Malayalam and Tamil at Islamic boy names starting with Yaa letter in Urdu and Arabic, Bengali baby boy names Islamic in Bangla. And Tamil boy names that start with Y English and Tamil meanings. Latest and Unique Islamic boy names in Malay for male.

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