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Islamic Girls Names A To Z: Do you want to gain & looking for a famous Muslim girl name for cute princes? Finding A beautiful Arabic name is keen desire of each parent for naming their baby princes. No need to be worried for it, We at Getnames have tried our best to make your dream fulfill while putting forward you a wide bundle of cute and famous Arabic names for Muslim female babies that are starting with O to Q in English meanings. Before picking a name, try to gaze this whole list of Islamic Arabic names for girls in order to make your final decision because it’s matter of baby’s life.

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1213 Obaidiyah عبیدیه Bondswoman of Allah
1214 Orwiya ارویه Female mountain goat.
1215 Ozra عذرا Virgin, Virgin Mary
1216 Ozza عزه A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn.
1217 Pakiza پاکیزه Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine.
1218 Pardaj پرداج Splendour.
1219 Pari پری Fairy, fairy-like beautiful.
1220 Parsa پارسا Chaste, devout, pious.
1221 Parvin پروین The Pleiades.
1222 Qabalah قباله Responsibility; Name of narrator of Hadith, daughter of Yazeed.
1223 Qabila قابله Able, wise.
1224 Qabool قبول Accepted. An early woman, daughter of Abdullah, freed slave of al-Mustanjid Billah.
1225 Qadira قادره Powerful, able.
1226 Qahira قاھره Overpowering, victorious.
1227 Qaifa قاﺋفه Estimater.
1228 Qailah قاﺋله One who speaks.
1229 Qaima قاﺋمه Bestower.
1230 Qamar قمر Moon.
1231 Qamar Jahan قمر جهاں The moon of the world
1232 Qamarun Nisa قمرالنساء Moon of the women.
1233 Qamayr قمیر Daughter of Amr al-Khufiyah, wife of Masrooq, she was a narrator of Hadith.
1234 Qameer قمیر Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
1235 Qamra قمراء Moonlight, moonlit, bright; fem. of Aqmar.
1236 Qanaat قناعت Patience.
1237 Qaniah قانعه Contented.
1238 Qantara قنطره Small bridge.
1239 Qaraah قرعه Cloudlet; A kind lady of the Hijaz had this name.
1240 Qareebah قریبه Near.
1241 Qaribah قاربه Name of a woman scholar, Umm al-Buhlul, of Banu Asad.
1242 Qarsafah قرصافه She was a narrator of Hadith known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah.
1243 Qaseema قسیمه Beautiful woman, a box in which perfumes are kept.
1244 Qasiba قاصبه</td One who plays at flute, flutist.
1245 Qasida قاصده Mesenger.
1246 Qasima قاسمه Distributor, divider; fem. of Qasim.
1247 Qasira قاسره Patient.
1248 Qasoomah قسومه This was the name of a poetess daughter of Ismail al-Yahudi.
1249 Qaylah قیله Two women companions had this name.
1250 Qaymayriyah قمیریه This was the name of an early student of Hadith, wife of Masrooq.
1251 Qaysar قیصر A name of women.
1252 Qindeel قند یل Light.
1253 Qisaf قصاف Birttle, a student of Hadith, daughter of Abdullah bin Damirah.
1254 Qismat قسمت Fate, destiny, area.
1255 Quddusiyah قدوسیه Sacred, Pious.
1256 Qudsia قدسیه Holiness, sacredness, glorious, sacred, celestial, a blessed girl, a pious girl.
1257 Quraybah قریبه Utricle.
1258 Qurratulain قرتالعین Cooling or delight of the eye, joy, pleasure, darling, sweetheart.
1259 Qutaylah قتیله Daughter of Sayfi al-Ansari; she was a companion.
1260 Qutayyah قطیه A woman student of Hadith.

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