List Of Cute Baby Names A

List Of Cute Baby Names A

  • Aberfa

    From the mouth of the river.
  • Abergavenny

    King Henry the Eighth’ Lord Abergavenny.
  • Abertha

  • Aberthol

  • Aberto

  • Abesaloma

    Peaceful father.
  • Abez

    An egg, muddy.
  • Abez

    An egg, muddy.
  • Abhainn

  • Abhaya

    Has no fear.
  • Abhimanyu

    Person killed by Lakshmana.
  • Abhiraja

    Great king.
  • Abhirati

    Mother of five hundred children; A mother goddess.
  • Abhorson

    Measure for Measure’ An executioner.
  • Abhy

    Gives joy.
  • Abi

    My father.
  • Abi-albon

    Most intelligent father.
  • Abia

    God is my father.
  • Abia

  • Abiageal

    Brings joy.

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