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List OF Female Sahaba Names And Their Meanings »  Sahabiyat Names From B Alphabetically

Female Sahaba Names: Sahabi means a male or female person who saw the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ, in his\her life, believed in the Prophet as the last messenger, Followed his(Prophet Muhammad) sayings and acting (Sunnah) and died as a Muslim. (the definition of Sahabi is quoted from Arabic dictionary)

We all team of Getnames are thankful to Allah to help us in accomplishing a list of all female Sahabiyyah names with meanings for baby Islamic girls. Let’s see Names of Sahabiyat starting with “B” letter in Quran with Urdu, Hindi, English meanings. Most of female companions names are derived from native Arabic, Quran Majeed, Abrani or Persian languages.

List Of Sahabiyat Names: Female Sahaba names list is available online to keep the beautiful babies names of Islamic girls with regal meanings and Arabic origin. Scroll up to down to find favorite names of Allah and most popular female Sahabiyat names for your final decision. All Sahabiyyah names included prophet’s daughters names can make your search easy regarding Arabic Islamic names for Muslim female child.

21: Baree`ah

Female Sahabiyyah name Baree`ah بريعة also spelled and pronounced as: Bareeah, Bari`ah

Meaning of Baree`ah: A woman of extraordinary beauty or intelligence

There is 1 companion named Baree`ah:

Baree`ah bint Abi Harithah بريعة بنت أبي حارثة

22: Bareerah

Female Sahabiyyah name Bareerah بريرة also spelled and pronounced as: Barirah

Meaning of Bareerah:Faithful (one who doesn’t break a promise)Pious and devoted to God

There is 1 companion named Bareerah:

Bareerah slave of Aa’ishah bint Abu Bakr al-Siddiq بريرة مولاة عائشة بنت أبي بكر الصديق

23: Barrah

Female Sahabiyyah name Barrah بَرَّة also spelled and pronounced as: Barra

Meaning of Barrah: A kind and affectionate woman

There are 3 companions named Barrah:

Barrah bint Abi Tajratبرة بنت أبي تجراة
Barrah bint Abi Salamahبرة بنت أبي سلمة
Barrah bint Aamirبرة بنت عامر

24: Barsaa’

Sahabiyyah name Barsaa’ برصاء also spelled and pronounced as: Barsa

Meaning of Barsaa’:A female leperA type of snake

There is 1 companion named Barsaa’:

Barsaa’ grandmother of Abdul Rahman bin Abi Amrah برصاؤ جدة عبد الرحمن بن أبي عمرة

25: Barwa`

Female Sahabiyyah name Barwa` بَرْوَع also spelled and pronounced as: Burwa

Female Historic name with unknown meaning.

There is 1 companion named Barwa`:

Barwa` bint Waashiqبروع بنت واشق

26: Barzah

Female Sahabiyyah name Barzah بَرْزَة also spelled and pronounced as: Burzah

Meaning of Barzah:A wise, middle-aged, modest, respected and capable woman; a matriarch

There is 1 companion named Barzah:

Barzah bint Mas`ud برزة بنت مسعود

27: Bayzaa’

Female Sahabiyyah name Bayzaa’ بيضاء also spelled and pronounced as: Baydhaa’

Meaning of Bayzaa’:White and radiant

There is 1 companion named Bayzaa’:

al-Bayzaa’ Umm Suhail البيضاء أم سهيل

28: Budailah

Female Sahabiyyah name Budailah بُديلة also spelled and pronounced as: Bodalah

Meaning of Budailah: Substitute Recompense

There is 1 companion named Budailah:

Budailah bint Muslim بديلة بنت مسلم

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