Marathi Baby Names

125 Unique Marathi Boys And Girls Names That Are Considered Most Popular Baby Names In Maharashtra

Marathi Baby Boys, Girls Names Meanings: Maharashtra, A Western region state of India stands with 74 million native Marathi speakers currently. Mumbai, A largest city of India in west coast is its capital & whole area of beautiful state has typically unlike weather with rainy, hot and cold seasons. Marathi parents are eager in looking for the unique, profound and top classical baby names which are of-course deep connected to the cultures and traditions of ancestors.

125 Most Popular and Latest Marathi Names For Child: If you are willing the most popular, drastic Marathi boys, girls names for apple of your whole world then you have landed at wide bundles of distinctive Marathi baby names that are related to nature and earth. We at Getnames has listed 125 top ranking Marathi baby names for your little cute child.

Gender Names Meanings Origin
Boy Aakhya one who has high reputation and fame Marathi
Girl Aaruni grow light in the morning. It also means dawn. Marathi
Girl Abala Basic meaning is The Earth; Immovable. Marathi
Girl Akshayaa Immortal, Indestructible Marathi
Boy Alagumuthu Handsome Gem Marathi
Girl Bhagyashi Fortunate and lucky Marathi
Girl Bhandishtha A name of Goddess Lakshmi Marathi
Girl Bhavanika The abode of the universe Marathi
Girl Bhavanjali She who is full of emotions Marathi
Girl Bhaveeka One who is righteous and honest Marathi
Girl Bhavyani A part of grand Marathi
Girl Dharaa Earth Marathi
Girl Dharika Sun, morning sun Marathi
Girl Dharmi One who is religious Marathi
Girl Dharuna Supporting Marathi
Boy Dhaval The fair one, a fair child Marathi
Boy Ilesh Lord of the earth Marathi
Girl Kamda Kamda means One who can Fulfill All Wishes of Others Marathi
Girl Manadha Giving honor Marathi
Girl Manayi Wife of Manu Marathi
Girl Mandra Pleasant Marathi
Girl Manitha Honored Marathi
Girl Manjori The sacred basil Marathi
Girl Mannya Flower Marathi
Girl Manshvi She who is intelligent Marathi
Girl Manva Mind or mind identifier Marathi
Unisex Mirajkar A person belongs to the city of Miraj Marathi
Girl Mohi As fragrant as honey bunch, as sweet taste as sugar. Marathi
Girl Morya A Marathi slang that means go ahead Marathi
Girl Nakusha An unwanted female child Marathi
Boy Namniya A respectable person, full of respect Marathi
Unisex Nandedkar One who halls from Nanded city Marathi
Boy Narvel The time of mankind Marathi
Boy Navjat The fortress which is on the mountain of the ocean. Marathi
Boy Nidhra The one who resembles the Moon. Marathi
Boy Nishakant Ruler of the nation. Marathi
Boy Nivant One who is calm and cool Marathi
Boy Nrupal Ruler of the nation. Marathi
Boy Osho The shine of the earth, sparkle of the domain Marathi
Girl Pradha She who is extremely distinguished Marathi
Boy Prahas A person who has a lot of qualities. An upright individual Marathi
Boy Prahaval To have a magnificent form Marathi
Girl Prahi Wellness Marathi
Boy Prajnan A clever, brainy and wise individual Marathi
Boy Pramti One who is consciouss and aware Marathi
Boy Pramukh One with the qualities of a chief or leader Marathi
Boy Pranal A waterway, estuary, creek Marathi
Boy Praruj An extremly good-looking and likable person Marathi
Boy Prasan One who is a winner in life, a successful person Marathi
Boy Prasang To be devoted and be in an union with someone Marathi
Boy Prasat A erson who is bright and easily pleased Marathi
Boy Prashal A tranquil, calm and cool person Marathi
Girl Prashvi A mark of love Marathi
Boy Prasiddhi One of many accomplishemnts and a great fame Marathi
Boy Prateem A person who is similar, or is like someone else Marathi
Boy Prathinav An ever young and an ever new person Marathi
Boy Prathit A celebrated, famous person Marathi
Boy Prathmesh One who is the Lord of the best Marathi
Boy Prathu An all-present person Marathi
Boy Pratibal He who is equal in strength Marathi
Boy Pratibhanu One whose glory is compared to the Sun Marathi
Boy Pratibhavan One whose mind is intelligent Marathi
Boy Pratiman He who is like an image Marathi
Boy Pratinav One who is young and new Marathi
Boy Pratipan An understood person Marathi
Girl Pratulya An unique woman who can’t be compared to any other woman Marathi
Boy Pravasu One who is wealthy Marathi
Boy Pravek A distinguished one Marathi
Boy Praver A person who in charge of things Marathi
Girl Pravika She who is intelligent Marathi
Girl Praxi Intelligent Marathi
Boy Prayaag Three secred river’s confluence: Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati Marathi
Boy Predesh A place, province, state Marathi
Boy Premajit The winner of love Marathi
Boy Preman A love that is supreme and divine Marathi
Boy Prinan A gratifying person Marathi
Boy Prithujay One who is always a victor in life Marathi
Boy Prithutam The largest, the biggest and the greatest one Marathi
Boy Prithvij One who was born of the Earth Marathi
Boy Priyak A deeply loving person Marathi
Boy Pruthviraj One who is the King of all earth Marathi
Girl Pujya A person who is worthy of respect and worship Marathi
Boy Pujyakoti A name of the holly animal, the Holy Cow Marathi
Boy Punag One who is like the white flower of lotus Marathi
Boy Punan A person who has a bright and clear mind Marathi
Boy Punyajit Something that was gained bu virtue Marathi
Boy Puranjan He who emodies the essence of the life Marathi
Boy Purendu One who is like the full moon Marathi
Boy Puruvas The all-present being Marathi
Girl Pushpaja A woman born from the flower Marathi
Boy Pushpin One who owns a lot of flowers, who is rich in flowers Marathi
Boy Pushpit To bloom and to bear flowers Marathi
Boy Pushpraj One precious as the Topaz stone Marathi
Boy Puttal One of pure heart Marathi
Boy Pyarelal A name of Lord Krishna Marathi
Girl Rajeswri Queen Marathi
Girl Rajitha Beauty, winner Marathi
Girl Rajrajeshwari A name of Goddess Parvati Marathi
Girl Reneeka A woman who is like a song Marathi
Girl Reshika A woman who brings light into your life Marathi
Boy Rewat A prosperous and splendid individual Marathi
Boy Rujul One who has proven himself Marathi
Girl Shemunshi Name of an Indian white rose Marathi
Girl Shemushi Intellect, understanding Marathi
Girl Shivagami Follower of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shivankruti Creation of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shivanta A part of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shivanti Part of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shivanya A part of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shivaya A name of Lord Shiva Marathi
Girl Shubhita Graceful, shining Marathi
Girl Shukarata One with a beautiful character Marathi
Girl Shuki One who is bright and quick witted Marathi
Girl Shulka A name of Goddess Saraswati Marathi
Girl Shumi Light Marathi
Boy Sirak One who has a great intelect Marathi
Girl Vedakshi The one who knows knowledge Marathi
Girl Vedangi A part of Vedas Marathi
Girl Vedanti Wisdom or follower of the Vedas Marathi
Girl Vedashri Beauty of the Vedas Marathi
Girl Vedasya The one who knows Vedas Marathi
Girl Vedica One who has Knowledge of the Vedas Marathi
Girl Veditha A name of Goddess Lakshmi Marathi
Girl Vedvika The one who spread sacred knowledge Marathi