Modern Islamic Boys Names A

Modern Islamic Boys Names With Their Meanings 2019- Top Trendy Islamic Baby Names Starting With A

Name is only first identity of each Muslim baby boy after birth and then tribe, culture and origin definitely play their roles for coming steps. In daily routine, new inventions to make life easiness, Right! Why not new trendy and modern Islamic names for boys which are originated from Arabic roots with handsome meanings? Let’s have a sharp look for top modern Muslim boy names with their meanings at Getnames. Modern Muslim boy names starting from a 2019.

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Modern Muslim boy names starting with A alphabet, Get your most famous Arabic Islamic baby boy names in Urdu

  • Ahzan – احزن means: Sorrow

  • Aban – آبان means: Angle of Iron

  • Asnan – اثنان means: Second One

  • Aaez – عائز means: Humble

  • Aadil – عادل means: Upright

  • Aamir – عامر means: Civilized

  • Ajwad – اجود means: Better

  • Ammar – عمار means: Great builder

  • Almas – الماس means: Diamond

  • Akif – عاکف means: Reward

  • Popular Muslim Boy Names

  • Aqib – عاقب means: Follower

  • Aariz – عارض means: Respectable man

  • Aashir – عاشر means: Living

  • Aasim – عاصم means: Pious

  • Arzam – ارزم means:  Battle

  • Aashif – عاشف means: Bold

  • Atazaz – اعتزاز means: Beloved

  • Aniq- انیق means: Neat, Elegant

  • Abdul Azeez – عبدالعزیز means: Servant of the most powerful

  • Unique Islamic Boy Names

  • Aayan – آیان means: God’s gift

  • Azeem – عظیم means: Determined

  • Abdul Basir – عبدالبصیر means: Servant of all-seeing

  • Abdul Hannan – عبدالحنان means: Servant of Merciful

  • Abdul Hadi – عبدالحادی means: Servant of Guider

  • Abdul Munim – عبدالمنعم means: Slave of the Generous

  • Abdul Muqeet – عبدالمقیت means: Slave of the Sustainer

  • Abdul Nafi – عبدالنافع means: Slave of the Propitious

  • Abdul Rahman – عبدالرحمان means: Servant of the merciful one

  • Abdul Wadood – عبدالودود means: Servant of the Loving

  • Top Arabic Boy Names

  • Abyan – ابیان means: Elequent, Clear

  • Afaaq – آفاق means: The place where Earth & Sky meet

  • Ahsan – احسن means: The best of all

  • Abrar – ابرار means: Peity

  • Affan – افنان means: Forgiving person

  • Afraz – افراز means: Standing tall like a mountain

  • Ahmed – احمد means: Most highly adored

  • Ajmal – اجمل means: Beautiful

  • Amir – عامر means: Prosperous

  • Anees – انیس means: Intimate, friendly

  • Aqeel – عقیل means: Wise, Intelligent

  • Arbaaz – ارباز means: Eagle

  • Boys Names From Quran

  • Arsalan -ارسلان  means: Lion

  • Ayaaz – ایاز means: Slave

  • Abdullah – عبداللہ means: Servant of God

  • Abu Bakar ابوبکر means: First Khaleefa of Islam

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