Modern Turkish Boys Names A

Modern Turkish boy Names Starting With A – A List Of Modern Turkish Baby Boys Names With Meanings

Top Turkish baby names for boys -A special blog for Muslim baby names in Turkey, may create an interest to select most popular and modern Turkish boys names starting with a alphabetically and English sound names with meanings. Let’s check list of 30 unique Turkish baby boys names that sound you in English to pronounce a Turkish kid name correctly. We at Getnames can help you to find international Turkish boy names and greet you to remain blessed by God forever. A list of modern names for Turkish English babies and Turkish German boys for best naming.

61. Arı


62. Arıca

Neatly or clean (tool) like a bee

63. Arıcan

A clean person

64. Arıkan

Pure blood, fresh blood, noble blood

65. Arif

Very knowledgeable savvy, insightful, understanding, well-known, famous

66. Arkoç

Clean and strong

67. Arkun

Slow, the remainings, the rest

68. Arkut

Clean and happy

69. Armagan, Armağan


70. Armaghan


71. Arpınar

Clean as water

72. Artan

Surplus and/or superiority

73. Artun

Self-confident, self-respecting, (someone) who has a becoming sense of pride, solemn(serious-minded)

75. Asil


76. Aslan, Arslan


77. Atakan


78. Avni

One who helps, assistance

79. Ayçetin

Beautiful and challenging

80. Aydın

Illuminated, light, bright, knowledgeable person

81. Aydin

Intelligient, erudite

82. Ayetullah

Allah’s (God) verses

83. Aykut

Blessed happy month of Mubarak

84. Aytolun

A Full moon

85. Aytun

Moon and night, moonly nights

86. Aytuna

Beautiful like the moon and splendid (magnificent) as the Danube River

87. Aytunca

Beautiful like the moon and magnificent like bronze

88. Aytunç

As beautiful as the moon and sturdy or strong like the bronze metal

89. Ayyıldız

Moon and star, the flag of Turkey, crescent

90. Azrak

Very rare, hardly found, valuable