Muslim Boy Names Starting With H

Muslim Boy Names Starting With H And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From H: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “h” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “h”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from h alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Haabeel

Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam.

2. Haadi

A director, a leader, a guide.

3. Haady

Guiding to the right

4. Haafiz

Title of a man who has memorized the whole Quran

5. Haajib

Doorkeeper, chamberlain, eyebrow.

6. Haalim

Grown up.

7. Haami

A protector, a patron, helper, supporter, defender.

8. Haamid

Praising (God), Loving (God)

9. Haani

Happy, Delighted, Content

10. Haarisah

Guard, protector.

11. Haarith

Plowman, Old Arabic name

12. Haaroon

Name of the prophet.

13. Haashim

A crusher, breaker.

14. Haatib

Name of the Sahabi ( who participated in the Badr ) of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of Egypt.

15. Haatim


16. Haazim

Precautious, Name of a Sahabi.

17. Haaziq

Intelligent, Skillfull

18. Habab

Aim, goal, end.

19. Habash

Guinea hen, Guinea fowl

20. Habbab

Affable, lovable

21. Habeeb


22. Habeel

Name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS

23. Habib


24. Habibullah

Friend of Allah, dear to All

25. Habil

The Biblical Abel Is The English Language Equivalent.

26. Habis

A narrator of Hadith

27. Hada

Myrtle Tree

28. Hadad

Syrian god of fertility

29. Hadaf

Aim, Goal, Target

30. Hadaya


31. Hadbar


32. Haddad


33. Haddaq


34. Hadee

Director, guide

35. Hadi

Guiding to the right (truth)

36. Hadid

57th Surah of the Quran, iron

37. Hadir

The sound of thunder

38. Hadis

Narration of Prophet Muhammad

39. Hadrami

There have been notable men

40. Hafeez

Guardian, protector.

41. Hafi


41. Hafid

The wise one

42. Hafiz

Protector, one who has memorized the Quran

43. Hafizullah

Remembrance of Allah

44. Hafs

Lion, Young of Lion

45. Hafsah

The wife of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him), and Ummulmoominin, mother of the believers, and the daughter of Hazrat Umar(RA).

46. Haidar

Lion, Title of Caliph Ali.

47. Haider


48. Haikal


49. Hairum


50. Haitham


51. Haji


52. Hajib

Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering

53. Hajjaj

Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate

54. Hajveri

Resident of Hujriwi

55. Hakam

Arbitrator, judge

56. Hakeem

Wise, sage, judicious, prudent.

57. Hakeem

Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities

58. Hakem

Ruler, governor

59. Hakim


60. Haleef

Ally, confederate

61. Haleem


62. Halif


63. Halim

Mild, gentle, patient

64. Hallaj

Cotton ginner

65. Halwani


66. Hamadullah

The Thanks of Allah swt

67. Hamal


68. Hamas


69. Hamd

Praise, lauding

70. Hamdan

The praised one

71. Hamdast

Friend, one who remains close.

72. Hamdhy

Sympathy, blessing

73. Hamdi

Of praise

74. Hameed


75. Hameedullah

Servant of the All-laudable.

76. Hameem


77. Hameesi

protector, Patron, Supporter, defender.

78. Hami

Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender

79. Hamid

The praised one

80. Hamid,hamed


81. Hamidullah

The appreciation of Allah swt

82. Hamim

Intimate, close friend

83. Hamiz

Brilliant,intelligent, discerning

84. Hammaad

A person who praises. commends or thanks Allah most.

85. Hammad

Praising (Allah)

86. Hammam

A great man, a chief, a hero

87. Hammud

Much praise (to Allah)

88. Hamood

One who praises Allah

89. Hamraz


90. Hamshad

Always victorious

91. Hamud

Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable.

92. Hamza


93. Hamzad

Comrade, companion.

94. Hamzah


95. Hana

Arabic form of John

96. Hanai

Of happiness

97. Hananan

Another name for God, generous

98. Hanash

A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name

99. Hanbal


100. Haneef

Upright, true

101. Hanfi

School follower.

102. Hani

Happy, delighted, joyful

103. Hanif

True believer

104. Hanifah


105. Hanifud din

True of religion (Islam).

106. Hanin

Yearning, desire.

107. Hannad

Old Arabic name

108. Hannan

Compassionate, merciful

109. Hanoon

Compassionate, merciful

110. Hanzalah

Name of a sahaba

111. Hanzhalah

(Hanzalah), The name of a tree, the name of a Sahabi who was one of the scribes of the Holy Prophet ( Peace he upon him).

112. Haqq

One of the 99 names of God

113. Haqqani

Correct, right, proper

114. Haqqi

A person who upholds the truth, just.

115. Haraam


116. Haraz

Make fun, comedy.

117. Harb


118. Hareef

Pungent, Acrid

119. Hareem


120. Harim

Dedicated to God

121. Harir

Silk, Silken Cloth. Ibn Al-Sarih was so named.

122. Haris

Guardian, protector

123. Harith

Ploughman, cultivator

124. Hariz

Strong, secure, guarded.

125. Harmalah

A Plant (African rue)

126. Haroon

A Prophets name

126. Haroun

Variant transcription of HARUN

127. Harun

Arabic form of AARON. Related: AARON

128. Harun al rashid

Celebrated Abbasid Caliph (786-809).

129. Hasan

Handsome, good

130. Hasanat

Good deeds, kind acts.

131. Haseeb

Respected, esteemed.

132. Haseen

Beautiful, Smart

133. Hashash

Mirthful, happy, tidy, pleased.

134. Hasher


135. Hashid

One who rallies people, crowded, gathered

136. Hashim

Broker, destroyer of evil

137. Hashimi


138. Hashir

One who assembles

139. Hashmat

Dignity, Glory

140. Hasib

The reckoner

141. Hasif

Judicious, wise, prudent

142. Hasim

Decisive, definite.

143. Hasin


144. Hask

Acme of Mountain.

145. Hasnain

The two Hasans, Hassan and Hussain

146. Hasrat

Desire, Longing

147. Hassaan


148. Hassam


149. Hassan

Good,Beautiful,grandson of prophet Mohammad (pbuh )

150. Hasshid

One who gathers the people together, the Name of the son of lmaam Bukhaari(RA), A great Muhaddith.

151. Hasshir

An assembler.

152. Hassib

The Reckoner A Name for Allah

153. Hatam

Helper, generous.

154. Hatem

Judge, justice, decider.

155. Hatib

A wood collector

156. Hatif

Praiser, a voice from heaven

157. Hatim


158. Haushab

Name of son of Imam Muslim (RA), a great Muhaddith.

159. Haussam

The sward

160. Hawshab

A son of Iama Muslim

161. Hayaat


162. Hayat


163. Haydar


164. Hayder

Means lion in Arabic This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima – daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

165. Haysam


166. Haytham

Young hawk

167. Hayy

Alive, living.

168. Hayyaan

Alive, Name of a Raavi, who narrates the Sayings of the ( prophet peace be upon him)

169. Hayyan


170. Hazar


171. Hazim


172. Hazir

Another name for God, present, ready

173. Hazrat

An honorific title

174. Hedayat


175. Heerad

Appearing Fresh And Healthy.

176. Hesam

A sharp sword

177. Hesham

Variant transcription of HISHAM

178. Hewad


179. Heydar


180. Hiba


181. Hibah

Grant, donation.

182. Hibatullah

Gift of Allah.

183. Hibbaan


185. Hibban

Having too much flesh, angry

186. Hidayat

Instruction, guidance

187. Hidayat-ul-haq

Guidance of the Truthah).

188. Hidayatullah

Guidance of Allah.

189. Hifzur rahman

Remembrance of the Beneficent

190. Hikmat


191. Hilal

Crescent, new moon.

192. Hilali


193. Hilel

The new moon

194. Hilmi

Gentle, calm

195. Himayat

Protection, Support

196. Himmat

Ambition, endeavour

197. Hisein

Variant transcription of HUSAYN

198. Hishaam


199. Hisham


200. Hood

Prophet name

201. Hooman

Good soul, good natured

202. Hosaam


203. Hosni

Variant transcription of HUSNI

204. Houd

A Prophets name

205. Houssam

Variant transcription of HUSAM

206. Hubaab

Bubble of Water

207. Huda

Right guidance

208. Hudad

Name of a pre Islamic Arabic king

209. Hudhafah

Old Arabic name

210. Hudhaifah

Old Arabic name

211. Hudhayfah

Old Arabic name

212. Hudorhoud

A Prophets name

213. Hujayyah

The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called

214. Hujjat

Argument, reasoning, proof

215. Humair


216. Humam

Brave, noble, courageous, generous

217. Humayd

Diminutive of Ahmad, praised.

218. Humayl

A companion of the Prophet (SAW)

219. Humayun

Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial

220. Humd

Praise of Allah

221. Humza

The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets

222. Hunaid


223. Hurairah

Abu Hurairah, Narrator of Hadith, a close companion of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

224. Hurayra

Kitten. This name is usually

225. Hurays

A small cultivator

226. Hurayth

A small cultivator

227. Hurmat

Chastity, sacred

228. Hurrah

Liberal, free

229. Husaam


230. Husaam udeen

The sword of the Faith

231. Husain

Beautiful, doer of good deads

232. Husam


233. Husam al din

Sword of the faith

234. Husamaldin

Sword of the faith

235. Husamuddawlah

Sword of the state.

236. Husamuddin

Sword of religion (Islam).

237. Husayn

In protection, security

238. Husayni

Of Husayn, nisba (relation)

239. Husnain

Handsome and elegant people

240. Husni

Good, handsome

241. Hussain

Handsome, beautiful

242. Hussayn


243. Hussein

Handsome, Beautiful

244. Huzaifa

Name of the sahabhi

245. Huzaifah

Name of the sahabhi

246. Huzayfah

Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short

247. Huzayl

Bin Shurah bil had this name

248. Hwas

Having narrow, contracted or squinting eye

249. Hyder

Variant transcription of HAIDAR

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