Muslim Boy Names Starting With Y

Muslim Boy Names Starting With Y And English Meanings So For Pakistani, Indian Boys Arabic Names

Muslim Boys Names From Y: Finding a beautiful Muslim boy name for boy is pretty great task for new parents who mostly wander online for modern and trendy Islamic baby boys names in Arabic. We at Getnames present you all an huge list of Muslim boy names starting with “y” and meanings in English to make your search easy at one place of famous children names.

List OF Islamic Boys Names: Don’t forget to let your relative know about most popular Islamic boy names in Arabic. As Arabic baby names for boys is first priority for every Muslim couple to have an eye. We at Getnames may lead you toward a newly updated list of Muslim baby names for boys in Arabic to pick your unique & cute Arabic kids name begins with “y”.

Arabic Baby Names Dictionary: Let’s have just one visit to note some uncommon Arabic names for boys with meaning according to Arabic dictionary of 12000 Arabic baby names. You will be pleased by looking numerous Islamic boys names with similar sound, pronunciation and meanings in Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali languages. Pick up your favorite Islamic baby names that are starting from y alphabet in English.

Muslim Boys Names:

Muslim Girls Names:

1. Yaafis


2. Yaameen

Blessed, auspicious.

3. Yaamin

Blessed, auspicious.

4. Yaaqoot

Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet.

5. Yaar

(Persian) Friend.

6. Yaarunnabi

Friend of the Prophet (Muhammad)

7. Yaaseen

Name of a surah in the Holy Quran, A title of The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).

8. Yaasir

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

9. Yaasmeen

A sweet-smelling flower called jasmin.

10. Yaasoob

Alis Title

11. Yaawar

(Persian) Aiding, friendly, An a panion, friend.

12. Yacoob

Prophet name

13. Yacoub


14. Yaeesh

Narrator of Hadith.

15. Yafi

A narrator of hadith

16. Yagana

Unique, unprecedented.

17. Yaghnam

A narrator of hadith

18. Yahiya

I like name yahiya, Islamic prophet

19. Yahuda


20. Yahya

A Prophets name (John)

21. Yahyaa

A Prophets name

22. Yahyah

Name of “John the Baptist.”

23. Yakta


24. Yakub

Variant transcription of YAQUB

25. Yala


26. Yalaa

Name of a Sahabi(RA).

27. Yalmaz

sahabi name

28. Yama

Old Lord.

29. Yamak

A king.

30. Yaman

Good tidings

31. Yameen

Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army)

32. Yamin

Right, right side, right hand.

33. Yamun


34. Yanaabi


35. Yaqana

Unique, unprecedented.

36. Yaqeen


37. Yaqin

Confidence, Belief, Trust

38. Yaqinuddin

Belief in the religion (Islam)

39. Yaqinulislam

Belief in Islam

40. Yaqiz


41. Yaqoob

A Prophet

42. Yaqoot

Precious stone

43. Yaqub

A Prophets name (Jacob)

44. Yaqzan

Vigilant, awake, on the alert.

45. Yar muhammad

Friend of the Prophet Muhammad.

46. Yasaar

Name of a Sahabi (RA).

47. Yasar

Prosperity, wealth, affluence, ease.

48. Yaseen

YASIN Huroof-e-Muqataat Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroof are the most precious words for a muslim

49. Yaseen

The two opening letters of Surah 36 in the Quran

50. Yaseer

Easy, Soft

51. Yasha

Long line, prosper.

52. Yasin

The opening letters of the first verse of surat Ya Sin (36:1). An epithet of the Prophet Mohammad.

53. Yasir


54. Yasoob

Title of Ali.

55. Yasra

Affluent, rich, prosperous.

56. Yasrib

Former name of the city of Madinah.

57. Yasser

Variant transcription of YASIR

58. Yathrib

Former name of the city of Madinnah

59. Yawar


60. Yawqeer


61. Yazan

Od Arabic name

62. Yazeed

God will increase, enhance

63. Yazid

God will increase, enhance

64. Yoon


65. Yoonus

A Prophets name (Jonah)

66. Yoonus

A Prophets name

67. Yoosuf

Name of a prophet of Allah. Equivalent is Joseph.

68. Youcef


69. Younas

Pillar/Support (of the faith – Islam)

70. Younes


71. Younus

Name of a prophet of Allah. Equivalent is Jonah.

72. Yousef

Variant transcription of YUSUF

73. Youssef

Variant transcription of YUSUF

74. Yousuf

Extremely handsome

75. Yuhannis

The name of a freed salve of Zubair

76. Yumn


77. Yunus

A Prophets Name

78. Yusha

Name of a holy man or prophet of Islam (Joshua)

79. Yushu

God Saves

80. Yushua

God saves

81. Yusr

Ease, Convenience

82. Yusri

Well to do, wealthy

83. Yusuf

A Prophets name (Joseph)

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