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Pakistani Boys names in Urdu meanings as well Pakistani baby girls names with Urdu writing names that start from I alphabetically. Now you can avail a to z Pakistani traditional Islamic names in Arabic and English meanings for boys and girls names at one spot that is called hub of Muslim kids names. Most popular Pakistani babies names with their meanings. Whether you wish to get meaning of local cute Punjabi names, Pashto names, Sindhi names or Balochi names for boys and girls that are kept in beautiful Pakistan. Stay with hope for best naming of your little moon.

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Most famous, unique PK kids names, Let’s have a first glance to seek new list of favorite modern Pakistani names and meaning in Urdu way. Scroll and pick your cute Pakistani girls names and Pakistan boys names at Getnames to grasp the real Islamic culture, ancestors’s customs and more if include beauty of land, sincere people and pure nature. Find top Pakistani male names for boys and female baby names to enrich ancient history, local ways of livings and specially beauty of uniqueness in greeting with all. Pakistani Muslim names in Arabic and book free online a-z names listing.

Ibrahim name meaning in Urdu.ابراھیم
 Name of the well known prophet of Allah, and name of Hazrat Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) son.
Idress name meaning in Urdu.ادریس
 Name of a well known Messenger of Allah
Ieethaar name meaning in Urdu.ایثار
 (Isaar), Sacrifice, selflessness.
Iffat name meaning in Urdu.عفت
 Purity, chastity, modesty, decency, virtue, abstinence, continence.
Iftikhaar name meaning in Urdu.افتخار
 To be proud of.
Ihsaan name meaning in Urdu.احسان
 Doing good, beneficence, kindness, favour.
Ihtiraam name meaning in Urdu.احترام
 Honor, veneration, treating with respect, holding in veneration, act of honoring, reverence.
Ihtishaam name meaning in Urdu.احتشام
 Having many followers or dependents, magnificence.
Ikhlaas name meaning in Urdu.اخلاص
 Sincerity, purity, love, tenderness, pure friendship, great affection, selfless adoration or worship.
Ikraam name meaning in Urdu.اکرام
 Honoring, treating with attention, and ceremony, esteem, veneration, respect, deference, kindness, favour.
Iltifaat name meaning in Urdu.التفات
 Regard, attention, kindness, courtesy, consideration, friendship, inclination.
Ilyas name meaning in Urdu.الیاس
 Name of a prophet of Allah Almighty, and name of a great scholar and saint who was the founder of Tablighi Jamaat.
Imaad name meaning in Urdu.عماد
 Foundation, pillar.
Imam name meaning in Urdu.امام
 Spiritual or religious leader (of Muslims).
Imran name meaning in Urdu.عمران
 Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle and known as Imran ibn Husain(RA).
Imtiyaaz name meaning in Urdu.امتیاز
 Discernment, preeminence, distinction, Preference.
Inaam name meaning in Urdu.انعام
 A present , gift, prize, gratuity, reward, favour, grant..
Inayat name meaning in Urdu.عنایت
 Favour, bounty, kindness, support, care, gift, present.
Intezaar name meaning in Urdu.انتظار
 To wait.
Intikhaab name meaning in Urdu.انتخاب
 Selection, to choose.
Iqbaal name meaning in Urdu.اقبال
 Prosperity, good fortune, luck, success, felicity, name of the great philosopher, poet of India-Pakistan subcontinent. Who was the first to conceive the idea of a separate home-land(Pakistan) for Muslims of united India.
Iqtidaar name meaning in Urdu.اقتدار
 Power, authority, influence, eminence, dignity, rank.
Irfaan name meaning in Urdu.عرفان
 Recognition knowledge, discernment, science, wisdom.
Irshaad name meaning in Urdu.ارشاد
 Instruction, command, hehest, order, direction, will, pleasure.
Isa name meaning in Urdu.عیسیٰ
 (‘Isa) Name of a prophet of Allah Almighty, Its English equivalent is Jesus.
Ishaq name meaning in Urdu.اسحاق
 Name of a prophet of Allah Almighty, Its English equivalent is Isaac.
Ishrat name meaning in Urdu.عشرت
 Pleasure, enjoyment, delight, mirth, society, pleasant and familiar conversation.
Ishrat name meaning in Urdu.عشرت
 Pleasure, enjoyment, delight, mirth, society, pleasant and familiar conversation,
Ishtiyaaq name meaning in Urdu.اشتیاق
 Longing, cravnig, yearning, desire, liking, fondness, eagerness, strong inclination.
Iskandar name meaning in Urdu.اسکندر
Islaam name meaning in Urdu.اسلام
 (Lit. Submission to Allah) the Muslim’s religion, Islam.
Ismaaeel name meaning in Urdu.اسماعیل
 (Ismail) Name of a prophet of Allah, son of Hazrat Ihrahim (Rasoolullah) It is said that this name is composed of two words , Ism’ means, listenl! and eel means, Allah in the Syrinc language. In other words ” Hear and grant my prayers, O Allah!”
Ismat name meaning in Urdu.عصمت
 Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Israaeel name meaning in Urdu.اسرائیل
 (Lit. One chbsen by God) a servant of God, the surname of Yaqoob (Jacob), Israel.
Itbaan name meaning in Urdu.عتبان
 Name of a Sahahi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Iyaas name meaning in Urdu.ایاس
 Name of a Sahahi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Iyaaz name meaning in Urdu.عیاض
 Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Izzat name meaning in Urdu.عزت
 Honor, esteem, integrity.
Izzat name meaning in Urdu.عزت
 Honor, esteem, integrity.