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Pakistani Boys names in Urdu meanings as well Pakistani baby girls names with Urdu writing names that start from Z alphabetically. Now you can avail a to z Pakistani traditional Islamic names in Arabic and English meanings for boys and girls names at one spot that is called hub of Muslim kids names. Most popular Pakistani babies names with their meanings. Whether you wish to get meaning of local cute Punjabi names, Pashto names, Sindhi names or Balochi names for boys and girls that are kept in beautiful Pakistan. Stay with hope for best naming of your little moon.

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Most famous, unique PK kids names, Let’s have a first glance to seek new list of favorite modern Pakistani names and meaning in Urdu way. Scroll and pick your cute Pakistani girls names and Pakistan boys names at Getnames to grasp the real Islamic culture, ancestors’s customs and more if include beauty of land, sincere people and pure nature. Find top Pakistani male names for boys and female baby names to enrich ancient history, local ways of livings and specially beauty of uniqueness in greeting with all. Pakistani Muslim names in Arabic and book free online a-z names listing.

Zaahid name meaning in Urdu.زاہد
 Abstinent, one who has no mundane ambitions.
Zaahidah name meaning in Urdu.زاہدہ
 Abstinent, lacking mundane ambitions.
Zaahir name meaning in Urdu.زاھر
 Zaair,A blooming folwer, a bright and shining colour, lofty.visitor, guest
Zaaiirah name meaning in Urdu.زائرہ
 visitor, guest.
Zaair name meaning in Urdu.زاہر
 Visitor, guest
Zaakir name meaning in Urdu.ذاکر
 (Dhakir) One who constantly praises and remembers Allah Ta‘ala.
Zaakirah name meaning in Urdu.ذاکرہ
 (Dhaakirah) one who constantly praises and remembers Allah Almighty.
Zaamin name meaning in Urdu.ضامن
 (Daamin) One who stands surety for another, one who helps.
Zaaminah name meaning in Urdu.ضامنه
 (Daaminah) One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zaheer name meaning in Urdu.زھیر
 Blooming, shining, luminous.
Zahra name meaning in Urdu.زھراء
 Beautiful, also the name of the lady of jannah, Faatimah(RA).
Zahrah name meaning in Urdu.زھرا
 The planet Venus, beauty, virtue, elegance, splendor.
Zaib name meaning in Urdu.زیب
 (Persian) adornment beauty, elegance.
Zaibaa name meaning in Urdu.زیبا
 (Persian) Adorned, beautiful, becoming, befitting, proper, graceful.
Zaid name meaning in Urdu.زید
 Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr, He is the only Sahabi who is mentioned in the Holy Quraan by name, and he was one of those Sahabah who were ascribes of the divine revelation.
Zain name meaning in Urdu.زین
 Adornment, beauty, grace,honor, to beautify, to decorate.
Zain name meaning in Urdu.زین
 Adornment, beauty, grace, honor, to beautify, to decorate. Suitable combination of names, Zainul-Aabideen, Zainud-Deen.
Zainab name meaning in Urdu.زینب
 Name of the daughter of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), also the name of Ummul-moomineen, the wife of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Zaitoon name meaning in Urdu.زیتون
 The olive tree or the olive fruit.
Zaitoon name meaning in Urdu.زیتون
 The olive tree or the olive fruit.
Zaitoonah name meaning in Urdu.زیتونه
 Singular of Zaitoon meaning one olive.
Zakaa name meaning in Urdu.ذکاء
 (Dhakaa) Keen perception, sharpness of mind, deep insight, sagacity. Name, Zakaa’ ud-Deen.
Zakaria name meaning in Urdu.زکریا
 (Zakariyya)Name of a prophet of Allah, Its English Equivalent is Zacharia.
Zakawaan name meaning in Urdu.ذکوان
 (Dhakawaa) Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zaki name meaning in Urdu.زکی
 (Dhaki) One who has a sharp mind and keen perception, intelligent.
Zakiyyah name meaning in Urdu.ذکیه
 (Dhakiyyah) One who has a sharp mind and keen perception, intelligent.
Zameelah name meaning in Urdu.زمیله
 Friend, colleague.
Zameer name meaning in Urdu.ضمیر
 (Dameer), Heart, conscience.
Zareenah name meaning in Urdu.زرینه
 Name of sahabiyah(RA).
Zarqaa name meaning in Urdu.زرقا
 Blue color.
Zeenat name meaning in Urdu.زینت
 Beauty,elegance, adornment.
Zeeshaan name meaning in Urdu.ذیشان
 (Dheeshaan) gant.
Zhaafir name meaning in Urdu.ظافر
 (Zaafir), Victorious, conqueror.
Zhaahir name meaning in Urdu.ظاہر
 (Zaahir), Apparent, evident , One of the attributesof Allah Almighty.
Zhaahirah name meaning in Urdu.ظاہرہ
 (Zaahirah) Apparent, evident, Bright.
Zhafar name meaning in Urdu.ظفر
 (Zafar), Victory, triumph, name of a Sahabi( RA).
Zhafeer name meaning in Urdu.ظفیر
 (Zafeer), On firm and resolute intention.
Zhafeerah name meaning in Urdu.ظفیرہ
 (Zafeerah) Of firm and resolute intention.
Zhaheer name meaning in Urdu.ظھیر
 (Zaheer), Assistant, supporter, Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zhaheerah name meaning in Urdu.ظھیرہ
 (Zaheerah Assistant, supporter.
Zhareef name meaning in Urdu.ظریف
 (Zareef), Polite, witty, good-tempered ingenious, good.
Zhareefah name meaning in Urdu.ظریفه
 (Zareefah) Polite, witty, ingenious, good.
Zhill name meaning in Urdu.ظل
 (Zill), Shadow, shade, protection.
Zhuhoor name meaning in Urdu.ظھور
 (Zuhoor), Appearing, arising, visibility.
Zia name meaning in Urdu.ضیاء
 (Diyaa) Light,
Zinneerah name meaning in Urdu.زنیرہ
 Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
Ziyaad name meaning in Urdu.زیاد
 spender, brilliance. Graceful, distinguished, elegant. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zubaidah name meaning in Urdu.زبیدہ
 Name of the wife of the Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed.
Zubair name meaning in Urdu.زبیر
 A brave and wise person,Name of a famous Sahabi who was of the ‘Ashara-i-Mubashsharah.
Zubairaa name meaning in Urdu.زبیرہ
 Diminutive of Zahraa’. spirit, courage, power,freshness, flower.
Zubdah name meaning in Urdu.زبدة
Zufar name meaning in Urdu.زفر
 Lion, a brave person, an army, a flowing river,, Name of a great Imaam and jurist.
Zuhaa name meaning in Urdu.ضحیٰ
 (Duhaa) Forenoon. Name, Shamsu-Zuhaa.Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zuhrah name meaning in Urdu.ذھرة
 The planet Venus, beauty, virtue, elegance, splendor.
Zulaikhaa name meaning in Urdu.زلیخا
 Name of the famous woman in the days of Hazrat Yousuf ( peace be upon him), a prophet of Almighty Allah.
Zulfaqaar name meaning in Urdu.ذوالفقار
 (Dhulfaqar) Name of a celebrated sword which fell into the hand of Rasoolullah sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam in the Battle of Badr and which was presented to Ali( Note, It is incorrect to Say Fiqaar with kasrah).
Zulkifl name meaning in Urdu.ذوالکفل
 (Dhulkifl) Name of a prophet of Allah.
Zunnoon name meaning in Urdu.ذوالنون
 (Dhunnoon) The title of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace be upon him) meaning The Man of the whale,
Zushshimalain name meaning in Urdu.ذوالشمالین
 (Dhushimalin) Name of a Sahabi (RA)