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100 Top Pakistani Boy Names With Meanings » List Of Most Popular Baby Boys Names In Pakistan

Pakistani Names List For Boys: Pakistan, a beautiful Islamic country has an unique value and status in the world especially among Muslim countries. Ninety Six percent of Pakistani total populations are distinctly contacted to Muslim community. We at have gathered more than hundred Pakistani names for boys that are mostly selected for naming a Pakistani baby. Choose your most famous, modern and unique Pakistani names in list of Pakistani boy names.

Cute And Sweet Pakistani Names: Are you in search of comprehensive list of cute, sweet Pakistani Islamic Urdu names for boys that would comprise of Arabic origin and carry a beautiful meaning in Urdu, Hindi? Right, Now you are in list of exclusive PK baby names 2018 that can provide you variety of latest Pakistani boys names with ease to pronounce.

Most Trendy Boy Names In Pakistan: We give you some top most trendy boys names that are taken in Pakistani society such as Abdullah, Ahmed, Ali, Bilal, Ahsan, Amir, Daniyal, Ejaz, Ehsan, Fahad, Faisal, Jamil, Junaid, Hassan, Ibrahim, Imran, Muhammad, Mohsin Abdul Rafy, Kamran, Moaz, Omar, Saad, Saiq, Sohaib, Usman, Wohaib, Yousaf, Zia. We at have listed below Pakistani boys names that start with “A” to “Z” alphabet in English with meanings.


  • Aazad (free, independent – Persian word)
  • Aban (abaan-more clear)
  • Abbad (abbaad-great worshipper)
  • Abbas (abbaas-name of the Prophet’s uncle)
  • Adib (adeeb – cultured, civilised)
  • Affan (affaan-name of Caliph Uthman’s father)
  • Ajwad (better)
  • Allam (very knowledgeagble)
  • Almas (diamond)
  • Amir (aamir-thriving, prosperous)
  • Ammar (ammaar-great builder)
  • Aniq (neat, elegant, smart)
  • Antar (name of Arab hero of chivalry)
  • Arwarh (more delicate, more gracious)
  • Ashraf (more noble)
  • Asif (aasif-describer)
  • Asil (aseel-genuine, pure)
  • Asir (captivating, fascinating)
  • Askari (soldier)
  • Awwab (awwaab-great repenter to God)
  • Ayaz (ayaaz-slave [Persian])
  • Ayham (imaginary)
  • Ayman (right-handed, lucky)
  • Azhar (very or more evident – Arabic word)


  • Baariq (shining, lighting, illuminating)
  • Bakir (baakir-early)
  • Basil (brave, bold, valiant)
  • Basim (baasim-smiling)
  • Baz (falcon)


  • Dara (possessor, sovereign)
  • Diwan (royal court, tribunal of justice)


  • Faiq (faa-eq- outstanding, awake)
  • Fakih (fakeeh-pleasant)
  • Faqih (faqeeh – wise)
  • Fatih (faateh-conqueror, opener)


  • Haidar (lion)
  • Haitham (lion)
  • Hamdan (praiser (of God))
  • Hamza (name of the Prophet’s uncle)
  • Hariz (strong, secure, guarded)
  • Hasan (beautiful, good)
  • Hashim (haashim-smasher, name of the Prophet great grandfather)
  • Hisham (hishaam – popular Arab name)
  • Humam (humaam- generous, heroic)
  • Husain (demunitive form of Hasan (above))


  • Imad (pillar, post, support)
  • Iqbal (iqbaal – advance, advent)
  • Isam (isaam-self-made success)


  • Jalal (jalaal-glory, splendour)
  • Jamal (jamaal-beauty)
  • Jamil (jameel-beautiful)
  • Jasim (great & famous)
  • Jawwad (jawwaad-generous)


  • Kamil (perfect, complete, genuine, learned)


  • Labib (labeeb-wise)
  • Laith (lion)


  • Mahdi (guided one)
  • Mansur (mansoor-victorious)
  • Marwan (marwaan-name of an Omayad caliph who built the Dome of the Rock)
  • Muaz (protected)
  • Munsif (just, fair)
  • Muntasir (winner)
  • Murad (muraad-aim)
  • Muslih (reformer)
  • Muslim (surrender (to God))
  • Muslim (surrender to God)
  • Muwaffaq (fortunate)


  • Nabih (noble, famous)
  • Nail (naa-yel-achiever)
  • Nawaf (nawaaf-popular Arab name)
  • Nawfal (popular Arab name)
  • Nazir (bright)
  • Najm (star, planet)
  • Nasif (just)
  • Numan (numaan-blood)


  • Pasha (lord, honourific title)


  • Qa’id (qaayed-leader)
  • Qadir (able, powerful)
  • Quds (holiness, sanctity)


  • Rafi (exalted)
  • Raghib (willing, desirous)
  • Rashad (rashaad-good sense, maturity)
  • Rauf (ra-oof-merciful)
  • Rayhan (ease, fragrant, comfort)


  • Sadiq (saadiq-truthful)
  • Safwan (popular Arab name)
  • Samir (companion, entertainer)
  • Sayid (sayy-id-chief, leader)
  • Shakil (shakeel-beautiful)
  • Sharaf (honour)


  • Tawqir (goodluck, success (granted by Allah))
  • T’ariq (taariq-knocker)
  • Tazim (honour)


  • Usaid (small lion)


  • Waiz (preacher)
  • Wasi (broad-minded)


  • Yusuf (Joseph)


  • Ziad (ziyaad – popular Arab name)
  • Ziaul-Haq (Zia-ul-Haq – “Light of Truth”)
  • Zoheb “little gold” – the dimunitive form of zahab [correct Arabic is: dhahab]
  • Zohoor (appearance)
  • Zuhair (demunitive form of zahr (flower)

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