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Polish Baby Names: There are many popular Polish baby names for both boys and girls but we at getnames have tried to help you in spotting a beautiful and cute Polish baby name by presenting below the list of most popular baby names in Poland originally. Adelajda is in the top rank Polish girls and Adok for boys. Select your favorite Polish names with meanings by scrolling this A to Z Polish names list.

Polish Names For Boys: To give a chance is acceptable everywhere so willing to lead you towards top 100 names for naming a newborn Polish baby boy. We think this list of most popular Polish boy names can help you to explore some new names that are kept in Poland. Have a nice day for searching the best Polish boy names with meanings.

Polish Names For Girls: Baby names are have important part in tracing the Polish ancient traditions and genealogy so for family recognizing. We all team of Getnames have combine some notable Polish girls names that have been most popular polish names by ratio of naming in 2016 to 2017 and hopefully these Polish baby names for girls will have prominent status in 2018. Pick up the top Polish girl name for your own baby.

M/F Polish Baby Names Polish Names Meanings Origin
F Adelajda noble sort Polish
M Adok dark one Polish
F Agata good; kind Greek
F Agnieszka chaste, holy Polish
M Albin from Alba Polish
M Aleksander defender of mankind Polish
M Aleksy defender of mankind Polish
F Alka noble; brilliant Polish
M Alojzy famous warrior Polish
F Amelia industrious; persuasive Latin
F Anastazja resurrection Polish
M Anastazy resurrection Polish
F Aniela angel; messenger Polish
F Anieli strength, resolute Polish
F Antonina inestimable Polish
M Apoloniusz of the god Apollo Greek
M Arkadiusz of Arcadia Polish
M Aron high mountain Polish
F Augustyna venerable Polish
M Aurek golden-haired Polish
M Aureliusz golden Polish
M Bartlomiej son of Talmai Polish
M Bartosz son of Talmai Polish
F Basha the stranger Polish
F Beatrycze voyager through life Polish
M Bendek blessed Latin
M Benedykt blessed Polish
F Berta bright Polish
M Bialy white-haired boy Polish
F Blanka white Polish
F Bogna God’s gift Polish
M Bogumil God’s peace Polish
F Boguslawa God’s glory Polish
M Bolek large glory Polish
M Boleslaw large glory Polish
M Borys fighter, warrior Polish
F Bozena divine gift Polish
M Bozydar divine gift Polish
F Bronislawa glorious protector Polish
M Brunon brown Polish
F Bryga strong Polish
F Cecilia blind; gray eyes Latin
F Cecylia blind Polish
M Celestyn heavenly Polish
M Cibor battle of honor Polish
M Cyprian from Cyprus Polish
M Cyryl lord Polish
F Czeslawa honor glory Polish
M Damian the tamer; taming Polish
M Daniel God is my judge Polish
F Diana goddess of the moon Greek
M Dionizy god of wine Polish
F Dita fortune of strife Polish
M Dobroslaw God’s glory Polish
F Dobroslawa God’s glory Polish
M Dobry good; kind Polish
M Donat given by God Polish
M Dorek gift of God Polish
M Dorofiej gift of God Polish
F Dyta fortune of strife Polish
M Edward wealthy guardian English
F Edyta fortune of strife Polish
M Eliasz Lord is my God Polish
F Eligia to choose Polish
M Eligiusz to choose Polish
F Elzbieta consecrated to God Polish
M Emeryk power of work Polish
F Eufemia well-known Polish
M Eugeniusz well-born Polish
M Eustachy good harvest Polish
F Felicja lucky Polish
M Felicjan lucky Polish
F Felicyta fortune; good luck Polish
M Fidelis faithful Latin
M Fil lover of horses Polish
M Filip lover of horses Greek
F Florentyna flowering Latin
M Florian flowering Polish
M Fryderyk peaceful ruler Polish
M Frydrych peaceful ruler Polish
M Gabrjel strong man of God Polish
M Gabryjel strong man of God Polish
M Gabrys strong man of God Polish
M Gawel rooster Polish
M Genek born to nobility Polish
F Genowefa white complexion; fair Polish
F Gertruda spear strength Polish
M Gerwazy spear servant Polish
F Gizela pledge Teut.
M Grzegorz watchful, vigilant Polish
M Gustaw meditation staff Polish
F Gutka good; kind Polish
F Halina calm, tranquil Polish
F Hanna gracious, merciful Polish
F Helena light Greek
F Henka ruler of an estate Teut.
M Henryk ruler of the household Polish
F Henryka ruler of the household Polish
M Hilary cheerful Latin
M Hipolit horse-freer Polish
M Holieb like a dove Polish
F Hortenspa gardener Latin
M Idzi kid, young goat Polish
M Ignacy unknowing; unenlightened Polish
F Irena peace Greek
M Ireneusz peaceful Polish
F Irenka peaceful Polish
M Izaak he will laugh Polish
F Izabel consecrated to God Hebrew
F Izabella God is my oath Polish
M Jacek hyacinth flower Polish
M Jacenty hyacinth flower Polish
F Jadwiga contending war Polish
F Jana God’s gracious gift Hebrew
M Janek God is gracious Polish
M Janusz God is gracious Polish
M Jaroslaw glory of Spring Polish
F Jaroslawa glory of Spring Polish
M Jedrek strong and manly Polish
M Jedrik strong and manly Polish
M Jedrzej man, warrior Polish
F Joanka God’s gracious gift Hebrew
F Joanny God’s gracious gift Hebrew
F Joasia God is gracious Polish
M Jozózef God shall add Polish
F Jozózefa God shall add Polish
F Judyta woman of Judea Polish
F Julianna youth Polish
F Julita youth Polish
F Julitta youth Polish
F Justyna fair, just Polish
M Kacper treasure bearer Polish
F Kaja man Polish
F Karin pure Greek
F Karina pure Polish
M Karol man Polish
M Kasper treasure bearer Polish
F Kassia pure Greek
F Katarzyna pure Polish
F Katrine pure Greek
M Kazimierz great destroyer Polish
M Kazio peacemaker Polish
F Kinga brave war Polish
M Klemens gentle merciful Polish
F Klementyna gentle merciful Polish
F Kleopatra glory of the father Greek
M Konrad honest counselor German
F Konstancja steadfast Polish
M Konstancji constant Latin
M Korneli horn Polish
F Kornelia horn Polish
M Korneliusz horn Polish
M Krystian follower of Christ Polish
M Krystyn follower of Christ Polish
M Ksawery owner of new house Polish
F Ksena praise to God Hebrew
F Ksenia hospitable Polish
F Laura crown of laurels Greek
M Lechoslaw glorious Polish
F Lechoslawa glorious Polish
M Leslaw glorious Polish
F Leslawa glorious Polish
M Lew lion Polish
M Liuz light Polish
M Longin long Polish
M Lubomierz a great love Polish
F Lucja light Polish
M Lucjusz light Polish
F Ludmita people’s favor Polish
M Ludoslaw love of glory Polish
M Ludwik famous warrior Polish
M Lukasz from Lucania Polish
F Macee sea of bitterness Polish
M Machas who is like God? Polish
F Madde woman of Magdala Polish
F Magda high tower Polish
M Makary blessed Polish
F Malgorzata pearl Polish
F Malina raspberry Polish
F Malwina smooth-brow Polish
F Marcelina warlike Polish
M Marcely warlike Polish
M Marcin warlike Polish
F Marianna bitter Hebrew
M Marik warlike Polish
M Mariusz male, virile Polish
F Martyna warlike Polish
F Maryla beloved Polish
F Marzena beloved Polish
F Matylda mighty in battle Polish
M Maury dark-skinned man Polish
M Maurycy dark-skinned man Polish
M Metody method Polish
M Michal who is like God? Polish
M MichaL who is like God? Polish
M Mieszko who is like God? Polish
M Mikolaj victory of the people Polish
M Milek victory of the people Polish
F Minka determined guardian Polish
M Miron myrrh Polish
M Miroslaw peace-glory Polish
M Mscislaw vengeance-glory Polish
F Nadzia hope Polish
F Nadzieja hope Polish
M Nelek cornel tree Polish
F Nelka the stone Polish
M Nestor traveler wisdom Greek
M Oleés defender of mankind Polish
M Olaf descendants Polish
M Oles defender of mankind Polish
F Oliwia elf army Polish
M Onufry peaceful strength Polish
M Oskar loves deer Polish
M Patek nobleman Polish
F Patrycja noblewoman Polish
M Patryk nobleman Polish
M Pawel little Latin
M Pawl little Latin
F Pela weaver Polish
F Pelagia sea dweller Greek
M Przemek thought-glory Polish
M Przemko thought-glory Polish
M Przemysl cunning strategist Polish
F RadomiLa happy favor Polish
M Radoslaw happy glory Polish
M Rafal God has healed Polish
F Rahel innocence of a lamb Polish
M Rajmund wise protector Polish
M Renal reborn Polish
F Rita a pearl Polish
M Roman from Rome Polish
M Roscislaw usurper’s glory Polish
F Roscislawa usurper’s glory Polish
F Rozalia like a rose Polish
M Rudolf famous wolf Teut.
M Rufin ruddy complexion Polish
F Sabiny ancient Sabine tribe Polish
F Salomea peace Polish
M Serafin burning one Polish
F Seweryna stern Polish
M Slawek happy-glory Polish
M Slawomir glorious peace Polish
M Stanislaw glorious government Polish
F Stanislawa glorious government Polish
M Stasio stand of glory Polish
M Sulislaw better fame Polish
M Swietomierz blessed peace Polish
M Swietopelk blessed people Polish
M Szczeosny lucky Polish
M Szczepan crown of laurels Polish
M Szczesny lucky Polish
F Tamary palm tree Polish
M Tedorik gift of God Polish
F Tekla glory of God Polish
M Teodor gift of God Polish
F Teodorya gift of God Polish
F Teodozja God-giving Polish
F Teodozji God given Polish
M Tobiasz God is good Polish
F Tola flourishing Polish
M Tomasz twin Polish
M Tymon honor Polish
M Tymoteusz to honor God Polish
M Tytus white earth Polish
F Urszula little she-bear Polish
M Valentyn strong; brave Polish
F Valeska glorious ruler Polish
M Waldemar mighty and famous German
M Walenty healthy and strong Polish
F Walentyna healthy and strong Polish
M Walter powerful warrior Teut.
F Wanda wanderer German
F Wandy wanderer German
F Weronikya true image Latin
M Wicent conqueror Latin
F Wicktoria victorious Polish
F Wiga contending in war Polish
M Wiktor to conquer Polish
F Wiktoria to conquer Polish
F Wioletta violet flower Polish
F Wira white-skinned Polish
F Wisia contending in war Polish
M Witek victor; conqueror Polish
M WitoLd driving the people Polish
M Wladislav glorious ruler Polish
M Wlodek rule; lordship Polish
M Wlodzimierz famous ruler Polish
M Wlodzislaw rules with glory Polish
F Yachne gracious Polish
M Yozef God will add Hebrew
M Yusef God will add Hebrew
M Zarek God protect the king Polish
M Zbigniew anger; fury Polish
M Zdzislaw here is glory Polish
M Zenon hospitality Greek
M Ziemowit lord of the family Polish
M Ziven vigorous and alive Polish
F Zuzanna lily Latvian
M Zygfryd victory-peace Polish
M Zygmunt victory-protector Polish