Popular Turkish Boys Names A

Popular Turkish boy Names Beginning From A – Top 30 Turkish Baby Names Meanings For Boys

Top Turkish baby names for boys -A special blog for Muslim baby names in Turkey, may create an interest to select most popular and modern Turkish boys names starting with a alphabetically and English sound names with meanings. Let’s check list of 30 unique Turkish baby boys names that sound you in English to pronounce a Turkish kid name correctly. We at Getnames can help you to find international Turkish boy names and greet you to remain blessed by God forever. List of Turkish English names and Turkish German names for boys with spelling.

31. Akel

Right, deals with clean businesses, an honest business-man

32. Aker

Honorable hero, honest man, brave

33. Akergin

An honest or clean, mature man

34. Akerman

Honest man

35. Akgüç

Honourable and powerful

36. Akgün

Light day, bright days, auspicious days

37. Akıman

Open-handed, courageous, brave person

38. Akil

Smart, Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason

39. Akman

Beautiful chaste, a clean person

40. Akna

Contended, frugal

41. Aktaş

White stone, limestone

42. Aktekin

Credited, Reputable, Clean Ethics (Morally clean), Brave

43. Aktuğ

A white brigadier

44. Akün

Good clean name, clean reputation

45. Alatan

The time previous or before the sun rises

46. Ali

Noble, Sublime

47. Alican

Warm blooded, friendly, amiable

48. Alişan, Alishan

Glory and/or honorable

49. Alkım


50. Alp

Brave, heroic, courageous

51. Alparslan

Powerful (Strong) as a lion

52. Alpay

Hero, brave, courageous

53. Alper

Brave men

54. Altay

A line of mountains found in Central Asia

55. Altuğ

Red brigadier

56. Altuner

A valuable person and/or a golden young man

57. Anı

Memory, of what is remembered

58. Arca

Pine, pine tree, clean

59. Arda

There are ‘many’ meanings to this name but one possible meaning is that it means to come after or to come after later

60. Arhan

Clean khan (a title applied to the Ottoman sultans and certain other rulers), clean manager or administrator, brave khan