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Russia, A country of the world’s largest nation is most popular in rich history, influential arts and multi-ethnic nation as well as multi-faith nation with 144.5 million population. Russian capital Moscow is one of the largest cities in world. Russian East Slavic language is not only an official language of Russia even also spoken in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and some minor European territories. Are you looking for uncommon and beautiful Russian names for baby?

Russian Last Names & Meanings: Selecting a Russian baby names is not quite strenuous now to have wide bundles of joys and happiness. We at Getnames may lead you toward curated unique Russian girls & boys names as well Russian last names and meanings. Russian parents pick up three names for their cute children as first, middle and last name.

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M/F Russian Baby Names Russian Baby Names With Meanings Origin
M Adrik of the Adriatic Russian
M Afanas immortal Russian
M Afanasei immortal Russian
M Afanasii immortal Russian
F Agafiia good; kindly Russian
F Agafya good; kindly Russian
F Aglaii beauty; splendor Russian
F Aglaya beauty; splendor Russian
M Agripin wild horse Russian
F Agrippa wild horse Russian
F Akilina eagle Russian
M Akim names ending with -akim Russian
F Aleksandra defender of mankind Russian
F Aleksandrina defender of mankind Russian
M Aleksei defender of mankind Russian
M Aleksey defender of mankind Russian
F Alina bright; beautiful Russian
F Alisa noble sort Russian
F Alla dear one Russian
F Alma name of river Russian
M Ambrosii immortal Russian
M Anastas resurrection Russian
M Anastase resurrection Russian
F Anastasiya resurrection Russian
M Andrei man; warrior Russian
M Andrian dark one Russian
M Andrii man; warrior Russian
F Anechka grace Russian
F Ania favor; grace Russian
M Anisim beneficial Russian
F Anitchka gracious Russian
F Aniya gracious Russian
F Annushka favor; grace Russian
F Anoushka favor; grace Russian
F Anouska favor; grace Russian
M Anton invaluable Russian
F Anzhelina angel; messenger Russian
F Apollinariya destroyer Russian
F Arina peace Russian
F Arisha peace Russian
M Arkhip master of horses Russian
M Arman army man Russian
M Arseni virile Russian
M Arseniy virile Russian
F Avdotia to seem well Russian
F Avdotya to seem well Russian
M Baran ram Russian
M Berdy brilliant mind Russian
M Bohdan given by God Russian
M Boleslav large glory Russian
F Boleslava large glory Russian
M Boris fighter; warrior Russian
M Borys fighter; warrior Russian
F Brania armor Russian
F Breasha strong; virtuous Russian
M Brencis crowned with laurels Russian
M Burian near the woods Russian
F Čapeka little stork Russian
F Catia pure Russian
M Cheslav lives in a fortified camp Russian
M Darit gift Russian
F Darya possesses lot; wealthy Russian
F Dasha gift of God Russian
F Dashia gift of God Russian
M Denis of the god of wine Greek
M Desya moderate; sober Russian
F Devora bee Hebrew
M Dima loves the earth Russian
M Dmitrii loves the earth Russian
M Dmitriy loves the earth Russian
M Dmitry loves the earth Russian
M Dobry goodness Russian
M Dorofei meaning gift of God Russian
M Dorofey gift of God Russian
F Doroteya gift of God Russian
F Dunya to seem well Russian
M Egor earth-worker; farmer Russian
F Ekaterina pure Russian
F Elena pure Russian
F Elizaveta God is my oath Russian
M Evgeni well born; noble Russian
F Evgenia well born; noble Russian
M Evgenii well born; noble Russian
M Evgeniy well born; noble Russian
M Faddei given of God Russian
M Fadei given of God Russian
M Fadey courageous Russian
M Fedya gift of God Russian
M Fedyenka gift of God Russian
M Feliks fortunate or lucky Latin
M Feofilakt God-guard Russian
M Ferapont servant Russian
F Feya fairy Russian
M Florenti blossoming Russian
M Foka seal (the mammal) Russian
M Foma twin Russian
M Garald spear brave Russian
F Gasha good; kind Russian
M Gavan safe harbor Russian
M Gedeon one who cuts trees Russian
F Gelya angelic Russian
M Gennadi noble Russian
M Georgy earth-worker; farmer Russian
M Gerasim age Russian
M German brother Russian
M Gorya earth-worker; farmer Russian
M Grigori watchful; vigilant Russian
M Grigorii vigilant watchman Russian
M Gyorgy earth-worker; farmer Russian
M Hedeon destroyer Russian
M Helge holy Russian
F Inessa gentle; pure Russian
F Inga foremost one Russian
F Inna strong water Russian
M Ipati most high; supreme Russian
M Ippolit horse-freer Russian
F Irena peaceful Russian
F Irta brave and honest Russian
M Isaak he will laugh Russian
M Isay God is salvation Russian
F Ivanna God is gracious Russian
M Jasha substitute Russian
F Jekaterina pure Russian
F Kalina medicinal tree Russian
M Kamen stone Russian
F Karina pure Russian
F Katerina pure Russian
F Katerinka little pure one Russian
F Katia pure Russian
F Katya pure Russian
M Kazimir great destroyer Russian
M Kenya harmless; innocent Russian
F Kira like the sun Russian
M Kiril lordly one Russian
M Kirill lord Russian
M Klavdii lame Russian
F Klavdiya lame Russian
M Kliment gentle merciful Russian
M Kolzak slippery Russian
M Konstantin steadfast Russian
M Koren root Russian
F Lada goddess of beauty Russian
F Lana beautiful; handsome Russian
F Lara fortified town Russian
M Lavrentiy of Laurentum Russian
M Lavrenty of Laurentum Russian
M Lazar my God has helped Russian
M Leon lion Russian
M Leonid lion’s son Russian
M Leonti lion-like Russian
F Lidiya of Lydia Russian
F Liolya light Russian
F Liouba love Russian
F Lubmilla people’s love Russian
F Lubov love Russian
F Ludmila favor; grace Russian
F Lyubov love Russian
F Magdalina of Magdala Russian
M Makar blessed Russian
F Maleetva prayer Russian
F Manya beloved Russian
F Mara bitter Russian
F Marisha sea of bitterness Russian
F Mariya beloved Russian
M Martyn warlike Latin
F Matryona lady Russian
F Matryosha lady Russian
F Matryoshka lady Russian
M Maxim the greatest Russian
M Mefodiy one’s method Russian
F Melana big black eyes Russian
F Mika God’s child Russian
M Mikhail who is like God? Russian
F Mila dear one Russian
F Mischa who is like God? Russian
M Misha who is like God? Russian
F Miskaela who is like God? Russian
F Motya noble woman Russian
F Mudraya wise woman Russian
F Mudry wisdom Russian
F Nadya hope Russian
F Nadyenka receives the call of God Russian
F Naida water nymph Russian
F Nastassya resurrection Russian
F Nastasya resurrection Russian
F Nastia resurrection Russian
F Natascha born on Christmas day Russian
F Natasha born on Christmas day Russian
F Natashia born on Christmas day Russian
M Nazar from Nazareth Russian
M Nazariy from Nazareth Russian
F Nessa gentle; pure Russian
F Nikkita victorious people Russian
M Nikodim victory of the people Russian
F Nikolaevna on the side of God Russian
F Ninochka grace Russian
F Ninoska little girl Russian
F Nonna ninth in order Russian
F Ogrifina wild horse Russian
F Ogrofena wild horse Russian
F Ogrofenka wild horse Russian
F Oksanochka praises of God Russian
F Olechka pious Russian
M Oleg prosperous; successful Russian
F Olia holy Russian
F Olya prosperous; successful Russian
M Onisim beneficial Russian
F Ovdotia to seem well Russian
F Oxana hospitable to strangers Russian
M Pabel little one Russian
M Pashenka small Russian
M Patya most high; supreme Russian
M Pavel little one Russian
F Pheodora divine gift Greek
F Polina destroyer Russian
F Praskoviya preparation Russian
F Rai heaven Russian
F Raisa easy; prepared Russian
F Raiya heaven Russian
M Romochka from Rome; Italy Russian
F Sabina ancient Sabine tribe Russian
F Sacha defender of mankind Russian
M Saveli ancient Sabine tribe Russian
M Saveliy ancient Sabine tribe Russian
M Savely Sabine Russian
M Sergey servant Russian
M Serguei the attendant Russian
M Sevastian from Sebaste Russian
F Slava glory Russian
M Slavik stand of glory Russian
F Snezhana snow woman Russian
F Sonya wisdom Russian
M Spiridon little spirit Russian
M Stanimir peaceful government Russian
F Stepania crowned with laurels Russian
M Stephan crowned with laurels Latin
F Stesha crowned with laurels Russian
F Syuzanna lily Russian
F Taina mystery Russian
F Talya born on Christmas day Russian
F Taneya fairy queen Russian
F Tania fairy queen Russian
F Taniya fairy queen Russian
F Tatyana father’s daughter Russian
F Tedya gift of God Russian
F Tekla glory of God Russian
M Timour iron Russian
M Timur iron Russian
M Tisha honoring God Russian
M Tuman mist Russian
M Tusya surpassing expectations Russian
F Udacha luck Russian
F Ustinya fair; just Russian
M Vadim the knowing one Russian
F Valentina strong; brave Russian
M Valery strong Russian
F Vania gracious Russian
M Vanya God is gracious Russian
F Varushka foreign; strange Russian
F Varvara foreign; strange Russian
F Varya foreign; stranger Russian
M Vassily king Russian
M Vasya king Russian
M Venedikt blessed Russian
M Vikenti conquering Russian
M Viktor victorious; conqueror Latin
F Viktoriya to conquer; victory Russian
M Vlad ruler; sovereign Russian
M Vladimir famous prince Russian
M Vladislav possesses peace Russian
M Vsevolod powerful ruler Russian
M Vyacheslav more glory Russian
M Wanya God is gracious Russian
M Yan God is gracious Russian
F Yaneta God is gracious Russian
M Yanick God is gracious Russian
M Yasen ash tree Russian
M Yasha substitute Russian
M Yedidya earth-worker; farmer Russian
F Yelisabeta consecrated to God Russian
F Yelizaveta God is my oath Russian
M Yemelyan rival Russian
F Yeva alive; living Russian
F Yevdokiya to seem well Russian
M Yevgeni well born Russian
F Yevpraksiya good action Russian
M Youri earth-worker; farmer Russian
M Yov God will establish Russian
M Yuliy soft-bearded Russian
F Yuliya youth Russian
M Yuri earth-worker; farmer Russian
M Yustyn just; righteous Russian
F Zakelina God has remembered Russian
M Zakhar God has remembered Russian
F Zenevieva white wave Celtic
F Zeonchka comes from Zeus Russian
F Zhanna God is gracious Russian
F Zinaida of Zeus Russian
M Zinoviy life of Zeus Russian
F Zinoviya life of Zeus Russian