Sahabiyyah Names For Baby Girls

Sahabiyyah Names For Baby Girls  In English

Female Sahaba Names: Sahabi means a male or female person who saw the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ, in his\her life, believed in the Prophet as the last messenger, Followed his(Prophet Muhammad) sayings and acting (Sunnah) and died as a Muslim. (the definition of Sahabi is quoted from Arabic dictionary)

We all team of Getnames are thankful to Allah to help us in accomplishing a list of all female Sahabiyyah names with meanings for baby Islamic girls. Let’s see Names of Sahabiyat starting with “A” letter in Quran with Urdu, Hindi, English meanings. Most of female companions names are derived from native Arabic, Quran Majeed, Abrani or Persian languages.

List Of Sahabiyat Names: Female Sahaba names list is available online to keep the beautiful babies names of Islamic girls with regal meanings and Arabic origin. Scroll up to down to find favorite names of Allah and most popular female Sahabiyat names for your final decision. All Sahabiyyah names included prophet’s daughters names can make your search easy regarding Arabic Islamic names for Muslim female child.

11. Aqrab

Female Sahabiyyah name Aqrab عقرب also spelled and pronounced as: Aqrub, Aqrab

Meaning of Aqrab: Scorpion

There are 3 companions named Aqrab:

Aqrab bin Abi Aqrab عقرب بن أبي عقرب
Aqrab bint Salamah عقرب بنت سلامة
Aqrab bint Mu`adh عقرب بنت معاذ

12. Arwaa

Female Sahabiyyah name Arwaa أروى also spelled and pronounced as: Arwa, Arwaa

Meaning of Arwaa: Agile Beautiful Ibex

There are 5 companions named Arwaa:

Arwaa bint Rabee`ahأروى بنت ربيعة
Arwaa bint Abi al-Aasأروى بنت أبي العاص
Arwaa bint Abdul Muttalibأروى بنت عبد المطّلب
Arwaa bint Kraizأروى بنت كريز
Arwaa bint Unaisأروى بنت أنيس

13. Asiyah

Female Sahabiyyah name Asiyah آسية also spelled and pronounced as: Aseyah, Asiyyah

Meaning of Asiyah: Melancholic Wistful

There is 1 companion named Asiyah:

Asiyah bint al-Faraj al-Jurumiyyah آسية بن الفرج الجرهميّة

14. Asma

Female Sahabiyyah name Asma أسماء also spelled and pronounced as: Asmaa, Asmaa’

Meaning of Asma: beautiful

There are 19 companions named Asma:

Asma’ bin Yab أسماء بن ياب
Asma’ bin Harithah أسماء بن حارثة
Asma’ bin Kharijah أسماء بن خارجة
Asma’ bin Khalid bin Awf أسماء بن خالد بن عوف
Asma’ bin Malik al-Ka`bi أسماء بن مالك الكعبي
Asma’ bint Ibn al-Ash`ariyyah أسماء بنت ابن الأشعرية
Asma’ bint Abi Bakr أسماء بنت أبي بكر
Asma’ bint al-Harith أسماء بنت الحارث
Asma’ bint Zayd bin al-Khattab أسماء بنت زيد بن الخطاب
Asma’ bint Salamah أسماء بنت سلمة
Asma’ bint Shakalأسماء بنت شكل
Asma’ bint al-Salt أسماء بنت الصلت
Asma’ bint Amr أسماء بنت عمرو
Asma’ bint Umais أسماء بنت عميس
Asma’ bint Mukharribah أسماء بنت مخربة
Asma’ bint Murshidah أسماء بنت مرشدة
Asma’ bint al-Nu`man اسماء بنت النعمان
Asma’ bint Yazeed bin al-Sakan أسماء بنت يزيد بن السكن
Asma’ bint Yazeed al-Ashhaliyyah أسماء بنت يزيد الأشهلية

15. Azbah

Female Sahabiyyah name Azbah عذبة also spelled and pronounced as: Adhba, Azbah

Meaning of Azbah: Charming, Delightful, Agreeable, Pleasant, Sweet

There is 1 companion named Azbah:

Azbah bint Sa`d عذبة بنت سعد

16. Azzah

Female Sahabiyyah name Aqrab عَزّة also spelled and pronounced as: Azza, Azzah

Meaning of Azzah: Female gazelle

There are 4 companions named Azzah:

Azzah al-Ashja`iyyah عزة الأشجعية
Azzah bint al-Harith عزة بنت الحارث
Azzah bint Khabil عزة بنت خابل
Azzah bint Abu Sufyan عزة بنت أبي سفيان

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