Sanskrit Baby Names

100 Top And Short Sanskrit Baby Names » Popular Sanskrit Boys, Girls Names A-Z With Hindi Meanings

Top Quick Picking Sanskrit Baby Names: India is a big home of about 415 divergent living languages overall spoken by 1.2 billion population that start from Himalayan peaks to Indian coastline. Hindi & English both have official status in India but as long as Sanskrit is concerned, it belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of languages that hardly spoken by 15000 native Indian people in the southern state of Karnataka. Religious parents always have keen ambitious to give their baby names that is derived from Sanskrit as it is deep rooted in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism as well.

Popular & Short Sanskrit Boys, Girls Names: Naming a baby is not quite easy task for relatives, friends or neighbors as it’s matter of good personality and bright future of newborn little child. In a modern & educated living style, Parents like to select short and popular names for their babies. We at Getnames make sure an adorable list of 100 short and top Sanskrit baby boys and girls names starting with “A” to “Z” in regal Hindi meanings. Have a nice day for better quest.

Gender Names Meanings Origin
Boy Aayushmaan Blessed with a long life Sanskrit
Boy Achyut Imperishable, indestructible Sanskrit
Boy Adhrit Lord Vishnu Sanskrit
Boy Advait Unique Sanskrit
Boy Aryan Noble or civilised, master Sanskrit
Boy Asav Lightning, sun Sanskrit
Boy Ashvath Strong Sanskrit
Boy Atulya Incomparable Sanskrit
Girl Aadrika Mountain, celestial Sanskrit
Girl Aaratrika Lamp beneath the tulsi plant Sanskrit
Girl Aayushi Lineage, duration of life Sanskrit
Girl Aditri Goddess Lakshmi, highest honour Sanskrit
Girl Aishani Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Girl Antara The second note in Hindustani music Sanskrit
Girl Arunima Early morning sunlight, red glow Sanskrit
Girl Avni The earth Sanskrit
Boy Bhavesh Lord of world Sanskrit
Girl Bhargavi Goddess, daughter of sun Sanskrit
Boy Chaitanya Krishna Sanskrit
Boy Chitraksh Beautiful eyes Sanskrit
Girl Charvi Beautiful lady Sanskrit
Girl Chitragandha A fragrant material Sanskrit
Boy Dakshesh Ruler of Daksha Sanskrit
Boy Darsh Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Boy Dhanush Bow Sanskrit
Boy Dushyant King from the epic Mahabharata Sanskrit
Girl Daksha Brilliant, the earth Sanskrit
Girl Devangi Like a Goddess Sanskrit
Girl Devanshi One who is divine Sanskrit
Girl Devika Little Goddess Sanskrit
Girl Devaki Black, divine Sanskrit
Boy Eashan Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Girl Erisha Speech Sanskrit
Girl Esha Pleasure Sanskrit
Boy Gaurish Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Girl Gatha Song of praise Sanskrit
Girl Gauravi Pride, respect Sanskrit
Girl Gayatri Mother of Vedas Sanskrit
Boy Hardik Heartfelt Sanskrit
Boy Harit Green Sanskrit
Boy Harshit Joyous Sanskrit
Boy Hridyanshu Light from the heart, moon Sanskrit
Girl Hasini Delightful Sanskrit
Girl Hritika Truthful Sanskrit
Boy Itish Such a ruler Sanskrit
Girl Idhika Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Boy Jagrav Awakened Sanskrit
Boy Jaivant Victorious Sanskrit
Boy Jatasya The ocean Sanskrit
Girl Jivantika Bestower of long life Sanskrit
Boy Kairav White lotus, born from the water Sanskrit
Boy Kanishk An ancient king Sanskrit
Boy Kaustav A legendary gem Sanskrit
Boy Kriday Lord Krishna Sanskrit
Boy Kush Son of Lord Rama Sanskrit
Girl Kalyani Benefit Sanskrit
Girl Kashvi Shining Sanskrit
Girl Kaveri Sacred river of India Sanskrit
Girl Kavya Poem Sanskrit
Boy Lakshay Target Sanskrit
Girl Laasya Dance performed by Goddess Parvati Sanskrit
Girl Lavi Lion Sanskrit
Girl Lakshita To see, recognise Sanskrit
Girl Yamini Nocturnal, night Sanskrit
Girl Malavika Princess of Malawa Sanskrit
Girl Manya Rebellious, beloved Sanskrit
Boy Naman Salutations Sanskrit
Boy Nandish Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Boy Nilay Heaven, home Sanskrit
Boy Nirav Silent Sanskrit
Boy Nirbhay Fearless Sanskrit
Girl Nalini Lovely Sanskrit
Girl Nivedita One who is dedicated to service Sanskrit
Boy Ojas Brilliance, Bountiful energy Sanskrit
Girl Oormila Wife of Lakshman Sanskrit
Boy Pragyan Wisdom, supreme intelligence Sanskrit
Boy Prayag Confluence of the Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati rivers Sanskrit
Girl Prabhodhini Awakening, knowledge Sanskrit
Girl Prabhodita Sound advice Sanskrit
Girl Paridhi Realm Sanskrit
Girl Pratyusha Sunrise Sanskrit
Girl Ritvika One who recites the Rig veda Sanskrit
Boy Saatvik Pious, pure Sanskrit
Boy Saket Heaven Sanskrit
Boy Samarth Efficient Sanskrit
Boy Sambhav Born, manifested Sanskrit
Boy Sarthak Successful Sanskrit
Boy Sarvin Best archer, God of love Sanskrit
Boy Sashwat Permanent, perpetual Sanskrit
Boy Shivansh Part of Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Boy Siddhanath Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Girl Shambhavi Goddess Durga, name of a river Sanskrit
Girl Sukanya Good daughter Sanskrit
Girl Talika A bird Sanskrit
Girl Upasana Worship Sanskrit
Girl Uttarika Crossing river, delivering Sanskrit
Boy Vrishank Another name of Lord Vishnu Sanskrit
Girl Vamika Goddess Durga Sanskrit
Boy Yuvan Lord Shiva Sanskrit
Girl Yaalini Melodious Sanskrit