Scottish Baby Names

Scottish Baby Names In 2018 And Meaning, Popular Boys, Girls Names In Scotland

Searching For Scottish Baby Names? Scottish Baby boy, girl names that are unique and most popular starting from a to z letter in English. Having a cute baby name you are to explore the list of Scottish baby names at Getnames for trendy names that were registered in 2018 in Scotland.

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List Of: Modern Scottish Baby Names

M/F Baby Names Meaning of Names Origin
M Abernathy beginning point of a river Scottish
M Adam man of the red earth Hebrew
F Agnes gentle; pure Greek
F Ailey bird; rival Scottish
F Ailsa island dweller Scottish
M Ainsley my own meadow Scottish
F Ainslie my own meadow Scottish
M Alan handsome Scottish
M Alasdair defender of mankind Scottish
F Alice noble; kind German
F Alickina defender of mankind Scottish
F Alie bird; rival Scottish
F Alina fair bright Scottish
F Allie noble; kind German
M Alpin white Scottish
F Anghard greatly loved one Welsh
M Angus excellent; outstanding Scottish
M Ansley my own meadow Scottish
F Anstice resurrection Scottish
M Aodh the sun god; fire Scottish
M Aodhagan the sun god; fire Scottish
F Ariana silvery Welsh
M Arran from west coast of Scotland Scottish
M Artair like an eagle Gaelic
M Baird poet Gaelic
F Baraball stranger; foreigner Gaelic
M Barclay birch tree Scottish
F Beathag servant of God Gaelic
M Beathan life Scottish
M Bhaltair ruler of the army Scottish
M Birk birch tree Scottish
M Blaan yellow-haired Scottish
F Bonnie sweet and beautiful Latin
F Bonny sweet and beautiful Latin
M Boyd yellow-haired Scottish
F Bridget strength Celtic
M Brodie muddy place Scottish
M Brody muddy place Scottish
M Bruce woods French
M Buzz village in the thicket Scottish
M Caden little battle Scottish
M Cadwallen battle warrior Welsh
M Caelan victory of the people Scottish
F Cairstiona follower of Christ Scottish
F Calyn pure Scottish
M Cam crooked mouth Scottish
M Camden winding valley Scottish
M Cameron crooked nose Celtic
M Campbell crooked mouth Scottish
M Camren crooked nose Scottish
M Carmichael follower of Michael Scottish
F Caroline strength; resolute Scottish
F Catherine pure Greek
F Catrin pure Greek
M Chalmers son of the lord Scottish
M Charles manly; warrior French
F Chirsty follower of Christ Scottish
F Christine follower of Christ Greek
M Cliamain gentle; merciful Scottish
M Coinneach comely; finely made Scottish
M Coiseam steadfast Scottish
M Colan child Gaelic
M Connell high and mighty Celtic
F Conner praised; exalted Scottish
M Cori ravine Gaelic
M Cormag son of defilement Scottish
M Cory ravine Gaelic
M Craggie crag dweller Celtic
M Daibhidh beloved Scottish
M Dallas meadow dwelling Scottish
M David beloved Hebrew
F Davina beloved Scottish
F Deirdre young girl Celtic
M Denholm a town in Scotland Scottish
F Deoiridh pilgrim Scottish
M Deorsa farmer Scottish
F Diana goddess of the moon Latin
M Diarmad freeman; without envy Scottish
F Dina sea warrior Scottish
F Diorbhail gift of God Scottish
F Dolanna world ruler Scottish
F Dollag world ruler Scottish
M Domhnal dark; brown Celtic
F Donalda world ruler Scottish
F Donella world ruler Scottish
M Dougal dark stranger Scottish
M Dougie dark stranger Scottish
M Duer heroic Scottish
M Duff dark Scottish
M Dughlas dark stranger Gaelic
M Duncan dark-skinned warrior Scottish
M Dune dark-skinned warrior Scottish
M Durell king’s doorkeeper Scottish
M Eachann brown horse Scottish
F Ealasaid consecrated to God Gaelic
F Edith rich gift Teutonic
F Edme esteemed; loved Scottish
M Eideard wealthy guardian English
F Eimhir ready; swift Scottish
F Eiric new speckled one Scottish
F Eithrig new speckled one Scottish
F Elspeth consecrated to God Hebrew
F Elspie God is my oath Scottish
M Erskine height of the cliff Scottish
M Euan born to nobility Scottish
F Euna famine; hunger Scottish
M Evan youthful Welsh
M Ewen born yew tree Scottish
M Farquhar dear Scottish
M Fife from Fife, Scotland Scottish
M Filib lover of horses Scottish
M Findlay white warrior Scottish
F Finola white shoulder Scottish
F Fiona white; fair Celtic
F Fionnghal flower Gaelic
M Frang freedom Scottish
M Gaven white hawk Scottish
M Gavin white hawk Scottish
F Gavina white hawk Scottish
M Geordie farmer Scottish
M Gilchrist servant of Christ Scottish
M Gilleasbuig genuine; bold German
M Glen valley Scottish
M Glendon valley Gaelic
M Goraidh God’s peace Scottish
M Gordie from the cornered hill Scottish
M Gordon from the cornered hill Scottish
M Graeme gravel home Scottish
M Graham gravel home Scottish
F Greer watchful; vigilant Scottish
M Gregg watchful; vigilant Scottish
M Griogair watchful; vigilant Scottish
F Grizel grey battle maid Scottish
F Gwny blessed Welsh
M Hamilton flat-topped Scottish
F Heather heather English
F Helen light Greek
M Henderson son of Henry Scottish
M Hendry home-ruler Scottish
M Ian God is gracious Scottish
F Innis island dweller Scottish
M Innis island dweller Scottish
M Irving green river Scottish
F Iseabail God is my oath Scottish
F Isel river in Scotland Scottish
F Isobel consecrated to God Hebrew
M Ivor archer Teutonic
M James substitute Hebrew
F Jamesetta substitute Scottish
F Jeanne God is gracious Scottish
F Jennifer white wave Celtic
F Jessie God is gracious Scottish
M Jock God is gracious Scottish
M Kameron crooked nose Scottish
M Kampbell crooked mouth Scottish
M Kamryn crooked nose Scottish
F Keitha the wind; wood Scottish
M Kelan little slender one Scottish
F Kelcey ship island Scottish
F Kenna comely pretty Scottish
M Kennan old wise-one Scottish
M Kenneth handsome Celtic
M Kenzie wise leader Scottish
M Kester follower of Christ Scottish
M Kian born to nobility Scottish
F Kinzie light skinned Scottish
M Kirk church Scottish
F Kirsteen follower of Christ Scottish
M Kyle slender Scottish
M Labhrainn of Laurentum Scottish
M Lachie land of lakes Scottish
F Lachina land of lakes Scottish
M Lagman lawman Scottish
M Laird landowner Scottish
M Lawrence crowned with laurels Latin
M Leith broad river Scottish
F Lesleigh gray fortress Scottish
F Lesley gray fortress Scottish
F Lillias lily Scottish
F Lindsay Lincoln’s wetlands Scottish
F Liusaidh Lucia; light Scottish
M Logan hollow; lowland Scottish
F Lorna crowned with laurels Latin
M Lyall wolf Scottish
M Lyle from the island Scottish
M Míheal who is like God? Scottish
M Mac names beginning with Mac- Scottish
M Macdougal son of Dougal Scottish
M Macgregor son of Gregor Scottish
M Mack names beginning with Mac- Scottish
F Mae bitter Hebrew
F Maggie pearl Scottish
F Maidie maid; young woman Scottish
F Maighread pearl Scottish
F Maisie pearl Scottish
M Maitland ungracious person Scottish
M Malcolm servant of St. Columbia Celtic
M Marcas warlike; martial Scottish
F Margaret pearl Scottish
F Marion bitter Hebrew
F Marjie pearl Scottish
M Martin warlike Latin
M Masterman man of the master; servant Scottish
F Maureen great Celtic
M Max greatest Latin
M Mckade son of Kade Scottish
M Mckay son of Kay Scottish
F Mckenna son of Cionaodh Scottish
F Mckinley child of the learned ruler Scottish
M Micheil who is like God? Scottish
F Moira great Celtic
F Molly bitter Hebrew
M Morgan sea warrior Scottish
M Morgen sea warrior Scottish
F Morna beloved Scottish
M Morven mariner Scottish
F Muireall sea-bright Scottish
F Muiriol sea-bright Scottish
M Mungo dearest friend Scottish
F Murdann sea warrior Scottish
F Murdina sea warrior Scottish
M Murdo protector of the sea Scottish
M Murdoch protector of the sea Scottish
M Nairn river with alder trees Scottish
F Nancy grace Hebrew
F Nandag favor; grace Scottish
M Naois one and only choice Scottish
M Niall champion Celtic
M Nichol victory of the people Scottish
M Nicholas victory of the people Greek
M Nicol victory of the people Greek
F Normina woman from the north Scottish
M Norrie man from the north Scottish
M Oengus one and only choice Scottish
F Oighrig pleasant speech Gaelic
M Paisley basilica; church Scottish
M Pal small Scottish
M Parlan son of Talmai Scottish
M Peadair rock Gaelic
F Peggy pearl Greek
F Peigi pearl Scottish
M Powell a Welsh king Welsh
M Rab famous in the land Scottish
M Rabbie famous in the land Scottish
F Rachel innocence of a lamb Hebrew
M Ramsey wild-garlic island Scottish
M Ranald wise ruler Scottish
M Ranulf shield-wolf Scottish
M Ranulph shield-wolf Scottish
M Rob famous in the land Scottish
F Robena robin Scottish
M Robert famous in the land Teutonic
F Robina robin Scottish
M Ronald powerful and wise ruler Scottish
F Ronalda powerful and wise ruler Scottish
M Ronan seal Irish
M Ronat seal Irish
F Rossalyn cape; promontory Scottish
F Rowena white mane Celtic
M Roy red Scottish
M Ruairdh famous ruler Gaelic
M Ryan little king; strong Gaelic
M Sachairi God has remembered Scottish
F Sarah princess Hebrew
F Saundra defender of mankind Scottish
M Seaghdh hawk-like Scottish
F Senga slender Scottish
M Seoc God is gracious Scottish
M Seoras earth-worker; farmer Scottish
M Seosaidh God will add Scottish
M Seumas substitute Gaelic
F Sile blind; gray-eyes Scottish
F Sileas youth Gaelic
M Sim hearkening Scottish
M Sioltach fruitful; producing offspring Scottish
F Siusaidh lily Gaelic
F Slaine health Scottish
M Somerled summer traveler Scottish
M Stewart house guard; steward Scottish
M Stratton river valley town Scottish
F Susana God’s gracious gift Gaelic
M Tómas twin Scottish
M Tadg poet Scottish
F Tavie twin Scottish
M Tavish twin Scottish
F Tearlag instigator Scottish
F Teasag God is gracious Scottish
M Thornurn Thor’s bear Scottish
M Tocuil Thor’s cauldron Scottish
M Tomachan twin Scottish
M Tomag twin Scottish
M Torquil Thor’s cauldron Scottish
M Tyre island dweller Scottish
M Uilleam determined guardian Scottish
M Uisdean isle-stone Scottish
F Una white wave Celtic
M Wiley determined guardian Scottish
M William determined guardian Teutonic
M Willie determined guardian Scottish
F Winnifred white wave Welsh