Top 10 Australian girl names Unique 2018

Top 10 Australian Baby girl names Unique And Meaning For 2018

Traditional baby names and unique Australian girl names both are on peak search to get handsome¬†champs names for newborn baby girl, That’s why Getnames paste a list of top 10 Australian female babies names with meanings so for year of 2018.

1: Charlotte

free man, petite and feminine

2: Olivia

Olive, symbol of peace

3: Ava

Iniquity, Living one

4: Amelia

industrious and striving, defender

5: Mia

Feminine abbreviation of Michal

6: Isla

Island, Isla is from the name of a Scottish river

7: Grace

Blessing or favor

8: Ella

light, Beautiful fairy woman, Goddess

9: Chloe

Fresh blooming, young green shoot,

10: Harper

harp player, Harpist, minster