Famous Pakistani Boy Names 2020

Islamic Boy Names 2020

Islamic Boy Names 2020

Islamic Boys Names 2020: Do you want to get the most popular and unique Islamic boy names in 2020,  To search and find a top Islamic boy name is obviously matter of tough job but not a getnames. We recently have compiled a list of new modern Islamic boys names in Urdu and English way of writing for your ease. Here more than 130 modern Islamic names for boys are put to choose one of best Islamic names so for 2020 year.

Unique Islamic Boy Names With Meaning

Aadil – عادل -that means: upright

Aahil – آہل -that means: prince

Aariz – عارز -that means: respectable

Aashir – عاشر -that means: living

Aatif –  عاطف -that means: affectionate

Affan – عفّان -that means: forgiving

Ahmad – احمد-that means: adored

Ahmar – احمر-that means: red

Ahsan – احسن -that means: best

Akbar – اکبر -that means: great

Akeem – عقیم -that means: wise

Akif – عاکف-that means: focused

Akram – اکرم -that means: generous

Ali – علی -that means: sublime

Amaan – امان -that means: loveable

Amir – عامر -that means: populous

Ammar – عمّار -that means: builder

Anas – انس-that means: sociable

Anees – انیس-that means: friendly

Anwaar – انوار -that means: gleam

Arbaaz – ارباز -that means: eagle

Areeb – اریب-that means: skillful

Arham – ارحم-that means: merciful

Arsalaan – ارسلان -that means: lion

Asad – اسد-that means: fortunate

Asif – آصف -that means: forgiveness

Atif – عاطف-that means: united

Azeem – عظیم-that means: greatest

Azhar – اظہر -that means: luminous

Azlan – ازلان-that means: lion

Azmat – عظمت -that means: honor

Babar – بابر -that means: lion

Bilal – بلال -that means: satisfier

Burhan – برہان -that means: proof

Danish – دانش -that means: intelligent

Daniyal – دانیال -that means: intelligent

Daud – داؤد -that means: beloved

Dayyan – دیَان -that means: ruler

Ehan – احان -that means: Full moon

Ehsan – احسان -that means: powerful

Fahad – فہد -that means: lynx

Faisal – فیصل -that means: handsome

Fakhr – فخر -that means: pride

Faqeeh – فقیح -that means: jurist

Faseeh – فصیح -that means: eloquent

Fawad – فواد -that means: heart

Fayaz – فیاض -that means: gracious

Feroz – فِروز -that means: shining

Gulzar – گلزار -that means: garden

Hadee – ہادی -that means: guide

Hammad – حمّاد-that means: praising

Hamza – حمزہ -that means: lion

Haif – حایَف -that means: believer

Haris – حارث -that means: protector

Hashim – ہاشم -that means: broker

Hasib – حسیب -that means: highborn

Hassan – حسن -that means: beautiful

Haydar – حیدر -that means: lion

Humair – حمیر -that means: red

Husam – حسَام -that means: sword

Hussain – حسین -that means: handsome

Huzaifah – حزیفہ -that means: shortened

Ihsan – احسان -that means: kindness

Imaad – عماد -that means: confident

Imtiaz – امتیاز -that means: different

Inaam – انعام -that means: reward

Iqraam – اکرام -that means:  respect

Isam – عصام -that means: protector

Issar – اِیثار -that means:  sacrifice

Izaan – آذان -that means:  obedience

Jafar – جعفر -that means: stream

Jamil – جمیل -that means: stunning

Jawad – جواد -that means: generous

Kaiser – قیصر-that means: emperor

Khalid – خالد -that means:  eternal

Kishwar – کشور -that means:  region

Labeeb – لبیب -that means: intelligent

Mahir – ماہر-that means: skilled

Mamoon – مامون -that means: fearless

Masoud – مسعود-that means: lucky

Mazhar – مظہر -that means: appearance

Mishaal – مشال-that means: light

Mohid – موحد -that means: believer

Mohsin – محسن -that means: helper

Mukarram – مکرم -that means: honored

Munib – منیب -that means: repentant

Nabil – نبیل -that means: generous

Naeem – نعیم -that means: blessing

Naseem – نسیم -that means: breeze

Naseer – نصیر -that means: helper

Omar – عمر -that means: long-lived

Osama – اسامہ -that means: lion

Qasim – قاسم -that means: distributer

Qais – قیس -that means: firm

Rauf – رؤف -that means: compassionate

Rayn – ریان -that means: gate of heaven

Raza – رضا -that means: handsome

Riaz – ریاض -that means: devotion

Rameez – رمیظ -that means: symbol

Rafay – رافع -that means: exhaulter

Raheel – راحیل -that means: fearless

Rahim – رحیم -that means: merciful

Siraj – سراج -that means: torch

Sohaib – صہیب -that means: sandy

Sohail – سہیل -that means: gentle

Suhaim – صہیم -that means: arrow

Shariq – شارق -that means: radiant

Shayan – شایان -that means: praised

Sheraz – شراز -that means: daring

Sameer – سمیر -that means: entertainer

Sarfaraz – سرفراز -that means: king

Sarmad – سرمد -that means: eternity

Saif – سیف -that means: sword

Salman – سلمان -that means: healthy

Safwan – صفوان -that means: pure

Saadat – سادات -that means:: blessing

Sadeem – سدیم -that means: haze

Saeed – سعید -that means: happy

Tazeem – تعظیم -that means: respect

Taimur – تیمور -that means: iron

Talal – طلال -that means: admirable

Tameem – تمیم -that means: perfect

Tanveer – تنویر -that means: light

Taheem – تحیم -that means: pure

Tahir – طاہر -that means: clean

Ubayd – عبید -that means: worshipper

Umair – عمیر -that means: intelligent

Waqar – وقار -that means: dignity

Waqas – وقاص -that means: warrior

Wahab – وھّاب -that means: giving

Waleed – ولید -that means: neborn

Zaheer – ظہیر -that means: bright

Zain – زین -that means: beloved

Zaman – زمان -that means: destiny

Zameer – زمیر -that means: conscience

Zayan – زیان -that means: bright

Zaeem – زعیم -that means: leader

Zafar – ظفر -that means: victory

The above mentioned list of modern Islamic boy names is most taken and most given boy names in 2019 , So You can also scroll our other Muslim baby names for boys in Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Persian and Turkish. Basically Muslim kids names are mostly selected from Arabic roots but due to different regions, tribes and cast belongings also have it’s huge impact on naming as well. Arabic baby boy name with English meanings in 2020. A to Z Islamic names list of cute boy.

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