Unique Canadian Girl Names 2018

Unique And Top Canadian Baby Girl Names With Meaning For Year of 2018

Top 15 baby girls names of the year that revealed by Canadian department of health as Olivia is still on first top position among others unique names of baby girls in beautiful land of fertile country. We at Getnames have listed top Canadian female full names and their meanings which are unique and traditional baby names for girls.

Slowly moving up the list of most popular name for Ontario girls to search whether did your cutie princess babe’s name make the place or still beyond. First top fifteen baby girl names with unique meaning for better choosing on bases of trend and quick pronunciation.

1: Olivia

Meaning of Olivia is: Olive tree, symbol of peace.

2: Emma

Meaning of Emma is: Universal, Whole; complete

3: Charlotte

Meaning of Charlotte is: petite and feminine

4: Ava

Meaning of Ava is: Iniquity, Living one

5: Sophia

Meaning of Sophia is: Wisdom, wise

6: Abigail

Meaning of Abigail is: an intelligent, beautiful, loyal woman

7: Emily

Meaning of Emily is: Hard working, Industrious

8: Amelia

Meaning of Amelia is: industrious and striving, defender

9: Mia

Meaning of Mia is: Feminine abbreviation of Michal

10: Isabella

Meaning of Isabella is: Devoted to God or consecrated to God

11: Ella

Meaning of Ella is: light, Beautiful fairy woman, Goddess

12: Chloe

Meaning of Chloe is: Fresh blooming, young green shoot

13: Evelyn

Meaning of Evelyn is: beautiful bird

14: Hannah

Meaning of Hannah is: Favor; grace

15: Grace

Meaning of Grace is: Blessing or favor

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