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Naming A Baby With Regal Meaning Is Effortless Job By Finding It Country Wise List For Boys And Girls.
No#Baby Names By CountryNo#Baby Names By Country
 1African Names 2Akkadian Names
 3Albanian Names 4Anglo-Saxon Names
 5Arabian Names 6Aramaic Names
 7Armenian Names 8Arthurian Legend Names
 9Assyrian Names 10Aztec Names, Nahuatl Names
 11Babylonian Names 12Basque Names
 13Bulgarian Names 14Celtic Names
 15Chamoru Names 16Chinese Names
 17Cornish Names 18Croatian Names
 19Czechoslovakian Names:
Czech and Slovak Names, Bohemian Names
 20Danish Names
21Dutch Names22Egyptian Names
23English Names, American Names24Esperanto Names
25Finnish Names26French Names
27Gaelic Names28Gothic Names, Visigothic
Names, Ostrogothic Names
29German Names30Greek Names
31Gypsy Names, Romani Names32Hawaiian Names
33Hebrew Names34Hindi Names, Indian Names
35Hungarian Names36Icelandic Names
37Iranian Names, Persian Names38Irish Names
39Italian Names40Japanese Names
41Korean Names42Latin Names, Roman Names
43Lithuanian Names44Micmac Dictionary
45Nahuatl Names, Aztec Names46Native American Names
47Norse Names48Norwegian Names
49Pakistani Names50Persian Names, Iranian Names
51Polish Names52Portuguese Names
53Romanian Names54Russian Names
55Scandinavian Names56Scottish Names
57Serbian Names58Slavic Names
59Slovene Names60Spanish Names
61Swedish Names62Swiss Names
63Teutonic Names64Thai Names, Siamese Names
65Turkish Names66Ukrainian Names
67Vietnamese Names68Welsh Names