Modern Muslim girl names in 2022

150 Modern Muslim Girl Names So For 2022

Modern Muslim baby Names for Girls:

Having a newborn beautiful baby is joyous occasion and want to give her a unique Muslim name in 2022! Now you are in search of top trending Muslim girl names. Finding such modern baby names are also a difficult task because she will carry with her for a lifetime. A name that is soft to pronounce and pure Arabic origin such as Ayesha, Sarah, Maryam, Anam, Fatima, Umaiza are unique girl names with their meanings.

Top Baby Girl Names Islamic 2022
Top Islamic girl names that are pleasant with cool sound meaning. Parents who are clueless to choose baby girl names Islamic, have best opportunity to see and select any one baby girl names Islamic so for 2022.

Muslim Girl Names Muslim Girl Names Meaning
Afana To Forgive
Fayroz Inspired By
Huda Lead Life
Nausheen Sweet Girl
Hina Mehndi
Sameera Truly Alive
Zoya Truly Alive
Afiya Away From All Problem
Asma Excellent 
Sofia An Intelligent
Nashita Full Of Life
Fatima Daughter Of Prophet’s Mohd
Afza Increasing
Falak Sky
Zafira Successful
Aleeda Returns
Bushra Fortune
Gulzan Flower Life
Fareeha Joyful
Ahmadi Gold Coin
Safa Pure
Qadira Powerful
Aifa  Likes Solitude
Fauzia Find Success In Life
Jamila Women With Compete feminine
Laraib Meaning
Nura Full Of Light
Aima Leader
Siddiqa Honest Girl
Faiza Winner
Salma Peaceful
Aiman To Congratulate
Omaira Red
Rima Green Mansions

Unique Muslim Girl names for 2022
Baby girl names in Arabic are simply gorgeous and unique. Parents prefer to pick a stylish Muslim girl names for their princess. Unique baby names are listed below for year 2022 to read on to follow pretty famous names that are mostly used in the world for Islamic girls. Take a look these lovely rare baby names.

Unique Girl Names For Muslim Muslim Names With Meaning
Madiha Praiseworthy
Johi Jasmin
Aleeza Joy
Labeeba Intelligent
Raziya Who Gives People Hope
Zainab Prophet‘s Wife
Azeeza Courageous
Alifa Show Affection
Lateefa Kind
Shahida Witness
Zubi Understanding
Yusra Prosperous
Mahenoor Glow Of Moon
Salena Moon
Neesa Ultimate Essence
Alishba Sweet
Liza Consecrated To God
Naima Endless Peace
Chadni Moonlight
Anjum Star
Rania Queen
Hiba Gift
Amaya Night Rain
Parveen Noble
Ansara Helper
Uzma Greatest
Afreeda Created
Sana Brilliant
Alima Scholar
Anizah She Goat
Erina Beautiful Lady
Liyana Softness
Rameesha Bouquet Of Roses
Zuhera Name Of Planet
Sufia Wisdom

Pakistani Girl Names in Urdu

Pakistan is an Islamic country with number 5 in rank of 240 millions population in world, Urdu baby girl names are considered unique, out of ordinary and most famous due to linked in Arabic roots. Commonly people desire to see lit of Pakistani baby girl names in Urdu. Most Urdu names are from the Quran directly.

Islamic Girl Names in urdu Meaning
Masooma Innocent
Areeba Wise
Esra Quick
Rizwana Pleasure
Shakira Women Grace
Lina Palm Tree
Haseena Beautifull
Zulekha Brilliant Beauty
Eliza Unique
Areena The voice of the turtle get 
Nafisa Princess
Zannat Paradise
Rehana Sweety
Samreen Beneficial
Tarannum A Beautifull Girl With Beautifull Heart
Zainab Name Of Prophet (PBUH)
Khadeeza Wife Of The Prophet  (PBUH)
Laila Night
Umaira Second Khalifah
Mahnoor Glow Of Moon
Shazia Princess
Rukhshana Beautifull
Shumaila Beautiful Face
Iqra To Recite
Zaina Graceful
Aqsa Farthest
Saba Soft Breeze
Laiba Gorgeous
Amaal Hope
Hafsa Lioness 

Indian Muslim Girl Names

Muslim in India are more than 300 millions in population and they are very close to Islamic culture and traditions. Indian Islamic names refer latest trending names in Muslim society. Check out the beautiful Muslim girl names in India 2022 list to select one of best and unique Indian baby girl name with meaning.

Indian Muslim Girl Names Indian Muslim Girl Names Meaning
Saba Soft Breeze
Afreen Praise
Madeeha Praiseworthy
Nazia Pride
Aidaa Reward
Aiba Sense
Iffat Purity
Amina Peaceful
Umnia Gift
Mahroosh Pleasant
Neha Rain
Atika Good Smell
Sara Happy
Ifra Identity
Afroza Quintessence of fire
Basheera Happy
Umaiza Bright
Ayesha Lively, wife of the prophet [pbuh]
Mahira Adept
Nida Call
Sadaf Seashell
Inaam Bestowal
Aima Leader
Ubaaya A Female Servant
Ambreen Perfumed
Izra Star
Areesha Throne Living
Afeefa Upright
Irtiza Approval
Bilqis Name of a queen
Inayah Concern
Mahek Fragrance 
Baheeza Happy
Lubna Storax Tree
Muskan Happy Smile
Insaaf Equity
Maha Large Eye
Shaheen Royal
Sidra Name Of A Tree In Heaven
Maheen Greatest
Aayat Verses in the Quran
Maryam Mother Of Jesus
Kashaf To Appear
Anam The Mercy Of Allah
Aaliya Perpetual Hope
Zara High Status
Aafiya Healthy
Izna Light
Badeeha Insight
Rabia Fourth

In Muslim society, Parents mostly want such a unique, modern name for baby girl that sounds attractive and delighted in meaning because they think they will be called by their names in day of judgment. Do you also like a modern Islamic name for little baby? Like and share list of 150 modern Muslim girl names with beautiful meanings. Finding such unique Arabic Islamic names for girls is not so easy job. Getnames provides latest Islamic baby names in 2022 and top Quranic girl names in Urdu, Hindi. Urdu baby names are quite handsome in region of Pakistan and India. This topic presents modern baby names 2022 for girls.

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