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Which American baby name do you want for little boy or girl? Still have not decided to what to call your newborn kid, Whether you are searching for classic American or  self made up names by words, place, event but mostly American baby names are surnames that are used as first names. Naming is a first gift that guardian present to their babies for their whole life. American baby names are as such creative, unique and exotic as American make up USA as strong, beautiful and traditional country in all aspect in the World.

There is a huge info of relatively rare, unique American baby girls names and American boys names with meanings. We at Get Names have endeavored to put forward American favorite names for girls and boys from US of A to Z with English meanings.

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M/F American Baby Names American Baby Names With Meaning Origin
F Abigail father’s joy Hebrew
F Abrielle secure; protected French
M Adolf noble wolf German
F Airianna holy English
F Albertine noble and bright American
M Allister defender of mankind American
F Alodie rich English
F Ambria amber American
M Amherst a place name English
F Anissa pure English
F Areil the Lord is my light American
F Arnelle eagle German
M Atworth at the farmstead American
M Aubrey noble; bearlike German
F Auburn reddish brown Latin
M Barnett nobleman; leader English
M Bat son of Talmaí American
F Baylea bailiff English
F Bee blessed American
M Benison blessing; benediction English
M Bentley moor; grass meadow American
F Biset rock dove French
M Blain thin; lean English
M Bolton from the manor farm American
M Bradshaw broad fence English
M Brant proud American
F Breea virtuous; honorable American
M Brewster brewer English
F Bristol from Bristol, England English
M Brooks Brooke’s son American
M Bud herald; messenger English
M Cade juniper American
F Cadyna rhythm English
F Calista most beautiful Greek
M Calvert calf leader English
F Carlisa Carla + Lissa American
F Carter cart driver English
M Chandler candle maker American
F Channie from the oak wood American
M Chanse record keeper English
F Charlaine little and strong English
F Cheney from the oak wood American
F Christi follower of Christ Greek
M Cleavon cliff American
M Cliff cliff at the river crossing English
F Colanda Cora + Yolanda American
F Colette victory of the people French
F Cydney from Saint-Denis, France American
F Dae day English
M Dallon dale; valley American
M Dalston Daegel’s town English
F Damonica prefix Da + Monica American
F Danyell God is my judge American
M David beloved Hebrew
F Dawna sunrise; dawn English
F Deandra Dee + Andrea American
M Delbert bright as day American
F DeLynn prefix De + Lynn American
F Dena a dean; judge English
M Deverell riverbank English
F Dilma resolute guardian American
F Doria from Doris; Greece English
M Dunstan brownstone fortress American
F Dwayla dark-skinned American
M Dwight DeWitt; blond English
F Ebony a dark wood; black Greek
M Egbert bright sword American
M Elder from the elder trees English
F Eldrida wise counselor English
F Elvia elfin English
M Elwell old well English
F Elzina prefix El + Zina American
M Erickson son of Eric American
F Evelin hazelnut English
M Everton town where boars dwell English
F Fany from France American
M Farold mighty warrior American
M Filmore famous person English
F Fira fiery; ardent English
M Flurry flourishing; blooming American
M Fraser strawberry; curly-haired French
M Gardner gardener English
M Garion mighty spearman American
F Garland wreath of flowers Greek
F Geena heavenly messenger American
M Geoffery divinely peaceful English
M Gibson son of Gilbert American
F Gidget giddy English
F Glorianna Gloria + Anna American
M Gordy triangular-shaped hill American
F Grayson child of the bailiff English
M Grey gray-haired American
M Hadley heather-covered meadow English
M Halton estate on the hill American
M Hammet village English
M Hargrove grove of the hares American
M Hartwood deer forest American
F Haven place of eternal happiness English
M Hobson son of Robert American
F Hollyn Holly + Ann English
M Horacio keeper of the hours Latin
M Huxley where Hugh dwells English
M Hyde land equal to 120 acres American
F Isabelle consecrated to God French
F Iyesha life; woman American
F Jahnaui first month of year American
M Jailen meadow of the blue bird American
F Jalesa Jae + Lisa American
M Jameson son of James English
F Jamie-Lynn Jamie + Lynn American
F Janalee Jana + Lee American
F Janessa letter J + Vanessa American
F Jaxine the greatest American
M Jazz original American music American
F Jencia God is gracious American
M Jeremy God will uplift English
F Jessica wealthy Hebrew
F Jevette Jean + Yvette American
F Johnetta dove American
F Jontel God is gracious American
M Judas praised Latin
F Juleah youthful American
F Julia youthful Latin
M Kai keeper of the keys American
F Kaile laurel; crown American
F Kameryn crooked nose American
F Kariane Kari + Ann American
F Karol Ann Karol + Ann American
F Kassie helper of mankind American
F Kaylyn Kay + Lynn American
F Kelby farm by the spring German
M Kendale valley of the river American
F Kenisha Kendra + Aisha American
M Kevonte handsome American
F Keyondra prefix Ki + Ana American
F Kimbra Kim + Debra English
F Kimmie chief; ruler English
M Kingswell king’s well English
M Kirklin church’s estate American
F Kody cushion American
M Korbin raven English
F K’Sea letters K + C American
M Kyndall valley of the river American
F Ladiedra prefix La + Diedra American
F Lakisha prefix La + Keisha American
F Lane narrow road English
M Langdon long hill English
F Larshell Lars + Shell American
M Lathan barn; district American
F Latrena letter L + Katrena American
F Lawna attractive; peaceful American
F Leeanna Lee + Anna English
M Leon lion Latin
F LeTonya prefix Le + Tonya American
F Limber flexible English
M Linden linden hill American
M Livingston Leif’s town English
F Lorena crowned with laurels English
F Loretta crowned with laurels English
M Lyndal valley of the lime trees American
M Lynden linden hill English
F Lynelle pretty English
F Mackensie child of the wise leader American
F Madge high tower Greek
F Malaak queen American
M Manrico powerful leader American
F Mardella meadow near a lake English
F Marie Jeanne Marie + Jeanne American
F Markisha Mary + Keisha English
M Marley lake meadow English
F Marnesha rejoice American
F Mashauva chubby cheeks American
M Matthew gift of God Hebrew
F Matty good; child of Maud English
M Maverick independent American
F Megean pearl; great American
M Mercer storekeeper English
F Mercia martial; warlike English
M Merivale pleasant valley English
F Mikenzie child of the wise leader American
M Mitch who is like God? English
F Monae solitary; advisor American
F Monika solitary; advisor German
M Muhammad the praised one American
F Nadeen hope American
M Ned prosperous guardian English
F Nedda prosperous guardian English
F Nelle stone Greek
F Niviera stream; river American
M Noel born Christmas day French
M Norward protector of the north American
F Olympia heavenly Greek
F Orlinda eagle American
M Orrin river English
M Overton town high on a hill American
M Palmer palm-bearing pilgrim English
M Pelton town by a pool American
F Perry small rock English
M Perry traveler; falcon English
M Porter gatekeeper Latin
M Priestley priest’s meadow American
F Pru cautious; discreet Latin
F Quanesha prefix Qu + Aisha American
F Raelee valiant American
M Rafaelle God has healed French
M Rafe rich; prosperous English
F Rashelle female sheep American
F Raveena blackbird English
M Ray kingly; royal French
M Rayne lord; wise American
F Realeen valiant American
M Renton settlement of the roe deer English
M Richard rich and powerful ruler American
F Rickelle female sheep American
M Riker popular surname American
M Ring ring American
F Roberta famous brilliance English
M Rockwell rocky spring English
M Roe roe deer American
F Ronnie true image American
F Rosella fragrant flower Latin
M Ruben behold a son Hebrew
M Ryan little king American
M Ryle rye hill English
F Saffron purple and white flowers English
M Saquan prefix Sa + Quan American
F Sara Maude Sara + Maude American
M Saxton Saxon town American
M Seger sea warrior American
F Selene goddess of the moon Greek
F Sera princess American
M Shadwell shed by a well English
F Shakita pretty American
F Shamia prefix Sha + Mia American
F Shania God is gracious American
F Shantel song American
F Shaquia pretty American
F Sharran plain; savannah American
F Shavonda plain; savannah American
F Shellie meadow on the ledge English
F Shenell channel American
M Sherman one who shears sheep American
M Shipton sheep village English
F Shontel song American
M Somerset summer settlers English
M Southwell south well American
M Stancil beam English
M Stanmore stony lake American
F Starla star English
M Sterne austere English
M Stoddard horse keeper American
M Studs rounded nail heads American
F Susan lily Hebrew
F Susanna lily Hebrew
M Swannee swan American
M Tadleigh poet from a meadow English
F Takira prefix Ta + Kira American
F Tamee date palm; a palm tree American
F Tamisha Tammy + Aisha American
F Taneesha Tanya + Aisha American
F Taquanna prefix Ta + Quan American
M Taryn Tad and Ron American
F Tawana prefix Ta + Wanda American
F Taylar tailor English
M Teasdale a river in England English
F Terika Teri + Erica American
M Tetley Tate’s meadow American
M Thomas twin Greek
M Thormond Thor’s protection American
F Tichina valiant defender American
F Tilda powerful battler German
M Toby God is good Hebrew
F Toneisha prefix To + Niesha American
M Torey tower American
M Trai third in order English
M Treven Trey and Vaughn American
F Tricia noble; aristocrat English
M Truman trustworthy English
M Twyford double river crossing American
F Tycy enticing; attractive American
F Unika unique American
M Upshaw upper wooded area English
F Vanity vain English
F Verily truly American
M Wadley ford meadow American
M Walcott cottage by the wall English
F Wanetta pale face English
M Ward watchman; guardian American
M Warmond true guardian English
M Webley town weaver lives American
M Welsh from Wales English
M Wheatley wheat field American
M Whit white-haired man English
M Wilkins William’s kin American
M William determined guardian English
F Willie determined guardian English
M Wood old forest English
M Woodfield forest meadow English
F Yaletha nimble American
M Yardley enclosed meadow English
M Yorick farmer American
F Zelma peace American