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Brazil is the only and the largest country in south America where people speak Portuguese and English. Brazilian baby names are not only influenced by Portuguese and English but somehow nod by Spanish, Latin and German. Instead of all, Brazilian newborn baby get two family names, one from mother and one from dad. No need to get a big overwhelmed for thinking different names for baby boys or girls. Come up with new Brazilian names alternative instead of think twice before selecting a latest modern baby name.

If you want a variety of option to choose a famous and cute name for the moon of your eye and dip your kid in culture and heritage of ancestors for bundle of happiness, We at Get Names have rounded up the most recent list of popular and unique Brazilian baby names with meanings in wide collections of famous baby names to honor your lovely little angel or princes. Make a great choice.

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M/F Brazilian Baby Names Brazilian Baby Names With Meaning Origin
F Abai the Nile River Amharic
F Abidemi born while father’s away Yoruba
M Abilio proficient; skillful Portug.
M Abrahan father of a multitude Portug.
F Adanne her mother’s daughter African
M Ade royal Yoruba
F Adrián of Adriatic Sea Spanish
M Affonso noble and ready Portug.
M Agu leopard Ibo
M Alanyo his parents are apart Luo
F Alatea truth Spanish
M Alexandre defender of mankind Portug.
F Alipha thousand Hausa
M Aloisio famous warrior Portug.
F Alondra defender of mankind Spanish
M Alvar army of the elves English
F Amélia work Portug.
F Amaziah a place to rest Hausa
F Analisa Ana + Lisa English
F Andresa strong, courageous Spanish
M Ankoma last born child Akan
F Anne gracious English
F Arama of the Virgin Mary Spanish
M Artie noble, lofty hill English
F Ashley ash-tree meadow English
M Atília height of grace Portug.
F Atiena guardian of the night Swahili
F Ayiqueo soft-spoken; pleasant Mapuche
F Bárbara foreign; strange Portug.
M Babatunji father returns again Yoruba
M Bartolmeu son of Talmai Portug.
M Batte totem is an elephant Luganda
F Benedita blessing; benediction Portug.
M Benison blessing; benediction English
M Berengár bear-spear Portug.
F Bisi the first child Yoruba
M Bolade honor will come Yoruba
F Branca white Portug.
M Bras talks with a lisp Portug.
M Bud herald, messenger English
F Célia heaven Portug.
M Caetano of Gaeta, Italy Portug.
F Canciana of Anzio, Italy Spanish
F Carley freed woman English
M Carlito manly Portug.
M Carlitos manly Portug.
M Casimiro great destroyer Portug.
F Catalonia a region in Spain Spanish
F Catina pure Portug.
F Cayfutray celestial waterfall Mapuche
F Charo beauty flower Spanish
M Chaz farmer English
F Chinara Chi receives Ibo
M Chukwueneka God is kind to us Ibo
F Clarinda bright; beautiful Spanish
M Claudio lame Portug.
M Clemente gentle and merciful Portug.
F Coloma dove Spanish
F Constancia steadfast Portug.
F Corliss kindhearted English
M Cristiano follower of Christ Portug.
F Débora bumble bee Portug.
M Damiáo tame, subdue Portug.
F Danielan God is my judge Spanish
M Daulton town in the valley English
F Daysi white & yellow flower English
M Demetrio loves the earth Portug.
F Desidéria longing Portug.
M Dimas sunset Portug.
M Dionisio follower of Dionysus Portug.
F Doanne low and rolling hills English
F Doroteia gift of God Portug.
M Drake dragon trademark English
M Dyke dike; ditch English
F Eastre born on Easter English
F Eduarda guardian of prosperity Portug.
M Eduardo guardian of prosperity Portug.
F Efigenia well-spoken Portug.
M Eleuterio the liberator Portug.
F Ellery elder-tree island English
M Emerico the power of work Portug.
F Enricua all-powerful ruler Spanish
M Erico all-powerful ruler Portug.
M Ermenegildo immense tribute Portug.
M Ernesto battle to the death Portug.
F Esperanza hope Spanish
M Essien sixth-born son Ga
F Eufemia well-spoken Portug.
M Eusebio pious Portug.
F Evelyn hazelnut English
M Ezequiel God will strengthen Portug.
M Faron wanderer English
F Fayre fair; light haired English
M Feliciano lucky Portug.
M Fethee judgment Ethiopian
F Flávia yellow hair Portug.
M Flávio yellow hair Portug.
F Folade honor arrives Yoruba
F Francisca from France Portug.
M Francisco from France Portug.
F Freira sister Spanish
M Fulton field near town English
F Gabriela strong one of God Portug.
M Ganimedes beautiful mortal Spanish
M Gaspar treasure bearer Portug.
M Gencio loves his family Latin
F Gerarda brave spear woman English
M Geremy exalted by God English
M Gervasio spear servant Portug.
F Gijima swift runner Zulu
M Gilberto brilliant pledge Spanish
F Godiva God’s presence English
M Godofredo God’s peace Portug.
M Goncalo battle genius Portug.
M Goredenna black cloud Shona
M Grau brave spearman Spanish
M Gualter ruler of the army Portug.
F Guia guide Spanish
M Gustavo meditation staff Portug.
M Hadrián dark Latin
M Hamidi commendable Swahili
F Hayle from the hay meadow English
M Heitor defend; hold fast Portug.
M Henrique ruler of the household Portug.
M Herculano of the God Hercules Latin
M Heriberto bright army Portug.
F Hermínia army man Portug.
M Hermenegildo tribute of gold Portug.
M Hipolito freer of horses Portug.
M Horado timekeeper Spanish
F Iara lady Tupi
M Idogbe born after twins Yoruba
F Ifeya love Yoruba
M Inacio internal fire Portug.
M Indíbil very dark-skinned Spanish
F Ines chaste; holy Portug.
M Isadoro gift of the goddess Isis Spanish
F Isis Mother of all Life Egypt
F Ivy ivy tree English
F Jacynthe beautiful, attractive Spanish
M Jade precious stone Spanish
M Jair God enlightens Spanish
F Jakinda beautiful, attractive Spanish
M Jando defender of mankind Spanish
F Jayda precious stone Spanish
F Joana God is gracious Portug.
M João God is gracious Portug.
M Jojo born on Monday Fante
M José God will add Spanish
M Joseantonio Jose + Antonio Spanish
F Josefa God will add Portug.
M Josué God is salvation Portug.
F Judite woman of Judea Portug.
M Julían youthful, downy Spanish
M Kadonkechi bitter soup Mudama
F Kalida warm, ardent Spanish
F Katie pure English
M Katungi rich person Runyankore
M Keyton where hawks fly English
F Kiania the dawn Kikuyu
M Kito precious stone Swahili
F Kokumo this one will not die Yoruba
M Kondo warrior Swahili
M Kyne royal English
F Lídia of Lydia Portug.
M Lúcio light Portug.
M Laine narrow road English
F Landa white sea bird Zulu
F Lauretta crowned with laurels English
M Leandro lion-man Portug.
F Leocádia bright, clear Portug.
M Leonel little lion English
F Letty joy English
M Lewin beloved friend English
F Ligia shrill whistling voice Portug.
M Ligongo who is this? Yao
F Llanquipan solitary lioness Mapuche
M Lobo wolf Spanish
M Lovell young wolf English
F Lovie kindness, charity English
M Lucas bringer of light German
M Luiz famous warrior Portug.
F Lulana the winner Zulu
F Luzmaria Luz + Maria Spanish
F Márcia warlike Portug.
M Mío mine Spanish
M Macario blessed Portug.
M Macerio blessed Spanish
F Mada high tower English
F Malika angel Swahili
M Mancio foretells the future Latin
M Manoel God is with us Portug.
M Marcelo warlike Portug.
F Margarida pearl Portug.
F Marinda evening star Shona
M Marius martial, warlike Latin
F Marquesa works with a hammer Spanish
M Martese martial, warlike Spanish
M Mateo gift of God Spanish
F Matilde mighty in battle Portug.
M Mauricio dark-skinned; moor Portug.
M Maximiliano the greatest Portug.
M Mbwana master Swahili
F Meleni melon Tongan
F Micaela who is like God? Portug.
M Miguel who is like God? Spanish
M Mirembe peace Luganda
M Moises saved from the water Spanish
F Monica advise, counsel Portug.
M Mpasa mat Ngoni
F Mucamutara born during the war Egyptian
M Musaazi jokes with others Luganda
F Nalda strong Spanish
M Naolin sun god of Mexico Spanish
M Narciso numbness; sleep Portug.
M Nassor victorious Swahili
F Nathalia born on Christmas day Portug.
M Nayland island dweller English
M Nemesio just Spanish
F Nenet born near the sea Egyptian
M Neron strong Spanish
M Neto earnest, sincere Spanish
F Niceta victorious one Spanish
M Nicolau victory of the people Portug.
M Niles son of Neil English
M Norberto brilliant hero Spanish
F Novia sweetheart Spanish
M Oalo small Spanish
F Oceana the ocean; the sea English
M Odom oak tree Ghanan
M Okorie born on Oryo market day Ibo
F Olívia elf army Portug.
M Oleos holy oil used in church Spanish
M Onyait born on the grassland Ateso
F Orma respect Wolof
M Oson summer Yoruba
M Ovídio sheep herder Portug.
F Pamojan togetherness Swahili
M Pascoal child of Easter Portug.
M Patricio nobleman Portug.
M Paulo small Portug.
F Pedrina rock Spanish
M Placido calm, placid Portug.
F Portia pig; hog English
F Purificacion purification Spanish
M Quim established by God Portug.
F Rae doe English
M Raleigh dear meadow English
F Raquel ewe Portug.
M Raymundo wise protector Portug.
F Rebeca one who snares Portug.
M Reinaldo wise ruler Portug.
M Rexford king’s river crossing English
F Ricarda rich and powerful ruler Spanish
M Rodolfo famous wolf Portug.
M Ronaldo wise ruler Portug.
F Rosalyn fair rose Spanish
F Roya queenly, royal English
M Rufino red-haired Portug.
M Rui famous power Portug.
M Rwakaikara god of the Banyoro people Runyoro
F Sabelia ancient tribe in Italy Spanish
F Sally princess English
M Saturnino to sow Portug.
F Sauda beautiful and dark Swahili
F Sempronia eternal Spanish
M Sergio servant Portug.
F Sharina desert plain English
M Shel estate on the ledge English
M Simao hearkening Portug.
F Somoche distinguished woman Mapuche
M Steph crowned with laurels English
F Susana lily Portug.
F Suzana lily Portug.
M Tadeu given of God Portug.
F Tandra team English
M Ted prosperous guardian English
M Teodósio God-giving Portug.
F Tequila a kind of liquor Spanish
F Teresita harvester Spanish
F Thandie loving one Zulu
M Thiago Saint Iago Portug.
M Tiburcio of the Tiber river Portug.
F Tisa ninth-born Swahili
M Tor king Tiv
M Tristao Tristan Portug.
M Ulisses to be angry Portug.
F Umoja unity; harmony Swahili
M Umoja unity; harmony Swahili
F Valéria strong Portug.
M Verissimo very true Portug.
F Veronica bringer of victory Portug.
M Virgilio staff-bearer Portug.
F Xantina little saint Spanish
M Yafeu bold Ibo
F Yuliana youthful Spanish
M God shall add Portug.
F Zantina little saint Spanish
F Zoie life Greek
M Zula a port town in Eritrea Ethiopian