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Mexico is one of the most ancient country in history, culture, traditions, literature, music, Art with more than 100 million populations. Mexican people are very rich in lifestyle and tourism is a major contributor in it’s economy. The majority of Mexican speak Spanish but others such Maya, Huastec, Mazahua are spoken in different regions of Mexico. The dominant Mexican religion is Catholicism since Spanish colonization. Get Names has mad a list of Unique, modern and cute Mexican baby names for boys and girls to check.

If you are Finding traditional Mexican baby names for boys and girls, you may like names of this list which are commonly used in Mexico, Check out our huge collections of favorite and most common Mexican names starting from A to Z with English meanings, Are you interested to choose one of 100 most popular Hispanic name 2018 for your kid, Good,you are on right place to scroll up this unique Mexican American names list for boy and girl Because that baby names list was the favorite of Hispanic parents in 2017.

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M/F Mexican Baby Names Mexican Names With Meanings Origin
M Abejundio bee Spanish
F Abila skilled expert Latin
F Abrille born in April Spanish
M Acalan canoe Aztec
M Acilino like an eagle Spanish
F Adalcira Ada + Alcira Spanish
F Adana man; earth Hebrew
F Adelia noble and serene Spanish
M Adelmo noble protector Germanic
F Adolfina noble wolf English
F Afrika sunny; not cold Spanish
F Agraciana to pardon Spanish
M Agusto venerated; majestic Latin
M Alamar an adornment of alms Spanish
F Alazne miracle Spanish
M Alberto noble and bright Germanic
F Aldonza noble war; battle Spanish
F Aleja defender of mankind Spanish
M Alejandro defender of mankind Spanish
F Alfonsa noble and ready Germanic
M Alfonso noble and ready Germanic
F Almudena refers to Virgin Mary Spanish
M Alonso noble and ready Germanic
F Alta tall Spanish
F Altagracia grace of Virgin Mary Spanish
M Amancio rival; emulating Latin
F Amora love Spanish
F Amparo protected Spanish
F Anahi immaculate Persian
F Analena gracious Spanish
F Anatalia from Anatolia Greek
F Andrea strong; resolute Greek
M Andrés man; warrior Greek
F Anelina Ana + Lima Spanish
M Angilberto heavenly warrior Spanish
F Anitra gracious Spanish
M Anton praiseworthy Spanish
F Apolinaria God Apollo Greek
M Apolonio God Apollo Greek
F Aracely sky altar Latin
M Arcadio one born in Arcadia Greek
F Arely brave; courageous Hebrew
M Aristeo best Greek
F Armada armed warrior Spanish
F Armonda man in the army Germanic
M Arsenio virile Greek
F Asalia ascension Latin
F Asella ascension Latin
F Asunta ascension Spanish
M Atreo a king Greek
M Avellino uncertain French
M Azael made of God Hebrew
F Baldomera bold; famous Spanish
M Basilio kingly Latin
M Bebe baby; little one Spanish
F Begona type of flower English
F Belarmina beautiful armor Spanish
F Belia beautiful French
F Belinda beautiful serpent Latin
M Benicio to speak well of Latin
M Bertín distinguished friend Spanish
M Blasios stuttering; stammering Latin
F Bricia strong Spanish
F Briseida to bristle Greek
F Calala candelabra Spanish
M Calixto most beautiful Greek
F Cancianila of Anzio; Italy Spanish
F Caparina regarding the goat Spanish
M Carlos free man German
F Carmen garden; orchard Hebrew
F Castel to the castle Spanish
M Catarino pure Greek
F Celadonia swallow; bird Latin
M Cezar long-haired child Latin
M Chago supplanter Spanish
F Chela consolation Spanish
M Chenche conqueror Spanish
M Chilo from France Spanish
M Cid lord Spanish
F Clarita clear and bright Spanish
M Clodoveo famous warrior Spanish
F Concelia the Immaculate Conception Spanish
M Conrado experienced advisor Germanic
F Consuela consolation Spanish
M Cordero lamb Spanish
F Crescensia to grow Latin
M Crisóstomo mouth of the Cross Greek
M Damario calf Greek
F Damasia of the Adriatic sea Spanish
M Dasio landowner Latin
M Decarlos prefix De + Carlos Spanish
M Decoroso practical Latin
F Deina religious holiday Spanish
M Democles glory of his people Greek
F Denis follower of Dionysus Spanish
M Deocaro loved by God Latin
M Dexter dexterous; adroit Latin
F Dinora judged Hebrew
M Dionisio follower of Dionysus Greek
F Dita truth and pure Spanish
M Donaldo world leader Spanish
M Eberto clever English
F Edelmera noble people Germanic
M Edgardo successful spearman Spanish
F Efenia born to nobility Spanish
M Eladio the Greek Greek
F Eldora gift of sun Greek
F Elfelda tall; powerful Spanish
M Elonzo noble + eager Spanish
F Encarnación incarnation Spanish
F Engracia good will Latin
M Epifanio manifestation Greek
M Ermano noble soldier Spanish
F Ernesta serious Spanish
F Espiridiana basket maker Spanish
M Estévan crowned Spanish
F Estefania crowned with laurels Spanish
F Estefany crowned with laurels Greek
M Estevan crowned with laurels Greek
M Eustacio rich of corn Greek
M Ezio sharp beak Latin
M Faroh ruler Latin
F Felicidad happy Latin
F Felicisima fortunate; happy Spanish
M Felix fortunate; happy Latin
M Fermín strong; firm Spanish
M Fidencio trusting; fearless Latin
M Filadelfo brotherly love Greek
F Florisel blooming; flowering Spanish
M Focio illuminated; shining Latin
M Fortunato fortunate Latin
M Fraterno brotherhood Latin
F Fructuosa fruitful; fertile Spanish
M Fructuoso fruitful; fertile Spanish
M Ganimedes beautiful mortals Spanish
F Gaspara treasure Spanish
M Gencio loves his family Latin
F Georgina earth worker Greek
M Gilberto brilliant pledge Spanish
F Gorane holy cross Spanish
M Graciano recognized by God Latin
M Grau brave spearman Spanish
F Guadalupe valley of the woodlands Spanish
F Guillerma determined guardian Spanish
M Hector holding fast Greek
F Henriqua ruler of the household Spanish
M Heraclio grandiose gift Greek
M Herculano of God Hercules Latin
F Hidalgo noble one Spanish
M Hipolito horseman Spanish
M Huberto bright mind Spanish
M Ignacio fiery Latin
F Incarnazión incarnation Spanish
M Incencio white Spanish
F Infantita immaculate child Spanish
F Isabel consecrated to God Spanish
F Isobel consecrated to God Spanish
F Itzel protected Spanish
F Jaeda wise; jade Spanish
M Jaguar jaguar Spanish
F Jaidyn wise; jade Spanish
M Jaime supplanter Spanish
M Jair God enlightens Spanish
M Jairo he will light up Hebrew
F Jamecia island in the Caribbean Spanish
F Jayde wise; jade Spanish
M Jenaro born in January Latin
M Jesus God rescues Hebrew
F Jesusa God rescues Hebrew
M José God will add Spanish
M Josemanuel Jose + Manuel Spanish
M Juan God is gracious Hebrew
F Julia down-bearded youth Latin
F Justiniana righteous Spanish
M Karlos farmer Spanish
F Karyme the attractive one Spanish
F Landa of the Virgin Mary Spanish
M Laszio God is my help Hebrew
F Legarre of the Virgin Mary Spanish
M Lelio talkative Latin
F Libia born in Libya Greek
M Libio born in a dry place Latin
F Llesenia consecrated to God Spanish
M Lorenzo crowned with a laurel Spanish
F Luminosa resplendent Spanish
F Lur earth Spanish
F Macarena martial; warlike Spanish
M Macario happy; blessed Spanish
M Maciel very slender Latin
F Mahogany rich and strong Spanish
F Maite loveable Spanish
M Malaquías my messenger Hebrew
M Manuel God is with us Hebrew
M Marceliano martial; warlike Spanish
F Maribel Maria + Isabel Spanish
F Maricruz Maria + Cruz Spanish
F Marisabela Maria + Isabella Spanish
F Marita sea Spanish
F Maritza bitter Hebrew
F Marquetta martial; warlike Spanish
M Martese martial; warlike Spanish
M Martez of the god Mars Latin
M Maximiano son of Maximus Latin
F Mayte loveable Spanish
F Melibea looking after Spanish
M Mique who is like God? Spanish
F Mireia wonderful Spanish
M Montego mountainous Spanish
F Morganda seashore Spanish
F Nalleli brilliant eyes Spanish
M Naolin sun God of Mexico Spanish
F Necha pure Spanish
M Nelo God is my judge Spanish
M Nemesio gives justice Greek
M Nestor wise traveler Spanish
F Nicolasa victorious people Spanish
M Niguel champion Spanish
F Nuela hard working Spanish
M Oalo small Spanish
F Ofelia help; aid Greek
F Oleda one of God’s own Spanish
M Olivero olive tree Latin
M Onésimo that which is us Spanish
F Orfalinda feminine and beautiful Spanish
M Osías God is my strength Spanish
M Oswaldo God’s power German
F Pabiola small; humble Latin
F Pabla small Spanish
M Palemón adorned with palms Spanish
M Pancho free; from France Spanish
F Pascuala born on Easter Spanish
M Patricio nobleman Spanish
M Pedro stone Greek
F Pefilia from the Spanish Spanish
M Pepe God will add Spanish
F Pepita God will add Spanish
F Pilar pillar; column Spanish
M Pilar pillar; column Spanish
M Porfirio purple stone Spanish
F Presencia presence Spanish
M Primitivo first one Spanish
F Prudenciana prudence; cautious Spanish
M Quintiliano born in the fifth month Spanish
F Raimunda wise protector Spanish
M Ramírez judicious Spanish
M Ramiero powerful in battle Germanic
F Regla rule Spanish
M Remedio medicine Latin
F Remedios that which cures Spanish
M Reymundo decision Germanic
F Ria river Spanish
M Ricardo rich & powerful ruler Spanish
M Rigaberto bright wealth Germanic
F Rio river Spanish
M Roberto bright fame Germanic
M Rodolfo shield wolf Spanish
M Rogelio famous warrior Spanish
M Rolando famous country Germanic
M Romulus citizen of Rome Latin
F Rosalind fair rose Spanish
F Rosemaria Rose + Maria Spanish
F Rudencinda excellent lady Spanish
F Salinas salt mine Spanish
F Savana savannah; plain Spanish
F Savannah savannah; plain Spanish
M Segundino the family’s second son Latin
F Senalda sign Spanish
M Sereno attendant Latin
M Sergio servant Latin
F Sevilla from Seville; Spain Spanish
M Siervo serves God Spanish
F Silvia wooded; forest Latin
M Socorro helper Spanish
F Sorya eloquent Spanish
M Taciano quiet Spanish
F Tararia reaper Spanish
M Tatius king; ruler Latin
F Tequilla kind of spirit Spanish
F Teresa harvester Greek
M Teyo God Spanish
F Tiburcia place of pleasures Spanish
M Tino venerable; majestic Spanish
F Trella star in constellation Spanish
M Turi noble and lofty hill Spanish
M Valien brave man Spanish
M Varian variable Latin
F Ventura good fortune Spanish
M Victor victor; conqueror Spanish
M Vincente victor; conqueror Latin
F Vitoria victorious Spanish
M Vladimiro famous prince Spanish
M Xeneroso generous Latin
F Xevera owner of new house Spanish
F Xochitl flower Aztec
M Xusto fair; just Latin
F Yncarnación incarnation Spanish
M Zacarís God remembered Spanish
F Zaina God is gracious Spanish
F Zarita little princess Spanish
F Zimena she heard Spanish