Japanese Baby Names

Popular Japanese Baby Girls Names & Baby Boys Names A To Z That Sound English With Meanings

Japan, a door of seven thousand islands with majestic places, most developed cites and 127 million populations is located in the Pacific Ocean Asia. Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan area is the capital city and also political center of Japan with 30 million population. Japanese people are also having full honor of devotion and loyalty in ancient ancestry, belief, good life style, unique architecture, modern gardening ways and well organised in giant hub of business and industries to promote it’s people in the world.

Popular Japanese Baby Names: Japanese names connote gorgeous characters, ancients beliefs and artistic forms. If you wish to select any kind of Japanese baby names for girl or boy but remember each name has several meanings whether those are list of  modern Japanese girls, boys names or rare baby names in Japan. According informal traditions, Japanese newborn babies are given a name after 6 days of their birth. We at Getnames provide you hundred of latest and famous Japanese baby names that sound English with meanings both for girls and boys. So create your Japanese baby names list to wind up more names online.

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M/F Japanese Baby Names  Japanese Names With Meanings Origin
F Ai love Japanese
F Aika love song Japanese
F Aimi love beauty Japanese
F Aiya beautiful silk Japanese
F Akane brilliant red Japanese
F Akasuki bright helper Japanese
M Akemi beauty of dawn Japanese
F Aki autumn; bright Japanese
M Akihiko shining prince Japanese
M Akihiro bright scholar Japanese
F Akiko autumn child Japanese
F Akina spring flower Japanese
F Akira bright and clear dawn Japanese
M Akira bright and clear dawn Japanese
F Amaterasu sun goddess Japanese
F Amaya night rain Japanese
F Amida name of Buddha Japanese
M Amida name of Buddha Japanese
F Anka color of dawn Japanese
F Annaisha helpful guide to others Japanese
F Annya peace and sustenance Japanese
F Anzu apricot Japanese
M Arakan worthy one; hero Japanese
M Arata fresh Japanese
F Arisu noble sort Japanese
F Asa born in morning Japanese
F Asami morning beauty Japanese
F Asuka tomorrow fragrance Japanese
M Atsushi cordial; industrious Japanese
F Au meeting Japanese
F Ayaka colorful flower Japanese
F Ayako scholarly child Japanese
F Ayano colorful woven silk Japanese
F Ayumi stroll Japanese
F Azami thistle flower Japanese
F Azumi safe residence Japanese
F Bunko literary child Japanese
F Chiasa one thousand mornings Japanese
F Chieko thousand blessings child Japanese
F Chiharu one thousand springs Japanese
F Chikako child of wisdom Japanese
F Chinami one-thousand waves Japanese
F Chitose thousand years Japanese
F Chiyo one thousand generations Japanese
F Chizu one thousand storks Japanese
F Cho butterfly Japanese
F Dai great Japanese
M Daichi great first son Japanese
M Daisuke great helper Japanese
F Daitan daring; bold one Japanese
F Den bequest from ancestors Japanese
M Eichi wisdom Japanese
F Eiko long-lived child Japanese
M Eiko prosperity Japanese
F Emiko smiling child Japanese
F Emiyo blessed beautiful generation Japanese
F Ena gift from God Japanese
M Ena gift from God Japanese
F Eri blessed prize Japanese
F Erity one who’s special Japanese
F Etsu delight Japanese
F Etsuko joyful child Japanese
M Ezume pure water; pond Japanese
M Fudo god of fire and wisdom Japanese
M Fujita field Japanese
F Fumiko child of treasured beauty Japanese
F Gen spring Japanese
M Genki lively one Japanese
F Gina silvery Japanese
M Goro fifth son Japanese
M Hachiro eighth son Japanese
M Hajime beginning Japanese
F Hana favorite; flower Japanese
F Hanako flower child Japanese
F Hanan flower child Japanese
F Haneen flower child Japanese
M Haru born in spring Japanese
F Haruki springtime tree Japanese
M Haruo springtime man Japanese
F Hayami rare and unusual beauty Japanese
F Hide excellent Japanese
F Hideko splendid child Japanese
F Hideyo superior generations Japanese
M Hikaru light; shining Japanese
F Hiro broad; widespread Japanese
M Hiroki abundant joy and strength Japanese
F Hiromi widespread beauty Japanese
M Hiroyuki widespread happiness Japanese
F Hisano long plain Japanese
M Hisoka reserved Japanese
F Hoshi star Japanese
F Hotaru firefly; lightning bug Japanese
F Iku nourishing Japanese
F Ine rice Japanese
M Isao honor; merit Japanese
F Ito thread Japanese
M Izanagi male who invites Japanese
F Jin tender Japanese
M Joben enjoys cleanliness Japanese
F Jun obedient Japanese
F Junko pure child Japanese
F Kaede maple Japanese
F Kaiyo forgiveness Japanese
F Kameko tortoise (symbol of long life) Japanese
F Kana dexterity and skill Japanese
F Kane two right hands Japanese
M Kano water god Japanese
M Kaori strong Japanese
M Katashi firmness Japanese
F Katsumi victorious beauty Japanese
F Kawa river Japanese
F Kazashi hair ornament Japanese
M Kazuhiko harmonious prince Japanese
F Kazuko harmonious child Japanese
F Kei respectful Japanese
F Keiko respectful child Japanese
M Ken healthy and strong Japanese
M Kenji intelligent ruler Japanese
M Kentaro big boy Japanese
F Kibo hope Japanese
M Kichi good luck Japanese
F Kiko hope Japanese
F Kikuko chrysanthemum Japanese
F Kimiko dear child Japanese
M Kin golden Japanese
M Kioshi quiet Japanese
M Kishi seashore Japanese
M Kitaro happy boy Japanese
M Kiyo purity Japanese
M Kiyoshi pure; saintly Japanese
F Koemi smiling Japanese
F Kohana little flower Japanese
F Kojika fawn Japanese
F Komako filly; term of endearment Japanese
M Kono dexterity and skill Japanese
M Koshiro wide-mind; ambitious Japanese
F Kotone harp sound Japanese
F Kozue branches of a tree Japanese
F Kumi pretty braids Japanese
F Kuni country born Japanese
F Kura treasure house Japanese
F Kurva mulberry tree Japanese
F Kyoto mirror Japanese
F Machi wish for long life Japanese
F Madoka tranquil Japanese
F Mai dance Japanese
F Maimi smiling with truth Japanese
F Maki true record and tree Japanese
F Mako truth; grateful Japanese
F Mana truth Japanese
M Manzo third-born son Japanese
F Maria sea of bitterness Japanese
F Maru round Japanese
M Masaaki correct brightness Japanese
M Masahiro govern widely Japanese
F Masako correct and governing child Japanese
M Masanori correct principles Japanese
M Masashi correct official Japanese
M Masayuki correct happiness Japanese
M Masuyo increase world Japanese
F Mayumi true bow (archery) Japanese
M Michi pathway Japanese
M Michiya wisdom Japanese
F Mieko beautiful blessing child Japanese
F Mikazuki moon of third night Japanese
F Mikia flower stem Japanese
F Mikki flower stem Japanese
F Mine peak; mountain range Japanese
M Minori village of beautiful fields Japanese
F Mirai future Japanese
F Misaki beauty bloom Japanese
F Misumi pure beauty Japanese
M Mitsuo third male (son) Japanese
F Miya temple Japanese
F Miyo beautiful generation Japanese
F Mizuki beautiful moon Japanese
F Momoko peach child Japanese
M Monterio big boy Japanese
F Morina forest town Japanese
F Moto source Japanese
F Nagisa shore Japanese
M Namiyo wave man Japanese
F Nani beautiful Japanese
F Naoki honest tree Japanese
M Naoko straight; honest Japanese
F Nari thunder Japanese
F Natsuko summer child Japanese
M Nen deep hope Japanese
M Nikko sunshine Japanese
M Nobu faith Japanese
M Nobuyuki faithful happiness Japanese
F Noriko child of principles Japanese
F Nyoko gem; treasure Japanese
M Osamu ruler Japanese
M Ozuru stork Japanese
F Rai trust Japanese
F Ran water lily Japanese
M Rei rule; law Japanese
M Renjiro virtuous Japanese
F Rikona intelligence Japanese
M Ringo peace be with you Japanese
F Roku emolument Japanese
M Ronin samurai without a master Japanese
M Ryo excellent Japanese
F Ryoko good child Japanese
F Ryu lofty Japanese
M Saburo third son Japanese
F Sachio happy child Japanese
M Sadao decisive man Japanese
F Sakae prosperous Japanese
F Sakiya cherry blossom growing Japanese
F Sango coral Japanese
F Sato sugar Japanese
M Satoshi clear-thinking Japanese
F Sayuri little lily Japanese
F Seijun pure Japanese
F Seki wonderful Japanese
M Senichi first-born son of Sen Japanese
F Setsuko temperate child Japanese
M Shamon Buddhist monk Japanese
M Shig names beginning with Shige- Japanese
F Shigeko luxuriant child Japanese
F Shiho maintain original intention Japanese
F Shikha gentle deer Japanese
M Shin truth Japanese
M Shin’ichi faithful first (son) Japanese
F Shino bamboo stalk Japanese
F Shiori bookmark; guide Japanese
F Shizu silent Japanese
M Shoichi prosperous first (son) Japanese
M Shoma reaching for truth Japanese
M Shuji governing second (son) Japanese
M Sin’ichi faithful first-born son Japanese
F Sora sky Japanese
F Suki loved one; eagle-eyed Japanese
F Sumiye bright mind; smart girl Japanese
F Sute forsaken; foundling Japanese
F Suzuki bell tree Japanese
F Tadame seeds of beauty Japanese
M Taigen great ambition Japanese
M Taishiro ambitious boy Japanese
M Taiyo sun Japanese
M Takahiro abundantly filial Japanese
F Takane mountain peak Japanese
F Takara treasure Japanese
F Take bamboo; symbol of fidelity Japanese
M Takeo warrior Japanese
M Takiyo great light Japanese
M Tama a jewel Japanese
F Tamako precious stone Japanese
F Tame unselfish Japanese
F Tamiko abundance child Japanese
F Tanaka dweller in a rice swamp Japanese
M Tani valley Japanese
M Taro great son; first son Japanese
M Tatsuo dragon man Japanese
M Tenchi heaven and earth Japanese
M Teru true illumination Japanese
M Teruma true illumination Japanese
M Tetsip clear thinking Japanese
M Tetsuya clear evening Japanese
F Tomi rich; wealthy Japanese
F Tomiko treasured child Japanese
F Tomo intelligent Japanese
F Tomoni unity; togetherness Japanese
M Torio tail of a bird Japanese
M Toshi alert Japanese
F Toshiko alert and valued child Japanese
M Toshi-shita alert son of his father Japanese
M Tozen deserving one Japanese
F Tsuna bond Japanese
M Tsutomu worker Japanese
F Ume plum blossom Japanese
F Umi ocean Japanese
F Urano coast Japanese
M Uta song; melody Japanese
F Utano field of songs Japanese
F Wakumi beautiful spring of water Japanese
F Wattan homeland Japanese
M Yasashiku gentle; polite Japanese
F Yasuko peaceful child Japanese
F Yayoi spring Japanese
F Yo positive Japanese
M Yoichi masculine first (son) Japanese
M Yori dependence Japanese
F Yoshi good Japanese
F Yoshie good bay Japanese
M Yoshikazu good and harmonious Japanese
F Yoshimasa good luck; correctness Japanese
M Yoshinori righteous principles Japanese
M Yoshito good and lucky man Japanese
F Yubi graceful Japanese
M Yuji courageous second son Japanese
M Yuki happiness; snow Japanese
F Yuko helpful child Japanese
F Yumena famous Japanese
F Yumiko helpful child Japanese
F Yuriko prized child Japanese
M Yuudai great hero Japanese
M Zinan second-born son Japanese