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Ireland is a name of pure natural beauty and lush greenery that surround the third largest gorgeous islands in North Atlantic and end up with tranquility, Celtic fiddle music & ancient traditions. It’s located in the North West of Europe with over 6.6 million Irish people. Irish is the name of strength, courage, wisdom, and devotion such as the Irish language with its Gaelic ancestry and customs that make the beautiful people of Ireland more high in rank of trust. Recently Irish cute baby girls and boys names are not only growing popularity in Ireland but also abroad like UK, USA and Germany. Are you in search of first Irish name and surname with middle name?

Irish Baby Names: If you’re expecting cute Irish blood baby or just love the greenish of Ireland and want your child to bare a famous name that comes out from Irish roots? Or you may like to note a traditional Irish name and enjoy a boom in having the some top list of unique, popular Irish baby names for girls & boys as well, particularly Irish surnames such as Sullivan, Kennedy. We at Getnames can simply guide you toward a wide bundle of really nice, classic, unusual, uncommon and original Irish baby names with meanings.

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M/F Irish Baby Names Irish Baby Names With Meaning Origin
M Abban little abbot Irish
F Abiageal father rejoices Irish
M Abracham father of a multitude Irish
F Aghamora of the great field Irish
F Aghaveagh of the tree field Irish
F Aghina chaste; holy Irish
F Aibhlin little bird Irish
M Aidan lively; full of fire Gaelic
F Aille beauty Gaelic
M Aindreas man; warrior Irish
F Aisling dream; vision Irish
F Aislinn ash tree pool Irish
M Alasdair defender of mankind Gaelic
M Alaster defender of mankind Irish
F Ambrosia nectar of immortality Celtic
M Amhlaoibh forefather’s descendant Irish
M Aodh of the sun god; fire Irish
M Aodhagan of the sun god; fire Irish
F Arin peace Irish
F Arleen pledge Irish
F Arlena pledge Irish
F Aurnia golden lady Irish
F Avonmora from the great river Irish
M Bailey bailiff; steward French
F Banaltra nurse Gaelic
M Banning small and fair Irish
F Bari markswoman Irish
F Bebhionn fair lady Irish
F Bedelia strong Irish
F Beibhinn fair lady Irish
M Blair field; place Irish
F Blaithin little flower Irish
F Blathnaid little flower Irish
M Braidy broad-chested Irish
M Bran raven Irish
M Brasil strong in conflict Irish
F Brena little raven Irish
M Brendan little raven Irish
F Breonia strong; virtuous Irish
F Bridey strong; virtuous Irish
M Brien strong; virtuous Irish
F Brieonna strong; virtuous Irish
M Brogan little shoe Irish
F Bronach sorrow Irish
F Cadhla beautiful Irish
M Cael a warrior of the Fianna Irish
M Caelan little slender one Irish
F Caitrin pure Irish
F Caoimhe beautiful Irish
M Caolán slender Irish
F Cara friend Gaelic
F Cary dark one Irish
M Case brave Irish
F Casey vigilant; wakeful Irish
M Cathair warrior Irish
M Cathal battle ruler Irish
M Cathan little battle Irish
M Ceallachan little bright-headed one Irish
M Ceallagh bright-headed one Irish
M Cearbhall violent warrior Irish
M Cian ancient; distant Irish
F Ciannait ancient; distant Irish
F Ciara little black one Irish
M Clancey red-haired warrior Irish
M Clearie minstrel; scholar Irish
M Colman dove Irish
F Colmcilla dove of the church Irish
M Colum dove Irish
M Conall high and mighty Irish
M Conallan strong as a hound Irish
M Conan praised; exalted Irish
F Congalie constant Irish
M Conlaed purifying with fire Irish
M Conlaoch chief warrior Irish
F Corrie from the hollow Irish
M Cowal joint pledge Irish
M Crevan fox Irish
M Dáibhídh beloved Irish
M Dáire old traditional Irish name Irish
F Dacey tenant; vassal Irish
M Daly assembly; gathering Irish
F Damhnait little fawn Irish
M Daniel God is my judge Hebrew
M David beloved Hebrew
M Davin little black one Irish
M Deaglan full of goodness Irish
M Demond from south Munster Irish
M Derian small; rocky hill Irish
M Derry free from envy Gaelic
F Devona a poet Irish
F Dezie from South Munster Irish
M Diarmuid freeman; without envy Irish
F Donna world ruler Gaelic
M Donough brown warrior Irish
F Dreolan the wren bird Gaelic
M Driscoll messenger; bearer of news Irish
F Eadaoin pretty face Irish
M Eadbhard guardian of prosperity Irish
M Eagan very mighty Irish
F Eda ardent; flame Irish
F Edain pretty face Irish
F Eibhlin little bird; rival Irish
F Eithne kernel Irish
M Eliott the Lord is my God Hebrew
F Emer ready; swift Irish
M Eoin God is gracious Irish
M Erin peace Irish
M Evan young warrior Irish
F Fallanta spirit and mind are healthy Gaelic
M Faolan little wolf Irish
M Farrell valorous Gaelic
M Feidhlimidh ever-good Irish
M Felim ever-good Irish
M Ferdia man of God Irish
M Finbarr fair-headed Irish
M Findlaech fair warrior Irish
M Findlay blond-haired soldier Irish
F Finnguala white shoulder Irish
M Finnian little fair one Irish
F Finualla fair maiden Gaelic
F Fionnghuala white shoulder; fair Irish
M Fionntan little fair one Irish
F Fionnuala white shoulder Irish
M Flannery descendant of Flannabhra Irish
M Flannghal red valor Irish
F Fliora flower Irish
M Gair small Irish
M Galen bright shining white Gaelic
M Gallager foreign help Irish
M Gaynor son of the fair-skinned man Irish
M Gealan bright & lively Gaelic
M Gearalt spear ruler Irish
M Gillean servant of St. John Irish
M Gilmore devoted to the Virgin Mary Irish
M Gilroy red-haired lad Irish
F Gobnait little smith Irish
M Gofraidh God’s peace Irish
M Hailey ingenious Irish
M Hanley descendant of Áinle Irish
M Harbin bright army Irish
M Hoyt mind; spirit Irish
M Hurley sea tide Irish
F Iomlan whole and complete Gaelic
M Ionatan God has given Irish
M Jacob son of Isaac Hebrew
M Jay blue jay French
M Jayden God has heard us Hebrew
M Joseph God will add Hebrew
M Joshua God is my salvation Hebrew
F Kaitland pure Irish
F Kaleigh slender Irish
F Kalie slender Irish
M Kathel battle ruler Irish
M Kavan handsome Irish
M Kearney soldier; warlike Irish
F Kearra dark-haired or dark-skinned Irish
M Keary dark-haired or dark-skinned Irish
M Keenan smart one; ancient one Irish
M Keevon handsome Irish
M Kegan fire Irish
F Kellan Kelly + Lynn Irish
F Kellee brave warrior Irish
F Kellyn Kelly + Lynn Irish
F Keriann Keri + Ann Irish
M Kern little and dark Irish
M Kevan handsome and gentle child Irish
M Kiel narrow piece of land Irish
M Kier little and dark Irish
M Kieran little and dark Irish
M Kyele narrow piece of land Irish
F Kyla crown; laurel Irish
M Kyle narrow piece of land Irish
M Lanty devotee of Saint Seachnall Irish
M Laoghaire shepherd Irish
F Laoise famous warrior Irish
M Leon lion Irish
F Liadain grey lady Irish
M Lochlain land of lakes Irish
M Logan meadow Irish
M Logan meadow Irish
M Luca bringer of light Italian
M Lucas bringer of light German
M Lugh oath Irish
F Macanta kind one Gaelic
M Macarthur son of Arthur Irish
M Maccrea son of grace Irish
M Maedoc my dear Irish
M Mael prince Celtic
F Mair&eactue;ad pearl Irish
F Maira sea of bitterness Irish
F Maire beloved Irish
M Maitiu gift of God Irish
M Mal names beginning with Mal Irish
M Malachy my messenger Irish
F Mare sea of bitterness Irish
M Mark martial; warlike Latin
M Martan of the god Mars Irish
F Mave intoxicating Irish
F Mavourneen my honey; my sweet one Irish
M Max greatest Latin
F Meaveen intoxicating Irish
M Mellan little lightning Irish
F Melven chief Gaelic
M Mikeal who is like God? Irish
M Mohamad chosen Arabic
M Mohammed name of the Prophet Arabic
F Morna beloved Irish
F Morrigan great queen Irish
F Morrighan goddess of death and war Irish
F Muirin born of the sea Irish
M Muiris dark-skinned Irish
M Mundy from Reamonn, Ireland Irish
M Nadurra affectionate; good-natured Gaelic
F Nainsi favor; grace Irish
F Naomh holy Irish
F Neassa one and only choice Irish
F Neile light Irish
M Neis one and only choice Irish
M Niul champion Irish
F Niya champion Irish
M Noah peaceful; restful Hebrew
F Nualla fair maiden Gaelic
F Oba chief; ruler Irish
F Odharnait little sallow one Irish
M Oistin majestic Irish
M Oliver olive tree Latin
M Oliver olive tree Latin
M Ormonde descendant of Ruadh Irish
F Ornat green Irish
M Oscar deer-lover Irish
M Paddy nobleman Irish
M Paden little nobleman Irish
M Padraig nobleman Irish
M Partnan son of Talmai Irish
M Patrick nobleman Latin
M Pilib lover of horses Irish
M Pol small Irish
M Proinnteach generous person Irish
M Rónán dark seal Irish
M Rafferty rich; prosperous Irish
F Ragen little ruler Irish
M Reamann wise protector Irish
F Regan little queen Irish
F Rilee valiant Irish
M Riley valiant Irish
M Riley valiant Irish
M Rogan red-haired; ruddy complexion Irish
M Roibeard famous Irish
M Roibin robin Irish
M Ross rose red Latin
M Ruadh little red one Irish
M Ruadhan little red one Irish
M Ryann little king Irish
M Rylee valiant Irish
F Ryleigh valiant Irish
F Saibh sweet Irish
M Sam heard the call of God Hebrew
M Samuel asked of God Hebrew
M Seán God is gracious Irish
M Seachlainn second in order Irish
M Seachnall second in order Irish
M Searlas man; warrior Irish
F Searra velvety black; saw-toothed Irish
M Sebastian venerable; revered Greek
F Shaelee fairy palace Irish
F Shanae God is gracious Irish
F Shaunice God is gracious Irish
F Shaunta God is gracious Irish
F Shawnda God is gracious Irish
F Shenae God is gracious Irish
F Sheridan peaceful Irish
F Shilin cherry Gaelic
F Sinead God is gracious Irish
F Siobhan God is gracious Irish
F Siofra elf Irish
M Slevin mountaineer Irish
M Sloan little raider Irish
M Sloane little raider Irish
F Sorcha bright one Gaelic
M Sorley summer traveler Irish
F Sosanna lily Irish
M Suileabhan little dark eyes Irish
M Sullivan little dark eyes Irish
F Syerra velvety black; saw-toothed Irish
F Tarra throw; carry Irish
F Teagan little poet Irish
M Teagan little poet Irish
M Tierney lord of the household Irish
M Tigernan little lord Irish
M Tigernmaglus lordly prince Irish
F Toireasa harvester Irish
M Tomás twin Irish
M Toren knolls Irish
M Trev prudent; homestead Irish
F Treva prudent; homestead Irish
M Trever prudent; homestead Irish
M Ualtar ruler of the army Irish
M Uilliam determined guardian Irish
M Ultan of Ulster Irish
Male Wiley determined guardian Irish