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Bengal region is located in the South Asian subcontinent with estimated over 174 million Bengali population, West Bengal is part of Indian state and the East Bengal stands the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is combination of two words: Bangla and Desh that means a land where Bangla is spoken as official language. Two major rivers Brahmaputra and Ganges cross the heart of this region. Religion of more than 60 percent Bengali people is Sunni Muslim sect & some others 40% belong to Hindu who mostly live in Indian West Bengal. Popular Bengali baby names starting with A to Z.

West Bengali Baby Names: If you are looking for unique and uncommon Bengali baby names to make a great choice for you little newborn baby, Give honor to cute baby by naming a sweet Bengali names that are influential of good characters, beauty of nature and even also inspired by gods and goddesses. Bengali parents prefer a baby name that captures hopes and good aspirations for the bright future of kids. Go ahead and jump in a variety of most popular Bengali baby names for girls & boys with English meanings. Sweet Indian West Bengali children names & Meanings

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Gender Names Meanings Origin
Boy Abhijeet One who is victorious Bengali
Boy Abhik Beloved Bengali
Boy Abhoy Fearless Bengali
Boy Achintya Inconceivable, beyond comprehension Bengali
Boy Achyut Imperishable, indestructible Bengali
Boy Amitava One with boundless splendor Bengali
Boy Aniruddha Cooperative; grandson of Lord Krishna Bengali
Boy Ardhendu Half-moon Bengali
Boy Arnab Ocean, sea Bengali
Boy Arup Incomparable Bengali
Girl Ankolika An embrace Bengali
Girl Aparajita One who cannot be destroyed Bengali
Girl Arundhati Star Bengali
Boy Benoy Polite Bengali
Boy Bhaskor The sun Bengali
Boy Bipin Forest Bengali
Girl Baruni Goddess Durga Bengali
Girl Bhoomika The earth Bengali
Girl Bidisha Lightening Bengali
Girl Bibhuti Goddess Lakshmi Bengali
Girl Bipasha A river Bengali
Boy Chandrachur Another name for Lord Shiva Bengali
Girl Chaitali Born in the month of Chaitra, a season Bengali
Boy Daiwik By the grace of God Bengali
Boy Debashish Benediction of God Bengali
Boy Debesh One favoured by the Gods Bengali
Boy Debyendu Auspicious, bright as the moon Bengali
Boy Dipankar One who illuminates the lamps Bengali
Boy Devesh Another name for Lord Shiva Bengali
Girl Debjani Beloved Bengali
Girl Debolina One who is beloved to Gods Bengali
Girl Deeptimoyee Shiny and lustrous Bengali
Girl Drishti Sight Bengali
Girl Durba Sacred grass Bengali
Boy Hrishab One with good morals Bengali
Boy Hridyanshu Light from the heart, moon Bengali
Boy Indroneel Another name for Lord Shiva, a blue gem Bengali
Boy Joy Rejoicing Bengali
Girl Joyeeta Victorious Bengali
Boy Koushik Love Bengali
Boy Kaustubh Immortal Bengali
Girl Kajol Kohl, a variant of Kajal Bengali
Girl Kajori Another name for Goddess Parvati Bengali
Girl Konkana Bracelet Bengali
Girl Kshamya Forgiveness Bengali
Girl Indrani Wife of Indra Bengali
Girl Lotika An elegant creeper or vine Bengali
Boy Mihir Sun Bengali
Girl Madhurima Sweet as honey Bengali
Girl Mishti Sweet person Bengali
Girl Moitreyee An enchantress Bengali
Girl Moutushi A flower Bengali
Girl Naisha Very special Bengali
Boy Palash A tree Bengali
Boy Parthiv A king, earthy Bengali
Boy Partho Arjun, a variant of Parth Bengali
Boy Paritosh Contentment Bengali
Boy Prabodh Sound advice Bengali
Boy Prabhas Lustrous, with a sheen Bengali
Boy Prabir Hero, brave one Bengali
Boy Pranab The sacred syllable ‘Om’ Bengali
Boy Pranjal Honest Bengali
Boy Prasoon Flower Bengali
Boy Pratul Abundant Bengali
Girl Pakhi A bird Bengali
Girl Paromita Leafy beauty Bengali
Girl Piyali A tree Bengali
Girl Poulomi Wife of Lord Indira Bengali
Girl Prisha God’s gift Bengali
Girl Preshti Ray of Light Bengali
Girl Purobi A gracious lady Bengali
Girl Ranjini Amusing Bengali
Boy Shaan Glory Bengali
Boy Shantanu Peace loving Bengali
Boy Sashwat Perpetual, eternal Bengali
Boy Shirshendu Another name for Lord Vishnu Bengali
Boy Shishir The winter season Bengali
Boy Shubhang Attractive Bengali
Boy Shubho The auspicious one Bengali
Boy Sourav Fragrance, aroma Bengali
Boy Som Moon Bengali
Boy Subrata Influential and powerful Bengali
Boy Sudipto Bright and attractive Bengali
Boy Swapnil Dreamlike Bengali
Girl Sagarika Belonging to the ocean Bengali
Girl Shorbari Night Bengali
Girl Shormishta Yayati’s wife Bengali
Girl Shoma Beautiful Bengali
Girl Subhashini Soft spoken Bengali
Girl Suhashini Ever smiling Bengali
Girl Sudeepta Bright Bengali
Girl Suravi Sun Bengali
Girl Sushmita One with a beautiful smile Bengali
Boy Tanay Son, dear one Bengali
Boy Tapan Sun, summer Bengali
Boy Tapas Heat, sun Bengali
Boy Trinabh Another name for Lord Vishnu Bengali
Girl Trisha Wish, desire Bengali
Girl Trishna Thirst Bengali
Girl Tanaya Daughter Bengali
Girl Tanisha Ambition Bengali
Girl Tavishi Courage. Another name for Goddess Durga. Bengali
Girl Tuhina Dew drop Bengali
Girl Tvisha Bright Bengali
Boy Ujjwal Bright and luminous Bengali
Girl Upasana Worship Bengali
Girl Vanhi Fire Bengali
Girl Vrishti Rain Bengali
Girl Yoshita A beautiful lady Bengali
Girl Zubeen Something that touches the sky Bengali