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Old English was brought to British by Anglo Saxons in 5th century, gradually from that to now it has become the first international language in education of science, communications, information of technology and internet among others languages that are spoken globally, As well as English baby names are concerned in English society are having old tradition same like English language that is spoken more than 1 billion around the world and 360 million native. It has official status in UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand.

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M/F English Baby Names Baby Names Meanings Origin
F Abigail father’s joy Hebrew
F Abrielle secure; protected French
M Aidan full of fire Gaelic
F Alden wise protector English
M Aldred wise counselor English
M Aldrich wise counselor English
F Alfreda wise counselor English
F Alica the nourished one Latin
F Amy beloved one Latin
F Anarosa Ana + Rosa English
F Angela heavenly messenger Greek
F Arleigh meadow of the hare English
F Artemis goddess of the hunt Greek
M Arthur noble; lofty hill English
F Asheley ash tree meadow English
M Aston eastern town English
M Atherton town by a spring English
F Audrina Audrey + Anna English
F Avery noble; bearlike English
M Barnard brave as a bear French
M Barrington fenced town English
M Bartlet son of Talmai English
M Bertie bright; shining English
F Beverley beaver field English
M Billy determined guardian German
M Binky bean field English
F Binney blessed English
F Birdie little bird English
M Brad broad river crossing English
M Bradon broad hill English
M Bradshaw broad fence English
M Brick bridge English
F Britaney from Great Britain English
F Brittan from Great Britain English
F Brittanica from Great Britain English
M Brockton badger English
M Brod son of the famous ruler English
M Burney island with a brook English
M Byram cattle yard English
M Byrne brook; stream English
F Carleigh little and strong English
F Carlyle island dweller English
F Carmen song Latin
M Chancellor record keeper English
F Channel channel English
F Charlene little and strong English
M Charleston Carl’s town English
F Charley strong; farmer German
M Charlie strong; farmer English
F Cimberleigh chief; ruler English
F Clare clear and bright English
F Claudette lame French
M Clive cliff at the river crossing English
M Cooper barrel maker English
M Corey hollow Irish
F Cosette victorious people French
F Crystal brilliant as glass Latin
F Cutburga brilliant English
M Darton deer town English
M Daulton town in the valley English
M David beloved Hebrew
F Dayla valley English
F Deanna divine Latin
F Deborah bumblebee Hebrew
M Deverell riverbank English
F Devonna from Devonshire, England English
M Doane low and rolling hills English
F Doanne low and rolling hills English
M Dob famous brilliance English
F Doe a female deer English
F Earwyn friend from the sea English
M Eddie successful spearman English
F Edeline noble; kind English
M Edsel rich man’s house English
M Edson son of Edward English
F Elisabet consecrated to God Hebrew
F Ellen light English
M Elsworth estate of a nobleman English
M Emmitt industrious; strong German
M Emory industrious leader German
F Essence life; essence English
F Eugenia born to nobility Greek
F Evangelina bearer of good news Greek
M Ezrah helpful one Hebrew
M Farnham field of ferns English
M Farnley fern meadow English
F Fidelity faithful; true; fidelity Latin
F Florence flowering; prosperous Latin
F Florie flowering; prosperous English
M Floyd gray-haired English
M Francis from France Latin
M Frankie from France English
M Gardner gardener English
M Garrad brave spearman English
M Garrett brave spearman English
F Genna small bird English
F Georgia farmer Greek
F Georgiana Georgia + Anne English
M Gerson son of Gershom English
M Gilmer famous hostage English
M Gipsy wanderer English
F Graceann Grace + Ann English
F Grayson child of the bailiff English
F Gretchen my pearl German
M Grimshaw dark woods English
M Hadley heather-covered meadow English
M Hadwin friend in a time of war English
M Hanford high ford English
M Hargrove grove of the hares English
M Haris son of Harry English
F Hayle hay meadow English
F Helen light Greek
F Helene light French
M Hewitt little smart one German
M Holden deep hollow in the valley English
M Hollis from the grove of holly trees English
M Hutton house on the jutting ledge English
M Iden pasture in the wood English
F Idla battle English
M Ingram angel English
F Irene peaceful Greek
F Iria lady English
F Jamya substitute English
F Janett God is gracious French
F Janey God is gracious English
M Jarrett brave spearman English
M Jaxon son of Jack English
M Jay blue jay French
F Jobeth Jo + Beth English
F Jolie pretty French
F Jolyane God will add English
M Jordan descending Hebrew
M Judas praised Latin
M Judd praised Hebrew
F Karalana Kara + Lana English
F Karla farmer German
F Karsen a child of Kar English
F Kendahl ruler of the valley English
M Kendel valley of the river English
F Kenise beautiful English
M Kenward royal guardian English
M Kerrick king’s rule English
M Knight armored warrior English
M Kole cabbage farmer English
M Koleman cabbage farmer English
F Kyler narrow piece of land English
F Kyndra Kendra; water baby English
F Lace beautifully twisted together Greek
M Landon open; grassy meadow English
M Langston long; narrow town English
M Lathrop barn; farmstead English
F Leah weary Hebrew
F Leigh weary English
F Leighann Lee + Ann English
M Lewin beloved friend English
M Linden linden hill English
M Lindley linden field English
F Linley flax meadow English
F Lisette God is my oath Hebrew
F Lissa honey bee Greek
M Luca bringer of light Italian
F Lucy bringer of light Latin
M Lyle island French
M Lyndal valley of linden trees English
F Lyndsay linden tree island English
F Lynelle pretty English
F Madilyn high tower Greek
F Magdalene high tower Greek
F Maggi high tower English
F Marian Mary + Ann English
F Marilyn Mary + Lynn English
F Marine of the sea Latin
M Marlin deep-sea fish English
M Martel hammerer English
M Martin martial; warlike Latin
F Masiel down from the stars English
F Maude high tower English
F Maureen dark French
M Maxwell great spring English
M Mead meadow English
M Medric flourishing meadow English
F Merry cheerful; happy English
F Millicent industrious English
F Millie hard working English
M Milton mill town English
M Mohamad chosen Arabic
M Mohammed name of the Prophet Arabic
M Montgomery mountain of a wealthy man French
F Nancy gracious English
F Natie born on Christmas day English
M Nesbit bend in a river English
M Newton new town English
M Nicholas victory of the people Greek
M Ogden oak valley English
F Opeline translucent glass English
M Ormond bear mountain English
M Orrick old oak tree English
F Paiton warrior’s town English
M Palmer palm-bearing pilgrim English
F Pansy flower; fragrant Greek
M Parrish church district English
M Patrick nobleman Latin
M Phillip lover of horses German
M Pierson son of Peter English
F Porscha offering German
F Pricilla ancient Latin
F Primrose primrose flower English
M Radcliff cliff with reeds English
M Raine lord; wise English
M Raleigh dear meadow English
F Randee protected English
F Raven blackbird English
M Raymond wise protector English
M Redpath path of red earth English
M Reece swift moving stream Welsh
M Reginald king’s advisor English
M Ricker powerful army English
M Ridgeway path along the ridge English
M Ridley meadow of reeds English
F Robynn robin English
M Rockwell rocky spring English
M Roger famous spearman German
M Rollie famous in the land English
F Ros fair rose English
F Rosalee fair rose English
M Rumford wide river crossing English
F Ruth friendship Hebrew
M Rutledge red ledge English
M Ryan little king Irish
F Sabrine princess English
F Sabryna princess English
M Sandy defender of mankind English
M Saxton Saxon town English
M Scot from Scotland English
F Selene goddess of the moon Greek
F Shandi God is gracious English
M Shap shepherd English
F Sharee beloved; dearest English
M Shelby ledge estate English
M Sheldon farm on the ledge English
F Sidney follower of Saint Denis French
M Sinjon saint; holy man English
M Smedley flat meadow English
M Smith blacksmith English
F Somer summertime English
F Sommer summertime English
M Stan stony meadow Latin
M Stanmore stony lake English
M Stannard hard as stone English
M Stockley tree-stump meadow English
M Stoney stone English
M Storm tempest; storm English
F Summer summertime English
F Susanna lily Hebrew
F Suzan lily English
M Swinfen swine’s mud English
M Tab shining; brilliant English
M Tadleigh poet from a meadow English
F Tasmin twin English
F Tassie twin English
M Tedmund protector of the land English
M Terance smooth Latin
F Teresa twin Greek
M Terrell thunder ruler German
F Teylor tailor English
F Thea goddess Greek
M Thurmond defended by Thor English
M Tim honoring God Greek
M Timmie honoring God Greek
M Townsend town’s end English
M Tray third in order English
M Trayton town full of trees English
F Tressa reaper Greek
F Trista noblewoman Latin
F Tristabelle Tristan + Belle English
M Twain divided in two English
M Tyler tile maker English
M Tylor tile maker English
F Vera true; faith Latin
F Violet purple-blue flowers French
F Viv full of life Latin
M Wael from Wales English
M Wakeman watchman English
M Walby house near a wall English
M Warrick town hero English
M Watson army ruler; general English
M Waverly quaking aspen-tree English
M Westley western meadow English
M Weylin land by the road English
M Whalley woods near a hill English
F Whittney white island English
M Wilkie William’s kin English
F Willie determined guardian English
F Willow willow tree English
M Wills son of Will English
M Wiloughby willow farm English
M Woodville edge of the woods English
M Worth guardian’s estate English
M Worton farm town English
M Zebulon exalted; honored Hebrew

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