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Famous Cuban Baby Names With English Meanings » A List Of Popular Cuban Names For Girls & Boys

Cuba a land of 11 million people with several thousand of beautiful island make the Caribbean region Superior and rich in troves of exotic famous Cuban baby girls & boys names. Cuba is located in the south eastern coast of Florida USA and having enough colorful culture of Spanish speakers due to Spanish colonialism till 1898. Therefore most of Cuban baby names are having background of Spanish origin as well as Greek and Latin too but some aboriginal peoples of the island have natives baby names whose ancestors occupied there before European arrival. Cuban baby surnames are composed of two names”the surnames of  parents in order.

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M/F Cuban Baby Names Cuban Baby Names With Meanings Origin
M Abelardo noble; resolute Spanish
F Acindina safe Greek
F Adalcira Ada + Alcira Spanish
M Adolfo noble wolf Spanish
F Adoncia sweet Spanish
F Aganetha pure Greek
F Agathe good and kind Greek
F Agnelia pure Greek
F Alazne miracle Spanish
F Aleesha truthful; noble Greek
M Alejándro defender of mankind Spanish
F Aleja defender of mankind Spanish
F Aletha truth Greek
F Alexanderia defender of mankind Greek
F Aleyda of the goddess Athena Greek
F Allita the earth Greek
F Alondra defender of mankind Spanish
M Alonza noble and eager Spanish
F Alysa rational Greek
F Amada beloved Spanish
M Amador loves God Spanish
F Amara eternally beautiful Greek
F Amrita beloved; loving Spanish
F Analena gracious Spanish
F Andreina courageous Greek
F Andria courageous Greek
F Aneesha pure Greek
F Anesia pure Greek
F Angel angel; messenger Greek
F Angella angel; messenger Greek
F Antania flourishing Greek
F Antifona different complexion Greek
M Anton praiseworthy Spanish
F Antonina flourishing Greek
F Ariesa god of war Greek
M Arlo fortified hill Spanish
F Artemela goddess of the hunt Greek
M Artemio gift of goddess Artemis Spanish
F Aspasia welcome Greek
F Atala young Greek
F Athena goddess of wisdom Greek
M Audacto bold Latin
M Badilón courageous Spanish
M Basilio royal; kingly Greek
F Belarmina beautiful armor Spanish
M Bembé prophet Spanish
F Benita blessed Spanish
M Bernbe son of the missionary Spanish
M Bibiano small man Spanish
M Bonifacio does good deeds Spanish
F Cailida adoring Spanish
M Calisto most beautiful Greek
F Cancianila of Anzio, Italy Spanish
M Carlito Carl’s town Spanish
F Castora brilliant Spanish
M Cedro strong gift Spanish
M Ché God will add Spanish
F Charo beauty flower Spanish
M Chaves popular surname Spanish
M Cheche God will add Spanish
M Chepe God will add Spanish
M Chumo twin Spanish
M Cisco from France Spanish
F Clarita clear and bright Spanish
M Cleto chosen to fight Greek
F Concepcion Immaculate Conception Spanish
M Cordaro little lamb Spanish
F Coro chorus Spanish
F Damasia of the Adriatic Sea Spanish
M Decarlos prefix De + Carlos Spanish
F Delfia dolphin Spanish
M Desiderio desired Spanish
F Diega supplanter Spanish
M Duardo prosperous guardian Spanish
F Edelira noble heritage Spanish
M Edmundo prosperous protector Spanish
M Eladio from Greece Greek
F Elisa consecrated to God Spanish
M Elon noble and eager Spanish
M Emeterio deserves affection Greek
F Enricua ruler Spanish
M Epifanio shines brightly Greek
M Ermano noble soldier Spanish
M Espartaco gardener Greek
F Estefania crowned with laurels Spanish
M Eterio pure as heaven Greek
M Eudendro forest of many trees Greek
M Eufrasio uses words well Greek
M Eumenio favorable; opportune Greek
M Euquerio sure handed Greek
M Eustorgio well loved Greek
M Euxenio born into nobility Greek
M Evaristo excellent one Greek
F Ezmeralda bright green gemstone Spanish
M Fanuco free Spanish
M Federico peaceful ruler Spanish
M Fernán daring; adventurous Spanish
M Filiberto brilliant Spanish
F Floramaria flower of Mary Spanish
M Floriano flowering Spanish
M Francisco from France Spanish
M Fredo peaceful ruler Spanish
F Fructuosa sweet as fruit Spanish
M Fulco village Spanish
M Ganimedes beautiful mortals Spanish
M Gavin white hawk Welsh
M Geraldo mighty spearman Spanish
M Geroncio little old man Greek
F Gertrudes beloved warrior woman Spanish
M Gimoaldo confessor Spanish
F Godalupe of the mother Mary Spanish
M Goliard the rebel Spanish
M Gorgonio the violent one Greek
M Grimoaldo confessor Spanish
F Guillerma determined guardian Spanish
M Gutierre army ruler Spanish
M Heliodoro gift of the sun god Greek
M Hermilo little Hermes Greek
F Hermosa beautiful Spanish
M Herodoto the sacred talent Greek
M Hilario cheerful Spanish
M Homero hostage; pledge Spanish
M Huberto bright mind Spanish
F Idurre of the Virgin Mary Spanish
M Incencio white Spanish
F Infantita immaculate child Spanish
M Ireneo lover of peace Greek
F Isabel consecrated to God Spanish
M Isidoro the goddess Isis Greek
F Itxaro hope Spanish
F Jacynthe beautiful; attractive Spanish
F Jadzia precious gemstone Spanish
F Jaidyn precious gemstone Spanish
M Jair God enlightens Spanish
F Jaquinda beautiful; attractive Spanish
M Javiero owner of a new house Spanish
F Jesusa God is my salvation Spanish
M Jimeno He heard Spanish
M Jorgeluis Jorge + Luis Spanish
M Joseantonio Jose + Antonio Spanish
F Juaneta God is gracious Spanish
M Juanjose Juan + Jose Spanish
M Julio youthful Spanish
M Kosmo harmonious; universe Greek
F Landa of the Virgin Mary Spanish
M Lao stand of glory Spanish
M Learco judge of his village Greek
M Lerenzo crowned with laurels Spanish
F Leya the constellation Leo Spanish
M Lidio ancient Greek
F Lola sorrowful Spanish
M Luís famous warrior Spanish
M Luisangel Luis + Angel Spanish
F Lur earth Spanish
M Macario happy; blessed Spanish
M Macerio blessed Spanish
F Madeira sweet wine Spanish
F Maita sorrowful lady Spanish
M Mango God is with us Spanish
F Mar sea Spanish
F Mariposa butterfly Spanish
M Markos martial; warlike Spanish
F Marquesa works with a hammer Spanish
M Martez martial; warlike Spanish
M Martinez martial; warlike Spanish
M Mauricio dark skinned; moor Spanish
F Mayte loveable Spanish
M Melecio careful and attentive Greek
M Mendo offers sacrifices to God Spanish
M Miguel who is like God? Spanish
M Mincho son of my right hand Spanish
M Mingo born on Sunday Spanish
F Mirana strange; wonderful Spanish
M Mirco assures the peace Spanish
M Montego mountainous Spanish
M Montez of the mountains Spanish
F Mora blueberry Spanish
F Nalda strong Spanish
M Naldo king’s advisor Spanish
M Natividad nativity Spanish
F Necha pure Spanish
M Nectario nectar of life Greek
M Neo new life; gift Greek
M Nerio sea traveler Greek
M Nestor wise traveler Spanish
M Nicéforo brings victory Greek
F Nicanora victorious army Spanish
M Nicho of the god of wine Spanish
M Nino young child Spanish
M Normando man of the north Spanish
F Novia sweetheart Spanish
F Oleda of God Spanish
M Olo famous in the land Spanish
M Orfeo has a good voice Greek
F Oriole black-and-orange bird Latin
F Orquidea beautiful as a flower Italian
F Osanna praise the Lord Latin
M Osbaldo God’s power Spanish
M Oswaldo God’s power Spanish
F Ovia egg Latin
M Pabla little one Spanish
M Pafnucio rich in merits Greek
F Palmira palm tree Spanish
M Panfilo friend to all Greek
M Parodio imitates the singing Greek
M Paterio born in Pateria Greek
F Patrocinio sponsorship Spanish
M Paz peaceful Spanish
M Pello stone Greek
F Perpetua perpetual Spanish
M Perseo the destroyer Greek
M Philo love Greek
M Pirro flaming hair Greek
M Placido serene Spanish
M Plutarco rich prince Greek
M Polidoro having virtues Greek
M Pompeyo heads the procession Greek
M Posidio devoted to Poseidon Greek
M Procopio he who progresses Greek
M Protasio preferred one Greek
F Prudenciana cautious; discreet Spanish
M Pueblo from the city Spanish
F Quesara youthful Latin
F Quillen woman of the heights Spanish
F Quintessa essence Latin
F Quirita citizen Latin
M Quito fifth in order Spanish
F Ramira judicious Spanish
M Raymón mighty; wise protector Spanish
F Regla rule Spanish
M Reinaldo king’s advisor Spanish
F Retha virtuous Greek
M Reymundo mighty; wise protector Spanish
F Rhody rose Greek
M Riel devoted to God Spanish
F Rio river Spanish
F Riza reaper Greek
M Rodolfo shield wolf Spanish
M Rogelio famous warrior Spanish
M Rolon famous wolf Spanish
F Romula great strength Spanish
F Rosalyn fair rose Spanish
M Rudi famous wolf Spanish
M Ruyan little king Spanish
M Salamon peaceful Spanish
F Salud healthy Spanish
F Samara elm-tree seed Latin
M Sandro defender of mankind Greek
F Santanna saint Spanish
M Santino city in Texas Spanish
M Saturnín gift of Saturn Spanish
F Savana treeless plain Spanish
F Savina ancient tribe in Italy Latin
F Secundila second daughter Latin
F Seleste celestial; heavenly Latin
F Semele once Latin
M Servando to serve Spanish
F Severa severe Spanish
M Silverio god of trees Spanish
M Socorro helper Spanish
F Solana sunshine Spanish
F Soterrana burial site Spanish
M Tácito he who is quiet Spanish
M Tajo day Spanish
M Teb crowned with laurels Spanish
M Teodosio gift of God Greek
F Tequila a kind of liquor Spanish
M Terencio smooth Spanish
M Theo God Greek
F Tiburcia place of pleasures Spanish
M Ticiano giant; hero Spanish
M Tirso crowned with fig leaves Greek
M Tolomeo powerful in battle Greek
F Tranquila tranquil Spanish
M Trasíbulo daring counselor Greek
M Tutu just; righteous Spanish
F Umbelina gives protective shade Latin
F Urbana city dweller Latin
M Valor man of valor Spanish
F Ventana window Spanish
F Veradis truthful Latin
F Veredigna earned great honor Latin
F Verita the truth Latin
F Vernisha bringer of victory Latin
M Vicente victor; conqueror Spanish
F Vinita beloved Spanish
M Virgilio staff bearer Spanish
M Vuno of the mountains Greek
M Xalbador savior Spanish
F Xandria defender of mankind Greek
F Xanthippe yellow; blond haired Greek
M Xeronimo holy; pure Greek
F Yadra mother Spanish
M Yago supplanter Spanish
F Yocelin joyous Latin
F Yoselyn joyous Latin
M Zacarís God remembered Spanish
F Zanna God is gracious Spanish
F Zelia sunshine Spanish
M Zotico of a long life Greek