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Canada is a name of beauty that starts from attractive landscapes to well developed cities and multicultural nation of the world. We are utterly convinced that it’s quite difficult to express how much Canadian feel affection to their homeland and also impossible to deny a single thing not to love it from depth of heart. Regarding cute Canadian baby names for girls and boys, Most of Canadian couples try to select such baby names that easily work in both French and English languages because of their mixed-background.

Some parents choose baby names that adjust their family cultures and religions and some like very simple names that are kind of professional and traditional but still are uncommon names in Canada. Do you wish to honor your family person by using their names as second names If you are wondering about top French and Canadian female baby names for last names or nicknames to capture true popularity. Just watch our up & comer Canadian baby names list in 2018 to get most popular names with all regions of Canada.

Are you looking for strong and the most popular Canadian baby names that represent creative value, nature, old traditions of school and a big role of your baby fate. As Canadian parents get more and more creative with beautiful places that inspire them. Indeed some Canadian claim to have baby names of place where their child was conceived. We at Get Names have compiled latest list of unique and modern Canadian baby girls names and boys names with meanings. Pick up your favorite name that sounds very regal.

M/F Canadian Baby Names Canadian Baby Names With Meaning Origin
M Aaron enlightened messenger Hebrew
F Abbie father’s joy Hebrew
F Abby father’s joy Hebrew
F Abigail father’s joy Hebrew
M Adam mankind Hebrew
M Adrian rich; dark Greek
M Aidan fiery Irish
M Alex defender of mankind Greek
F Alexa defender of mankind Greek
M Alexander defender of mankind Greek
F Alexandra defender of mankind Greek
F Alexis defender of mankind Greek
F Alica the nourished one Latin
M Alvin noble friend English
F Alyssa frees and heals Greek
F Amanda lovable one Latin
F Amber amber French
F Amelia hard working German
F Amy beloved one Latin
M Andrew manly Greek
F Angela heavenly messenger Greek
F Angelica heavenly messenger Greek
F Angelina heavenly messenger Russian
F Anna gracious German
M Anthony praiseworthy Latin
F Ashlea ash tree meadow English
F Ashley ash-tree meadow English
M Ashton ash tree settlement English
M Austin majestic Latin
F Ava bearer of good news Greek
F Avery elf ruler English
F Avian like birds in the sky English
M Aylwin noble friend English
F Baylee bailiff English
M Ben son of my right hand Hebrew
M Benjamin son of my right hand Hebrew
M Blake handsome and dark English
F Blenda valley; glen English
M Bobby famous brilliance English
M Bradley spirited; broad island English
M Brady spirited; broad island Irish
M Brandon beacon hill English
M Brayden broad valley English
M Brayton bright town English
F Brianna strong; virtuous English
M Brody canal builder Irish
F Brook brook; stream English
F Brooke brook; stream English
F Brooklyn Brook + Lynn American
M Burford birch ford English
F Caitlin pure Irish
M Caleb doggedly faithful Hebrew
M Cameron crooked nose Scottish
M Carson son of Carr English
M Carter cart driver English
F Carter cart driver English
M Cederic battle chieftain English
M Charles farmer German
F Charlotte little and strong French
M Chase agile hunter French
F Chelsea seaport English
F Chloe blooming; verdant Greek
M Christian follower of Christ Greek
M Christopher follower of Christ Greek
F Claire clear and bright French
M Cliff cliff at the river crossing English
F Codie cushion; comfort English
M Cody cushion; comfort English
M Cole cabbage farmer Latin
M Colin young cub Irish
M Connor wise Scottish
F Danah from Denmark English
M Daniel God is my judge Hebrew
F Danielle God is my judge American
M Darnel hidden place English
M David beloved Hebrew
F Della noble and serene English
M Derward deer keeper English
M Dominic belonging to the Lord Latin
F Dreama dreamer English
M Dylan of the sea Welsh
M Eaton estate on the river English
F Edrice prosperous ruler English
M Elijah the Lord is my God Hebrew
F Elizabeth consecrated to God Hebrew
F Ella beautiful fairy-woman English
M Elston noble’s town English
F Elvina noble friend English
F Emily industrious; flatterer Latin
F Emma industrious German
M Eric brave ruler Scand.
M Ethan strong; firm Hebrew
F Eva bearer of good news Greek
M Evan young warrior Irish
M Ezrah helpful one Hebrew
F Faith faithful; fidelity English
F Fay fairy English
M Flurry flourishing; blooming English
M Gabriel devoted to God Hebrew
F Gabrielle devoted to God French
M Bakari promise Kiswahili
M Balikuraira time to mature mentally Runyoro
F Baraka blessing; fortune Swahili
M Baraka blessing; fortune Swahili
F Barika success Swahili
M Bashiri can foretell the future Shona
M Bategeka people who plan well Runyoro
M Batte clan totem is an elephant Luganda
M Benaim son of the right hand Ethiopian
F Bennu eagle Egyptian
M Beno one of a band Mwera
M Berhan light; illumination Amharic
M Berhanua light; illumination Amharic
M Berihun let him be our guide Amharic
M Bobo born on Tuesday Fante
M Bodua an animal’s tail Akan
F Bolade honor has come at last Yoruba
M Bolade honor will come Yoruba
F Bolanile she is the wealth of house Yoruba
M Bomani warrior Ngoni
M Bwana Mkubwa great master Swahili
M Bwire born at night Bakedi
M Byarugaba God’s own Rukiga
M Byaruhanga God’s own Rutooro
M Byembandwa God’s own Runyoro
F Calfuray blue violet flower Mapuche
M Chenzira born on the roadside Shona
M Cherika the moon Amharic
M Chi personal guardian angel Nigerian
M Chijoke God gives talent Ibo
F Chika Chi is supreme Ibo
M Chikosi neck Ngoni
F Chinyere Chi is the giver Ibo
M Chioke gift of God Ibo
F Chione daughter of the Nile Egyptian
M Chitundu bird’s nest Mwera
M Chiumbo small creation Mwera
F Chuku-Meneka thank God Ibo
F Cuyen moon Mapuche
M Dada child with curly hair Yoruba
M Dahnay to be safe; wellness Amharic
M Dakarai happiness Shona
F Dalila gentle Swahili
F Dalmar versatile African
F Dayo joy arrives Yoruba
M Dayo joy arrives Yoruba
M Deg generous kindness Amharic
F Deka pleasing Somali
M Dembe peace Luganda
M Desta joy Amharic
F Duma cheetah; swift Swahili
M Duma cheetah; swift Swahili
M Dumaka help me with hands Ibo
M Dumisa praise & honor Zulu
F Duniya earth Hausa
M Dunsimi don’t die before me Yoruba
F Ejubane swift one Zulu
M Ejubane swift one Zulu
M Ekundayo sorrow becomes happiness Yoruba
F Elea floating; clarity Swahili
M Elea floating; clarity Swahili
F Elewa understands Swahili
F Enyonyam she is good for me Ewe
M Eremias God will uplift Ethiopian
F Eshe life Swahili
M Essien sixth-born son Ga
F Evae a tribal name Ewe
M Ewansiha secrets are not for sale Benin
M Farijika will comfort Swahili
M Fasilidas historic king of Ethiopia Ethiopian
F Fatia weans an infant African
F Fayola walks with honor Yoruba
F Fazana womankind Zulu
F Femi love me Yoruba
F Foluke place in God’s hands Yoruba
M Foluke place in God’s hands Yoruba
M Fram of the Ofram tree Ghanan
M Funsani request Ngoni
M Fynn Offin river Ghanan
F Gabela confident; determined Zulu
M Gebereal God is my strength Ethiopian
M Gebre an offering Amharic
F Gela happiness Lenape
M Geta lord Amharic
F Gethera harvest Kikuyu
M Gezan the one in charge Amharic
M Gonza love Rutooro
M Goredenna black cloud Shona
M Gowon rainmaker Tiv
M Gyasi wonderful child Akan
M Habib beloved Swahili
F Hafsa young lioness Muslim
M Hamadi praised Swahili
M Hamidi commendable Swahili
M Hamisi born on Thursday Swahili
M Hanif believer Kiswahili
M Haoniyao born during a quarrel Swahili
M Hasani handsome Swahili
F Iara lady Tupi
M Iben harmony Ibo
F Maya the material universe Arabic
F Megan pearl; great Greek
M Merrick ruler of the sea English
F Mia mine Italian
M Michael who is like God? Hebrew
F Michelle who is like God? French
F Mikayla who is like God? Hebrew
F Mildred gentle counselor English
M Mitchell who is like God? English
F Morgan seashore Welsh
M Morse dark skinned; moor English
F Mya emerald Burmese
F Naomi pleasant; my delight Hebrew
F Natalie born on Christmas day Latin
F Natasia resurrection Greek
M Nathan gift of God Hebrew
M Nathaniel gift of God Hebrew
M Newman newcomer American
M Nicholas victory of the people Greek
F Nicole victory of the people French
M Noah peaceful; restful Hebrew
M Nolan famous nobleman Irish
M Northcliff northern cliff English
F Olivia olive tree Latin
M Oswin divine friend English
M Owen born to nobility Irish
F Paige young child English
F Pansy flower; fragrant Greek
M Patrick nobleman Latin
M Pendle hill English
M Peter stone Greek
F Princess daughter of royalty English
M Princeton princely town English
F Rachel female sheep Hebrew
M Raven raven English
F Ravon blackbird English
F Rebecca tied bound Hebrew
M Reyes swift moving stream English
M Riley valiant Irish
M Robert famous; brilliance English
M Robinson son of Robin English
F Rosamaria Rosa + Marie English
M Rudiger famous warrior German
M Ryan little king Irish
M Rylan land where rye is grown English
F Sadie princess Hebrew
F Saige wise English
F Samantha listener Latin
M Sampson like the sun Hebrew
M Samuel asked of God Hebrew
F Sara princess Hebrew
F Sarah princess Hebrew
M Sebastian venerable; revered Greek
M Seth appointed Hebrew
M Shade shady; cool place English
F Sharon desert plain Hebrew
M Shawn God is gracious Irish
F Sienna reddish brown in color American
F Sierra black; saw-toothed Irish
M Silvester forest dweller Latin
F Simran absorbed in God Sikh
F Sofia wise Greek
F Sophia wise Greek
F Sophie wise Greek
M Spencer dispenser of provisions English
M Stacy productive; stable English
F Star star English
F Stephanie crowned Greek
M Sting spike of grain English
F Summer summertime English
M Swindel valley of the swine English
F Sydney Saint-Denis; France French
F Symone she heard God Hebrew
M Tanner leather worker; tanner English
F Tawny soft brown-yellow English
F Taylor tailor English
M Tedmund protector of the land English
M Thomas twin Greek
M Tieler tile maker English
F Tinble sound bells make English
M Trae third in order English
F Trinity holy triad Greek
M Tristan a bold knight Welsh
M Ty tile maker English
M Tye tile maker English
M Tyler tile maker English
M Tyson son of Ty French
F Udele prosperous English
F Vanessa butterfly Greek
F Victoria victorious Latin
M Wakefield wet field English
M Watkins army ruler; general English
F Waynette wagon maker English
M Weylin land by the road English
M William determined guardian English
M Wiloughby willow farm English
M Wright wagon maker English
M Wyatt little warrior French
M Zachary God remembered Hebrew
F Zoe life Greek