Unique Muslim Girl Names in 2022

Unique Muslim Girl Names 2022

When a baby girl is born in Muslim family, parents first priority is to give their coolness princess a gift of unique name that will stick with her forever. Girls are blessing of Allah and bring happiness to our lives. Our Prophet PBUH also encouraged us to give our kids meaningful names. If you have not shortlisted any traditional rare name for your little bundle of joy. Getnames has a long list of lovely Islamic girl names that can sounds good for you. Let’s see unique Muslim girl names 2022.

You can select one of the best baby girl name out of 100 Unique and elegant Muslim baby girl names with meaning so for 2022. This list of  top Islamic names for girls is especially compiled from those Arabic names that are most taken in Pakistan, Bangladesh. And Indian Muslim girl names are also adorable and unique.

Unique Muslim Girls Names List for 2022

    1. Amira (Princess)
    2. Afaf (Purity)
    3. Aamna (Peace)
    4. Aatifa (Affection)
    5. Aleema (learned)
    6. Aqsa (Intelligent)
    7. Badr (Full moon)
    8. Bilkis (An alternative name for Queen Sheba)
    9. Daneen (Princess)
    10. Danah (Graceful)
    11. Dania (God is my judge)
    12. Dayesha (The very essence of being alive)
    13. Deemah (The beauty of rainwater)
    14. Daneen (Princess)
    15. Durriyah (Brilliant)
    16. Eimaan (Faith)
    17. Eliza (Unique)
    18. Erina (Beautiful)
    19. Erum (Heaven)
    20. Eiliyah (In love with Allah)
    21. Elham (Inspiration)
    22. Ezzah (A person who gives honor and respect)
    23. Faheema (Understanding)
    24. Faiza (Victorious)
    25. Fajr (Dawn)
    26. Faleehah (Successful)
    27. Farha (Happy)
    28. Faham (Understanding, Intelligent)
    29. Farida (A daughter who is the most precious one)
    30. Fatima (Name for the Prophet’s daughter)
    31. Ghazal (Narrator of Hadith)
    32. Ghunwah (Song)
    33. Gulnar (Flower)
    34. Haadiyah (Guide)
    35. Hadhira (Smart)
    36. Hajra (Independent)
    37. Jasmin (Yasmin)
    38. Jaleela (A girl who manifests illustrious deeds in her life)
    39. Kausar (Reservoir in Paradise)
    40. Kaina (Leader)
    41. Kalima (Word)
    42. Kubra (Great)
    43. Kaadira (A woman who is capable of achieving anything)
    44. Khatija (Someone who can trust blindly)
    45. Laamah (Brilliancy)
    46. Mahasin (Virtues)
    47. Manal (Achievement)
    48. Mahaala (The oozing power of femininity)
    49. Mallika (The royal queen of all mankind)
    50. Mehar (Someone who is benevolent in nature)
    51. Maimuna (Safe)
    52. Naadiya (An exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new)
    53. Naazwa (A passionate and secret whisper)
    54. Nabila (Happiness)
    55. Nafeeza (Precious)
    56. Noor (The shining light sent from God)
    57. Nadira (Unique)
    58. Nur (Light)
    59. Nargis (The daffodil flower)
    60. Parisa (Angelic)
    61. Qasoomah (Poetess)
    62. Qailah (One who speaks)
    63. Radwah (Contentment)
    64. Rania (Delighted)
    65. Rubiya (Spring)
    66. Ruhee (Soul)
    67. Rukhsana (Beautiful)
    68. Salima (Complete)
    69. Shurooq (Rise)
    70. Sabina (Flower)
    71. Shabana (Famous)
    72. Shadan (Cheerful)
    73. Sultana (Ruler)
    74. Soheila (Star)
    75. Sohana (Graceful)
    76. Sarah (Still used widely by many, for its reference to a princess)
    77. Shaaheen (As royal as an eagle)
    78. Shakufa (A flower that is emerging beautifully)
    79. Sofia (An intelligent and wise woman)
    80. Sana (Mountaintop)
    81. Salena (Moon)
    82. Talibah (Seeker of knowledge)
    83. Taslima (Salutation)
    84. Taheera (A pretty exotic name for a chaste woman)
    85. Tasnim (Fountain of paradise)
    86. Umaiza (Beautiful)
    87. Valiqa (Trustworthy)
    88. Wahida (Unique)
    89. Yusra (Prosperous)
    90. Yameena (A woman brought up in a right way)
    91. Yasmeen (Resembles a jasmine flower)
    92. Yalina (Soft, gentle)
    93. Yumna (Good fortune)
    94. Zahra (Expansive as desert)
    95. Zaina (Graceful woman)
    96. Zara (Nature of a flower)
    97. Zafreen (Knowledgeable)
    98. Zainab (Beautiful)
    99. Zoya (Alive)
    100. Zara (Flower)

If you are blessed a beautiful baby girl and want to select some fabulous Islamic names for her. Some Islamic girl names are very famous in Arabic origin such as Ayesha, Khadeeja, Aroosh, Zainab, Omaymaa and Ruhma. Top Arabic girl names are list above to find your most attractive Muslim girl names meaning in English. Trendy Islamic girl names that mostly are selected by parents and family. Our team of Getnames show a list of unique girl names Muslim for little angel.

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