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Malayalam Girls, Boys Names With Meanings: Kerala, A gorgeous natural home of wildlife, beautiful beaches, lush mountains and serving of 38 million Malayalam spoken native people, stands in South India. Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala & Malayalam language has official status in the state. Malayalam a classical language is derived from Tamil. Native baby kids are given two names, first is family name to maintain roots of ancestry & second is chosen by parent.

125 Top & Unique Malayalam Baby Names: Giving a cute name to the baby is most important task for guardian as it reflects one’s identity, ancestor cultural traditions and heritage. If you are ambitious and have keen interesting to get modern and famous Malayalam baby names with Hindi meanings, We at Getnames present you latest list of Kerala names for girls, boys starting with “A” to “Z” along regal meanings. Have a nice day for finding your sweet baby name.

GirlAamiOne who is dearly lovedMalayalam
GirlAbhisarikaaThe beloved one.Malayalam
GirlDhanyaThankful or luckyMalayalam
GirlDhanyataSuccess or fulfilmentMalayalam
BoyDhavalThe fair one, a fair childMalayalam
BoyDheemanAn intelligent man.Malayalam
BoyIjayA name of Lord VishnuMalayalam
BoyIkshuA Malayalam word for sugarcane.Malayalam
GirlIlaIt means earth.Malayalam
BoyIndeevarA blue lotusMalayalam
GirlIndrakshiThe one with beautiful eyesMalayalam
GirlIndukalaThe moonlightMalayalam
GirlIndumaMalayalam term for moon.Malayalam
GirlIndumukhiA woman with a moon like face.Malayalam
BoyIpsitDesired, the desirable oneMalayalam
BoyIravanThe king of ocean.Malayalam
GirlJiniA Malayalam variation of Jenny.Malayalam
BoyNairThe leader or the soldierMalayalam
BoyPranalA waterway, estuary, creekMalayalam
GirlPujyaA person who is worthy of respect and worshipMalayalam
GirlReneekaA woman who is like a songMalayalam
BoyShardoolA man brave as a lion, lionMalayalam
GirlShreeyaA name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means lucky.Malayalam
GirlShrejalA beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost.Malayalam
GirlShrenaA name of Goddess Lakshmi.Malayalam
GirlTejaBright and radiant.Malayalam
BoyThakshakName of a cobraMalayalam
GirlUdayaThe feminine version of Uday, meaning dawn.Malayalam
GirlUdvitaA river filled with lotus flowers.Malayalam
GirlUjasBright or shining.Malayalam
GirlUjhalaLight or brightMalayalam
GirlUjjayiniIt means rising.Malayalam
GirlUjjwalaBright or lustrous. A woman with a bright personality.Malayalam
BoyUlhasDelight or joy.Malayalam
GirlUlkaUlka is a traditional Malayalam name, meaning meteorite.Malayalam
GirlUmaIt means splendor or tranquility.Malayalam
GirlUpamaComparison or commonplaceMalayalam
BoyUpanshuChanting the hymns or mantras in a low toneMalayalam
BoyUpendraA name of Lord Vishnu. It means an element.Malayalam
GirlUrjaOne with high levels of energyMalayalam
GirlUrmiWave of the sea.Malayalam
GirlUrvasiThe most beautiful of all the apsaras or angels.Malayalam
GirlUshakiranRays of the morning sun.Malayalam
BoyUshapatiHusband of dawn or sunMalayalam
BoyUtpalBeginning, or a water lilyMalayalam
GirlUtpaliniA lotus pond.Malayalam
BoyUttamThe best from the rest.Malayalam
GirlUttaraA star, or north direction.Malayalam
BoyVachanSpeech or promiseMalayalam
BoyVachaspatiLord of speechMalayalam
BoyVadishLord of the bodyMalayalam
BoyVagindraLord of speechMalayalam
BoyVagishVagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech.Malayalam
BoyVaidyanaathMaster of medicinesMalayalam
GirlVajraDiamond, a precious gemstone.Malayalam
GirlVallariName of Goddess SitaMalayalam
GirlVallikaMalayali for creeper.Malayalam
GirlVaniA name of Goddess Saraswati. It means ‘eloquent in words’.Malayalam
GirlVanitaA lady or womanMalayalam
GirlVanmalaA garland of wildflower.Malayalam
GirlVaruniName of a Hindu goddess. It means infinite.Malayalam
GirlVasumatiAn angel or apsara of unequalled beauty.Malayalam
BoyVatsalAn affectionate person.Malayalam
GirlVatsalaA loving and caring womanMalayalam
BoyVeydantThe sum of the VedasMalayalam
BoyViamrshA name of Lord Shiva.Malayalam
BoyVibhaakarThe moonMalayalam
GirlVidhutA Malayali term for electricity.Malayalam
GirlVidulaA Malayali term for moon.Malayalam
GirlVijayaVictory or victorious.Malayalam
GirlVijayalakshmiThe goddess of victory.Malayalam
GirlVinantiVinanti means doing prayer or request.Malayalam
GirlVinataVinata is the name of Garuda’s mother. It means humble.Malayalam
GirlVinitaVinita is a variant of Vineeta and means humble or requesterMalayalam
GirlVinodiniA happy and cheerful girl.Malayalam
GirlVisalaCelestial or apsaraMalayalam
BoyVrisiniName of Lord Shiva.Malayalam
BoyVyomakeshA man with sky like hair.Malayalam
BoyVyomdevA name of Lord Shiva.Malayalam
BoyVyomeshLord of the sky, cloud and water.Malayalam
GirlYaagnyaA ritual sacrifice with a specific objective.Malayalam
BoyYaduName of an ancient king.Malayalam
BoyYadunandanSon of Yadu. A name of Lord KrishnaMalayalam
BoyYagyasenName of king DrupadMalayalam
BoyYagyeshLord of the sacrificial fireMalayalam
GirlYahviHeaven or earthMalayalam
GirlYamunaOne of the holy rivers of India.Malayalam
BoyYashasFame, a famous person.Malayalam
GirlYashilaFamous and popularMalayalam
GirlYashitaFame and popularity.Malayalam
GirlYashmitaYashmita was the name of Lord Krishna’s foster mother.Malayalam
BoyYashodhanOne who is rich in fame, famous.Malayalam
BoyYashpalProtector of fame.Malayalam
BoyYatishLord of the devotees.Malayalam
BoyYatneshGod of effortsMalayalam
BoyYayatiName of a sage.Malayalam
GirlYemaOur joyMalayalam
BoyYogeshThe God of yoga.Malayalam
GirlYoushaA young girlMalayalam
BoyYuvarajPrince, heir or successor.Malayalam
BoyYuyutsuOne who is eager to fight.Malayalam
GirlZenaA hospitable womanMalayalam
GirlZianaBrave and boldMalayalam