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Malayalam Girls, Boys Names With Meanings: Kerala, A gorgeous natural home of wildlife, beautiful beaches, lush mountains and serving of 38 million Malayalam spoken native people, stands in South India. Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala & Malayalam language has official status in the state. Malayalam a classical language is derived from Tamil. Native baby kids are given two names, first is family name to maintain roots of ancestry & second is chosen by parent.

125 Top & Unique Malayalam Baby Names: Giving a cute name to the baby is most important task for guardian as it reflects one’s identity, ancestor cultural traditions and heritage. If you are ambitious and have keen interesting to get modern and famous Malayalam baby names with Hindi meanings, We at Getnames present you latest list of Kerala names for girls, boys starting with “A” to “Z” along regal meanings. Have a nice day for finding your sweet baby name.

Gender Names Meanings Origin
Girl Aami One who is dearly loved Malayalam
Girl Abhisarikaa The beloved one. Malayalam
Girl Dhanya Thankful or lucky Malayalam
Girl Dhanyata Success or fulfilment Malayalam
Girl Dhatri Earth Malayalam
Boy Dhaval The fair one, a fair child Malayalam
Boy Dheeman An intelligent man. Malayalam
Boy Ijay A name of Lord Vishnu Malayalam
Girl Ijaya Sacrifice Malayalam
Girl Iksha Sight Malayalam
Boy Ikshan Sight Malayalam
Boy Ikshu A Malayalam word for sugarcane. Malayalam
Girl Ila It means earth. Malayalam
Boy Indeevar A blue lotus Malayalam
Girl Indrakshi The one with beautiful eyes Malayalam
Girl Indukala The moonlight Malayalam
Girl Induma Malayalam term for moon. Malayalam
Girl Indumukhi A woman with a moon like face. Malayalam
Boy Ipsit Desired, the desirable one Malayalam
Boy Iravan The king of ocean. Malayalam
Girl Jini A Malayalam variation of Jenny. Malayalam
Boy Nair The leader or the soldier Malayalam
Boy Pranal A waterway, estuary, creek Malayalam
Girl Pujya A person who is worthy of respect and worship Malayalam
Girl Reneeka A woman who is like a song Malayalam
Boy Shardool A man brave as a lion, lion Malayalam
Girl Shreeya A name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means lucky. Malayalam
Girl Shrejal A beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost. Malayalam
Girl Shrena A name of Goddess Lakshmi. Malayalam
Girl Teja Bright and radiant. Malayalam
Boy Thakshak Name of a cobra Malayalam
Girl Udaya The feminine version of Uday, meaning dawn. Malayalam
Boy Udayan Uprising Malayalam
Boy Udeep Flood Malayalam
Girl Uditi Rising Malayalam
Girl Udvita A river filled with lotus flowers. Malayalam
Girl Udyati Elevated Malayalam
Girl Ujas Bright or shining. Malayalam
Girl Ujhala Light or bright Malayalam
Girl Ujjayini It means rising. Malayalam
Girl Ujjwala Bright or lustrous. A woman with a bright personality. Malayalam
Boy Ulhas Delight or joy. Malayalam
Girl Ulka Ulka is a traditional Malayalam name, meaning meteorite. Malayalam
Girl Uma It means splendor or tranquility. Malayalam
Girl Upama Comparison or commonplace Malayalam
Boy Upanshu Chanting the hymns or mantras in a low tone Malayalam
Boy Upendra A name of Lord Vishnu. It means an element. Malayalam
Girl Urja One with high levels of energy Malayalam
Girl Urmi Wave of the sea. Malayalam
Girl Urvasi The most beautiful of all the apsaras or angels. Malayalam
Girl Ushakiran Rays of the morning sun. Malayalam
Boy Ushapati Husband of dawn or sun Malayalam
Boy Utpal Beginning, or a water lily Malayalam
Girl Utpalini A lotus pond. Malayalam
Boy Uttam The best from the rest. Malayalam
Girl Uttara A star, or north direction. Malayalam
Boy Vachan Speech or promise Malayalam
Boy Vachaspati Lord of speech Malayalam
Boy Vadish Lord of the body Malayalam
Boy Vagindra Lord of speech Malayalam
Boy Vagish Vagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech. Malayalam
Boy Vaidyanaath Master of medicines Malayalam
Girl Vajra Diamond, a precious gemstone. Malayalam
Girl Valini Stars Malayalam
Girl Vallabha Lover Malayalam
Girl Vallari Name of Goddess Sita Malayalam
Girl Vallika Malayali for creeper. Malayalam
Girl Vani A name of Goddess Saraswati. It means ‘eloquent in words’. Malayalam
Girl Vanita A lady or woman Malayalam
Girl Vanmala A garland of wildflower. Malayalam
Girl Varuni Name of a Hindu goddess. It means infinite. Malayalam
Girl Varija Lotus Malayalam
Girl Vasanta Spring Malayalam
Girl Vasudhara Earth Malayalam
Girl Vasumati An angel or apsara of unequalled beauty. Malayalam
Boy Vatsal An affectionate person. Malayalam
Girl Vatsala A loving and caring woman Malayalam
Boy Veydant The sum of the Vedas Malayalam
Boy Viamrsh A name of Lord Shiva. Malayalam
Boy Vibhaakar The moon Malayalam
Girl Vidhut A Malayali term for electricity. Malayalam
Girl Vidula A Malayali term for moon. Malayalam
Girl Vijaya Victory or victorious. Malayalam
Girl Vijayalakshmi The goddess of victory. Malayalam
Girl Vinanti Vinanti means doing prayer or request. Malayalam
Girl Vinata Vinata is the name of Garuda’s mother. It means humble. Malayalam
Girl Vinita Vinita is a variant of Vineeta and means humble or requester Malayalam
Girl Vinodini A happy and cheerful girl. Malayalam
Girl Visala Celestial or apsara Malayalam
Boy Vrisini Name of Lord Shiva. Malayalam
Boy Vyomakesh A man with sky like hair. Malayalam
Boy Vyomdev A name of Lord Shiva. Malayalam
Boy Vyomesh Lord of the sky, cloud and water. Malayalam
Girl Yaagnya A ritual sacrifice with a specific objective. Malayalam
Boy Yadu Name of an ancient king. Malayalam
Boy Yadunandan Son of Yadu. A name of Lord Krishna Malayalam
Boy Yagyasen Name of king Drupad Malayalam
Boy Yagyesh Lord of the sacrificial fire Malayalam
Girl Yahvi Heaven or earth Malayalam
Girl Yamika Night Malayalam
Girl Yamuna One of the holy rivers of India. Malayalam
Boy Yashas Fame, a famous person. Malayalam
Girl Yashila Famous and popular Malayalam
Girl Yashita Fame and popularity. Malayalam
Girl Yashmita Yashmita was the name of Lord Krishna’s foster mother. Malayalam
Boy Yashodhan One who is rich in fame, famous. Malayalam
Boy Yashodhar Famous Malayalam
Boy Yashpal Protector of fame. Malayalam
Boy Yasti Slim Malayalam
Boy Yatin Ascetic Malayalam
Boy Yatish Lord of the devotees. Malayalam
Boy Yatiyasa Silver Malayalam
Boy Yatnesh God of efforts Malayalam
Boy Yayati Name of a sage. Malayalam
Girl Yema Our joy Malayalam
Boy Yoganidra Meditation Malayalam
Boy Yogesh The God of yoga. Malayalam
Boy Yojit Planner Malayalam
Girl Yousha A young girl Malayalam
Boy Yukta Idea Malayalam
Boy Yuvaraj Prince, heir or successor. Malayalam
Boy Yuyutsu One who is eager to fight. Malayalam
Girl Zena A hospitable woman Malayalam
Girl Ziana Brave and bold Malayalam