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100 Top And Unique Gujarati Baby Names Meanings » Most Popular Boys And Girls Names In Gujarat India

Top Gujarat Baby Girls & Boys Names: Are you looking for a cute baby name that is most famous and unique in beautiful land of Gujarat India? Naming a baby is not just a combination of some letters, It also has many rich sources of ancient traditions, culture and so on for bright future of a newborn baby. Gujarat is well know state of Hindustan in varied terrain and numerous sacred places. Getting some top and most popular Gujarati girls & boys names with regal meanings is now beyond of a click and Getnames is having several bundles of modern and famous baby names.

A Latest List Of Cute Gujarati Baby Names: We at Getnames has compiled a list of unique and top baby names that is well appreciated by parents to select easily a Gujarati name for girls and boys starting with A to Z in Hindi meanings.

BoyDhavalThe fair one, a fair childGujarati
GirlFullaraName of Kalketu’s wifeGujarati
BoyHaanishDelighted, pleased, happyGujarati
GirlHavyaTo be invokedGujarati
BoyHenishGod of wheatherGujarati
BoyHerikRuler of an enclosure homeGujarati
GirlHinalGoddess of beauty and wealthGujarati
GirlIditriOne who praisesGujarati
GirlInikaLittle earth, small earthGujarati
GirlJaiminiOne who was a born victorGujarati
GirlJaisnaviGoddess of victoryGujarati
BoyJigarJigar means heart. In simple words jigar means the beloved one.Gujarati
BoyJigerJigar means heart. In simple words jigar means the beloved one.Gujarati
GirlJigishJigish means superior from everyone. A person with a very high rankGujarati
BoyJigishuJigiishu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.Gujarati
BoyJigisuJigisu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.Gujarati
GirlJignaan intllectual girl who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.Gujarati
GirlJignasaan intllectual girl who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.Gujarati
BoyJigneshan intllectual Boy who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.Gujarati
GirlJigrukshaJigrushka means the girl with the hope of knowledge.Gujarati
BoyJoshilThe meaning of Joshil is PowerfulGujarati
GirlKalindeeYamuna riverGujarati
GirlKaviaPoetry in motion, poemGujarati
GirlKavishaLord of poets, a small poemGujarati
GirlMayawatiFull of IllusionGujarati
GirlMinaxiOne with eyes as fishGujarati
BoyMukundA name of Lord Vishnu. It means freedom giver.Gujarati
BoyMunjalKing of GujaratGujarati
BoyMuralidharA name of Lord Krishna. It means the one who bears the fluteGujarati
BoyNankuHarmless or innocent.Gujarati
GirlNaomikaGoddess Dhurga or Lakshmi.Gujarati
BoyNarshimhaLion among menGujarati
GirlNeeljaBright blue color.Gujarati
BoyNeeshThe one who is quiet and calm.Gujarati
BoyNippuProducing in abundance.Gujarati
GirlNutanNew or freshGujarati
BoyOreshExpression of religion or writer.Gujarati
GirlParuMaster, furnishedGujarati
GirlPinalGod of childGujarati
BoyPrakatA manifested, demonstrated, revealed personGujarati
GirlPrakhyaOne of very pleasant appearance and looksGujarati
BoyPrakhyatA famous individualGujarati
BoyPramukhOne with the qualities of a chief or leaderGujarati
BoyPranaHe who is full of spiritGujarati
BoyPranadAnother name of Lord Vishnu and Lord BrahmaGujarati
GirlPranauthiA girl who is like the lampGujarati
BoyPratulOne who owns plentyGujarati
BoyPravanA modest personGujarati
BoyPraveenA person who is an expert in somethingGujarati
GirlPraviAn incredible, affectionate personGujarati
BoyPrayadarshiA person that everybody likesGujarati
BoyPreeteshThe God of LoveGujarati
BoyPreritA person who is deeply inspired by somethingGujarati
BoyPrinitA very pleased and gratified personGujarati
BoyPritulHe who can’t be compared to othersGujarati
BoyPrivrataSatarupa’s sonGujarati
BoyPriyadarshiA person that is liked by everyoneGujarati
BoyPujeshA worshiped objectGujarati
BoyPulakeshA joyous, happy, cheerful personGujarati
BoyPurabEastern, oriental personGujarati
BoyPurnanadaA god-like individualGujarati
GirlPuruviA classical eastern melodyGujarati
BoyRadheyshyamA name of Lord KrishnaGujarati
BoyRaghubeerA name of Lord RamaGujarati
BoyRavinandanOne who is the child of the SunGujarati
UnisexRomilOne who is renowned in the landsGujarati
GirlSalmavatiShe who is peacefulGujarati
GirlShashikalaPhases of Moon, crescent, moon’s arcGujarati
GirlSonthSpring GirlGujarati
GirlSwaraTones or self shiningGujarati
GirlTaniskaName of the Goddess of gold. The name means daughterGujarati
GirlUpasanaVeneration and worshipGujarati
GirlVaishnaviGoddess Parvati, worshipper of Lord VishnuGujarati
GirlVaishviA form of Vaishnavi, meaning worshipper of Lord Vishnu.Gujarati
GirlVanshiA variant of Vamshi, meaning flute.Gujarati
BoyVedangPart of the sacred knowledgeGujarati
GirlVedanshiA part of VedaGujarati
GirlVimalaPure, clean, holy or whiteGujarati
GirlViraliOne who priceless, rare, valuableGujarati
GirlVirikaBravery, a brave womanGujarati
BoyVishvaEarth, universeGujarati
GirlVritikaSuccess in life, or thoughtGujarati
GirlVyominiShe who is divine.Gujarati
BoyYakshRepresentative of God, a demi GodGujarati
BoyYakshitWho is made forever, permanent, GodGujarati
BoyYanshGod nameGujarati
BoyYauvaYoung or youthGujarati
BoyYugAge or generationGujarati